He’s worked hard all his life, and now it’s time for him to retire. Commemorate the occasion with a retirement gift that’s as unique as he is. This is a special time when those standard retirement gifts for men—boring ties, even-more-boring socks, boringest-ever cologne—simply won’t do. Instead, surprise him with a thoughtful gift that he’ll use and appreciate now that he’s finally got some free time on his hands. Read on to discover retirement gifts for Dad that he’ll love. 

Help him get outside

A person repairs fishing line with Tauten's line welder

A meditative activity

So can we all just admit that as enjoyable as fishing is, tying those little tiny knots in that stiff fishing line is simply not fun? Tauten gets it, and that’s why they invented the Tauten LineWelder System. All Dad has to do is run the line through his lure and weights, load the line into the welder, and press “go.” Thirty seconds later, he’s got a smooth, durable bond with no annoying knots required. With a USB-rechargeable battery, this handy portable device creates a polymer sleeve that holds the line and lure together, so he can concentrate on landing the big one.

A man stands on a golf course with a Copper Tech copper-infused golf glove on one hand

Improve his long game

More time to spend on the links is a good thing, but muscle strain and fatigue isn’t. Copper Tech’s copper infused glove offers a natural solution for those golf-related aches and pains. These golf gloves are designed to compress his non-dominant hand and boost circulation, while an infusion of copper is thought to relieve joint discomfort. Plus they have extra gripping power, thanks to a silicone grip that reduces the need to squeeze. As an additional bonus, the glove wicks away moisture to prevent chafing. Now Dad will have one less excuse for landing in the rough.

Three people are seen playing Chippo Golf in a driveway

And his short game

When it’s storming, cold, or he just doesn’t have time to trek to the club, Chippo Golf’s outdoor golf game is the next best thing. This ingenious combo of chipping and corn hole provides hours of backyard entertainment for the family. Balls are made of high-density foam for realistic spin and trajectory, but have a much less chance of breaking any windows. Players chip from turf-covered mats, aiming at light, but durable game boards. Dad can use his own favorite pitching wedge or nine iron, if he’s feeling adventurous. 

Relaxation comes in all forms

A pwerson draws & erases on Wipebook Pro's whiteboard notebook

A way to gather his thoughts

Whiteboard, meet notebook—aka your new best friend. Designed with a healthy environment in mind, this reusable whiteboard notebook may look like a classic vegan leather-bound notebook from the outside, but inside he’ll find an endlessly reusable notebook that’s smudge-proof and eco-friendly. Pages crafted from hypergloss UV film are waiting to be filled with his doodles, notes, and inner monologue using the (included) dry erase pen. When he’s done, he can simply wipe the page clean and start over. This brilliant book comes in three sizes.

Timepieces' tide clocks depicting ocean scenes sit on a beach

A unique way to stay on top of the day

Designed for the sailor, the angler, the surfer, or anyone who loves the water, the tide clock offers an attractive way to stay connected with the ocean. The invention of an avid boater and diver, Timepieces’ tide clocks track the ocean’s ebb and flow with scenes that change with the tides. Unique and eye-catching, these beautiful clocks are sure to start conversations and spark memories of the sea. While the clocks will be most accurate for Atlantic cycles, they work for Pacific Ocean tide trackers as well. 

A black leather ID wallet from Allett rests on a beige jacket pocket

Help him stay hip, organized, and safe

Give Dad a retirement gift with a triple purpose: keeps his identify safe, reduces back pain, and perhaps most importantly, eliminates that extra heft in his back pocket. The ID wallet from Allett does it all. With its super-thin design, this streamlined wallet means no more bulky weight dragging down back pockets and disrupting a sleek profile, as well as potentially contributing to sciatica pain. Crafted from soft, water-resistant Napa leather right here in the U.S., the wallet is lined with military-grade fabric that blocks RFID scans and helps protect his identity.  

a 3D wooden model of a train from UGEARS sits on a table

Give him an activity he can do with his loved ones

If Dad’s got a passion for engineering or simply an interest in how machines work, he’ll enjoy these wooden model building kits from UGEARS. Crafted from laser-cut wood, these models feature all the working parts that make things move, go, and work. Choose from a pneumatic engine, tractor, or teaser puzzle box. He’ll enjoy learning how to put them together and it’s an ideal activity to do with older grandkids. Finished models can be stained or painted to create a true work of working art. 

A DOZZI white noise machine sits on a bedside table next to a smartphone

Help him catch up on his REM cycle

A bit of white noise can help him get a more restful night’s sleep. The DOZZI adjustable white noise machine lets him sleep without the need for big, clunky fans and it’s portable enough to fit anywhere. The DOZZI features three fan settings, with an adjustable cover that regulates the sound of the white noise. It also has a color-changing night light, a sleep timer, and a USB charger, making it the perfect sleeping companion for home or away. 

 A mostly finished wooden jigsaw puzzle depicting a field scene from Zen Art & Design sits on a coffee table next to a cup of tea

A gift and family heirloom in one

Now that he’s retired, he’s got time for Zen activities…and what could be more calming and meditative than this gorgeous wooden jigsaw puzzle? But there’s more to Zen Art & Design’s premium Birchwood construction and glossy, durable Giclee coating. The pieces themselves offer a fun surprise, with non-traditional shapes like people and animals mixed in. With high-quality construction and stunning photo-realistic imagery, this puzzle is more like an heirloom to be passed down through the family. 

A man places a pin on his blue Palomar felt world map to mark his travels

A reminder to see the world

If Dad’s a world traveler—or dreams of becoming one now that he’s retired—the felt world map lets him track his journeys in style. Crafted from long-lasting 100 percent polymer felt, this engaging map encourages interaction. Included red pins allow him to mark his to-visit or been-there list. Hang this interactive art on the wall for all to see. It’s an ideal way to spark interest and conversation about past or future travels. 

No matter what your loved one plans to do after retirement, help them enjoy their freedom with great retirement gifts for men. After all, they’ve been working nonstop for years, it’s time for them to stress a little less, and take some time to rediscover themselves and reconnect with their friends and family.

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