While Moms usually get all the attention and love, Dads need and deserve thoughtful gifts, too. The trouble is they are so hard to buy for because they buy everything they want for themselves! Despite that, we tracked down a number of cool gifts for Dad he won’t already have but will enjoy for years to come.

A person is seen using their smart phone to play a game of chess with  Square Off's automated smart chess board

Automated Chess Board

Dads love games and they love to show off how smart they are. They also tend to be competitive. Square Off is an electronic chess board powered by robotics and artificial intelligence and made to play with your smartphone. You can play chess against the board’s computer, play with a friend or a player from a community of players from around the world.

A DiamondKingSmoker sits on a table next to smoked ribs

Smoker Grill Box

With this gift, Dad can turn any grill into a fully functioning smoker. The Smoker Grill Box makes smoking meats and fish easy. All you need is your grill and a protein of choice and the smoker box does the rest. Add in any natural wood chunks and Dad will have smoky good meats in no time.

A personalized oak barrel from Thousand Oaks Barrel sits next to 2 glasses of whiskey, the barrel personalized with Williamson's Whiskey

Personalized Spirit-Aging Oak Barrel

If you really want to impress Dad this holiday season, what about a custom barrel that lets him create his own spirits? Each barrel from Thousand Oaks is a handcrafted white oak barrel. All you have to do is combine grain alcohol or vodka with Thousand Oaks Barrel’s own signature flavor essence, like Kentucky bourbon, Irish whiskey, or spiced rum, and then age away.

A man sits on a couch using his tablet, which rests in a Tablift tablet stand

Flexible Universal Tablet Stand

Dads love gadgets. And they love gadgets that let them do one thing while watching TV maybe above all others. The Tablift holds a tablet securely over your legs, leaving you to enjoy it hands-free, even when lying completely flat. It can be used in bed, on the couch, or even out in the garage as a stand when following directions or watching instructional videos.

A man uses MEATER's wireless smart meat thermometer to check the temperature of his grilled steak on his phone

Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

If dad is a meat connoisseur, he knows to let that special cut of steak or roast turkey get to the right temperature before pulling it off the grill. MEATER’s smart meat thermometer and app work together to keep an eye on what’s cooking, so Dad won’t have to. The app sends you alerts and cooking times on your phone, including a warning when the food is almost done.

A man staples wire fencing to a garden using TriggerFire's kickback-free staple gun

Kickback-Free Staple Gun

Dads love almost anything with a trigger, so why not get him something that’s useful and he can shoot? The TriggerFire gives the user extra control and a flush finish without any kickback. Other staple guns can be difficult to line up and fire accurately, so this one works great at getting into tough areas with accuracy.

A person uses an iFixIt universal bit kit to fix a laptop

Tech Repair Kits

If your dad considers himself a Mr. Fix It, put his skills to the test with iFixit. Their electronic toolkits have the tools to repair and enhance phones and tablets. Their website is loaded with tutorials and guides so dad can follow along and become a card-carrying member of the Right to Repair Revolution.

A sledgehammer is repaired with Forg's thermoplastic tape

Moldable Thermoplastic Tape

Another thing Dad’s tend to do is hold onto things, almost to the point of lunacy. Get him the gift of Forj, a thermoplastic tape for fix-its and patch-ups. The self-bonding tape is lightweight and flexible and becomes moldable (and re-moldable) with heat. It hardens in minutes and has a tensile strength of over 1,000 pounds.

A Pendulux TeeVee table clock sits on a desk

Teevee Table Clock

Dad’s desk is almost always full of stuff, including pictures of you and your siblings. Add to his desk decor with a Pendulux clock. This handcrafted TV clock pays homage to classic television sets of the 1950s and will be a conversation starter for anyone that enters his office. Oh, and it will also make sure he’s always on time!

A JunoJumper portable jump starter tool for your car is seen with jumper cables

Portable Jump Starter

If your Dad is even a little bit handy, he’s had to jump-start his or someone else’s car. But traditional jumper cables can take up a lot of space. The JunoJumper is a portable battery pack with enough power to jumpstart most 4- or 6-cylinder cars. It packs 12 volts and 300 amps in a box roughly the size of a cell phone. Added bonus, it charges those as well!

Do yourself a favor and get your #1 guy one of these cool gifts for Dad this holiday season. We guarantee anyone of them will be something he’s never gotten before, will use constantly, and elevate you to gift-giving superstar.

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