Shopping for a backpacker, road warrior, or frequent flyer can be difficult. Not only do they like to travel light, but they’ve been to so many cool places that it may feel difficult or even daunting to give them a memorable or useful gift. Not to fear, these gifts for travelers will help make every trip a dream for the world explorer in your life.

A woman is seen pulling a PACK Gear hanging travel organizer out of her carry on

Stay organized wherever you go

The worst part of traveling? Packing. No matter what you do, your suitcase never stays as organized as you hope. Jonathan Teplitsky solved the problem with the travel organizer, PACK Gear. It’s like a miniature dresser in your luggage or backpack. With two hooks to hang it up and four mesh compartments to fit all your stuff, packing and unpacking your bag is no longer a problem.

A man is seen rolling his packed items into a Rolo travel roll up bag

Compress for easy storage

Ever looked at your sleeping bag and thought, “if only I could use this as a suitcase.” No? Well, Rolo thought of it and it’s a great innovation. This roll-up travel bag compresses four days’ worth of clothes and toiletries into an easy-to-carry pack. Equipped with hooks to hang it up and reinforced with military grade mesh and tough nylon, Rolo is perfect for any trip where you don’t want to worry about packing. You know, all of them.

A slew of toiletries can be seen laid out and organized in an Everything ORGO toiletry kit

A portable, storable vanity

Toiletries are notorious for staying behind in hotel bathrooms. Everything ORGO adapts to whatever you’re toting—makeup, jewelry, shampoos, etc.—with customizable, removable inserts, zipper pockets, and elastic grips. And its sides slide out, covering the sink. So no more contact lenses or anything else dropped down the drain. It gives you extra counter space to get all your primping and prepping done.

A woman is seen reading on a tablet in the car wearing Blisslets anti-nausea pressure bracelets

The fashion secret for nausea relief

If you have trouble with traveling, specifically motion sickness due to planes, trains, boats, or cars, then these effective yet fashionable bracelets are for you. Blisslets have a stealthy acupressure bead that triggers the P6 point on the wrist to help ease queasiness from things like motion and morning sickness. A quick, easy, and aesthetically pleasing solution to a common traveler’s problem.

A gold Lay-N-Go Cosmo bag is seen laid out on a bathroom counter filled with cosmetics

Make packing makeup a cinch

If you’re not interested in zippered pouches and removable pockets, Lay-n-Go simplifies cosmetic carrying with a drawstring case. Undo it and you have a clean mat to spread out your cosmetics. The raised edge keeps everything contained, the zippered pocket holds jewelry, and the washer-safe, water-repellent liner makes it easy to clean. When you’re done, just cinch it closed.

A man is seen plugging an international cord into a OneAdaptr Twist Plus world adapter to charge his laptop

Power in over 150 countries

Now you can be a global superpower. With OneAdaptr, you’ll be able to plug in and power up in over 150 countries. A simple twist of the wrist reveals the different adapters. With two USB ports, a universal AC outlet, and a built-in MacBook charging port, you can charge four devices at once.

A SOI automatic handbag light sits lit in the bottom of a purse surrounded by keys, makeup, glasses & a phone

No more feeling around for your wallet

When you’re trying to keep your checked baggage underweight, chances are you will pack as much as you can into your carry on and purse. But what happens when you need to find, say, your passport in the dark, cramped space? Enter the Handbag Light by SOI. This clever little 1.5 ounce light turns on when it senses your hand. Battery operated and easy to transfer from bag to bag, SOI is the world’s first automatic bag light.

A trio of family's feet can be seen lounging in multicolored Fitkicks athleisure footwear

TSA-friendly slipper-shoes

The slipper-shoe hybrids from FitKicks make for TSA-friendly travel footwear. The ergonomic design conforms to your foot for maximum comfort. The flexible soles allow for a full range of motion. And the stretchy spandex makes slipping them on and off simple. Take them on a walk, to the gym or beach, and even on the plane.

A woman is seen sleeping in bed wearing a grey & black blackout sleep mask from Manta

A solution for the lightest sleepers

If you’re a light or light-sensitive sleeper, then this modular black-out sleep mask by Manta will be a dream come true. Hollow memory foam eyepieces can individually adjust to best fit your head shape. They won’t press against eyes, but they will block out any light. Go on and get comfortable, this mask works in any sleep position.

A woman is seen cozying up with her grey Sleeper Scarf with bulit-in travel pillow

A fashionable neck pillow

Fashion meets function meets convenience with the Travel Pillow Scarf by Sleeper Scarf. This scarf is a lightweight accessory that eliminates the need to carry yet another thing onto a plane–making it the ultimate gifts for travelers. Pre-flight, you can wear it as an infinity scarf. Buckled in and ready to rest? Inflate the removable, built-in neck pillow for a comfortable ride. You can stash items in the pillow’s pocket, too.

  • A woman is seen putting a pair of earrings into a teal Lion Latch keychain jewelry holder
  • A pink Lion Latch keychain jewelry holder is seen clipped to a tan bag

This tiny “keychain” has a big secret

This travel jewelry case by Lion Latch may look like a keychain, but it has a big secret. The carabiner-latch hook that locks the lid in place so the holder doesn’t accidentally open to reveal the rings, necklaces and other valuables you have stored inside. Attach this clever holder to a keychain, bag, or backpack so you can have peace of mind while working out or working with your hands—without your jewelry on.

Navy and gray PIORAMA expandable duffel bags are seen next to books and a pair of men's shoes

The only duffel bag you need

This expandable duffel bag by PIORAMA can be every bag you might need. Go from a day to weekend size and back again with its convertible design and adjustable cinch system. It can be worn three ways, too—on the shoulder, cross-body, or as a backpack. It also handles up to 90 pounds and is durably made to keep up with you, wherever you take it.

A TSA-approved fingerprint travel lock from Benjilock is seem clipped to a suitecase

A biometric travel lock

This fingerprint lock makes it easy to secure your stuff when you’re on the go. Biometric technology makes your fingerprint the key that opens the durable pick- and water-resistant lock. Benjilock by Hampton Travel Lock can store up to five fingerprints, is USB rechargeable, and can be opened with a unique, programmable code for extra peace of mind.

We know you want to give them something they’ll not only love, but will be able to find a use for in their jet-setting life. Luckily, these gifts for travelers were designed to be that extra wow-factor that they will not only be excited to use, but will always remind them of you, wherever they may be.

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