9 Gifts for Grandparents They’ve Never Seen

Your grandparents are the best, right? They babysat you, picked you up from school, cheered you on from afar, and always have the best wisdom or advice. When it comes to finding a gift for them, you want something meaningful. We tasked our gifting experts to find some gift ideas for grandparents that meet that challenge and here’s what they came up with.

Three peas in a pod pearl necklaces from The Vintage Pearl lay on a red backdrop

Sweet Peas in the Pod Necklace

How about a gift that lets them show that their loved ones are always close to their heart? The beautiful keepsake from Vintage Pearl is cast in fine pewter, then hand sculpted. Each “pod” is filled with water pearls (“peas”) and set on a sterling silver ball chain. And each is customizable up to five pearls, one for each child in the wearer’s heart.

Several white golf balls are marked with a green clover sitting on turf next to Tin Cup's alpha players golf ball marker

Golf Ball Markers

Grandma and Grandpa can give their golf balls a little personality with Tin Cup. This stainless steel stencil lets them easily add a design to standard golf balls so they’re easier to identify. Tin Cup comes with a marker and leather pouch, for easy storage when they’re ready to hit the links.

A person is seen dropping a token into their Wanderlist drop box from Butler & Hill

Wanderlist Drop Box Frame

Grandparents typically love to travel and spend their retirement seeing all the places they haven’t visited across the country or even the globe. The Wanderlist dropbox frame makes a display of your travel destinations. All you have to do is write down destinations on the 80 wooden tokens and slide them into the frame as you visit them. Or you can put them all in as an inspiration of the places they will go.

A person is seen putting on a pair of blue striped compression socks from Sockwell

Merino Bamboo Therapeutic Socks

Give the gift of comfort. The compression socks from Sockwell look good and feel good making them a win-win for feet. From the yarn to the final product, they’re all Made in the USA. Merino wool, bamboo, and a stretch nylon fiber-blend tamps down moisture, helps control temperature and odor, and feels comfortable, soft, and breathable. There’s also a pair to help ease discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis, too.

A pair of glasses is seen clipped to a man's shirt pocket with a ReadeREST eyeglasses holder

Clip-On Glasses Holder

For the grandparent—or anybody, really—who is misplacing their glasses or watching them fall out of a pocket too often, there’s ReadeREST. Unlike other holders that are worn around the neck and leave glasses dangling, these help glasses stay put when leaning over or moving around.

A woman is seen cleaning her glasses using Peeps carbon eyeglass cleaner

Carbon Eyeglass Cleaner

A handy problem-solver for any bespectacled grandparent is Peeps. It uses invisible carbon particles to repel dirt and leave your lenses crystal clear. It’s actually the same technology used by NASA to clean aboard the Space Station because carbon helps repel dirt. What grandparent gift is better than that of clear vision?

A wooden stacking solitary beehive from Wildlife World is seen in a garden

Handcrafted Nesting Habitats

This holiday season, why not talk about the birds and the bees with grandma and grandpa? The bees that will be living in their new habitat house and the birds that will be flying around jealous, that is. Wildlife World handcrafts habitat houses for bees, butterflies, insects, toads, and frogs to help backyard ecologies grow.

A spray bottle and jar of Mindful Mixtures magnesium sore muscle & cramping relief are seen on a wooden table

Sore Muscle & Cramping Relief

For anyone who suffers from sore muscles at times, we prescribe the gift of Mindful Mixtures. Magnesium counteracts muscle cramps, helps muscles absorb potassium, and is key to the production of ATP, our cells’ main source of energy. Again, the gift of comfort, it’s in every year.

Four boxes of different flavors of Big Picture Farm's goat milk caramels are seen

Goat Milk Caramels

We’ll let you in on a little secret—all grandparents love candy. You can give them a unique and fun candy gift with these goat milk caramels. They’re made in Vermont in small batches with milk from a herd of happy, free-range goats. A tasty gift set features Big Picture Farm’s signature rich and creamy caramels in a selection of distinctively delicious flavors.

An adorable stuffed hedgehog doorstop from Dora Designs holds open a door

An Adorable Animal Doorstop

Grandparents are also usually cute, and by extension they fill their houses with cute things. The Dora Designs Animal Doorstop will be no exception. Perfectly weighted to prop open any household door, each charming friend is a cuddly way to make your home more convenient and accessible. They also come in multiple options including a dog, cat and fox.

Whether it’s a practical or nostalgic pick, any one of these gift ideas for grandparents will delight Grandma and Grandpa this holiday season.

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