How to Come Out (Ahead) in the Wash: Laundry Tips & Helpers

Who’s excited for laundry day? Hello? Guys, listen—the right laundry tips and tools can make this ugh-inspiring chore go way more smoothly. Read on for a veritable laundry list of tricks and so-smart solutions to make your to-be-cleaned and fresh-from-the-dryer clothes look better and last longer. As for you? You just might be a happier laundry-doer. 

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

A pink Ecoegg mineral laundry egg sits on top of a teal towel

Let’s start out by stating not all detergents are created equal. We’ve high-fived the money-saving, eco-friendly EcoEgg before, but it bears repeating. One egg can handle all your dirty laundry for up to three years, and for around $12 a year. All that and it’s fueled by gentle-on-skin detergent that’s non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

A tub of Buckaroo Organics' laundry detergent sits next to piles of folded laundry

In Buckaroo Organics’ detergent, soapberries may sound like a made up thing, but the fruit is actually the hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and biodegradable cleaning agent at work. And because soapberries grow so easily, they’re a sustainable choice, too.

Pro laundry tip: The right water temperature is key: cold water for delicates, warm water for synthetic fabric, and hot water for linens and towels.

  • A jar of STRETCH activewear laundry detergent sits atop blue workout gear
  • 2 bottles of STRETCH activewear freshening spray sits on top of a purple workout top

Washing workout wear? STRETCH’s Activewear Laundry Detergent is made with performance fabrics in mind. It rinses completely out of clothing, unlike some other detergents, so it won’t wear out elasticity and dull colors. Want to keep those fancy yoga pants smelling like you didn’t just do yoga? Their Activewear Freshening Spray refreshes sweaty duds by breaking down bacteria that can cause odor.

Pro laundry tip: Turn workout clothes inside out before tossing them in the wash to better clean the parts that were closest to the body.

Baa-baa Better Drying

A box of Woolzies natural fabric softener wool dryer balls sit next to folded gray towels

They might look unassuming, but Woolzies Natural Wool Dryer Balls are a hypoallergenic quadruple threat. Toss them into the dryer with a wet load of laundry and softer, less staticky clothes come out in less drying time—so these berries help save some energy, too.

Pro laundry tip: Don’t overload the dryer. Clothes (and dryer balls) need room to tumble around to dry things faster, and to work out wrinkles.

Life Happens. So Do Stains.

  • The hate Stain's co's little red bottle of emergency stain remove sits next to a shirt stained with mustard
  • A bottle of Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover sits on a tablecloth stained with red wine
  • A little red wipe of emergency stain rescue sits next to a white shirt stained with red wine

Dribbles, fumbles, and spills are hard to avoid, but If you want to stay away from stain treatments heavy on the chemicals, Emergency Stain Little Red Bottle from The Hate Stains Co. is made with biodegradable surfactants—no peroxide, chlorine, or phosphates. It works best on just-happened stains that haven’t set in yet. Experience a party foul? Their Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover spray and wipes helps with vino-related oops moments.

Bottles of Puracy's natural stain remover spray sit on top of a basket of folded, clean laundry

For stains that have lingered so long they’ve become one with your clothes, Puracy’s Plant Enzyme Natural Stain Remover makes quick work of grass, grease, dirt, and other types of stains—even ones that have been around for years. (Yes, years.)

Pro laundry tip: Try to nip stains in the bud and pre-treat them before clothes go in the dryer. Heat can set a stain and make it more stubborn to remove.

Fuzzy Logic

  • Gleener's ultimate fuzz remover removes fuzz from a blue sweater
  • Gleener's FURniture Brush Attachment removes pet hair from a pillow
  • Gleener On-The-Go removes fuzz from a burgundy cable knit sweater

Fluffy, fuzzy pets? Adorable. Fluffy, fuzzy clothes? No thanks. The Ultimate Fuzz Remover from Gleener makes quick work of lint, pills, and fuzz balls. Use their FURniture Brush Attachment to do the de-fuzzing job around the house, or grab the perfectly packable and portable fuzz fighter to keep you looking crisp wherever you go. 

The best and hardest-to-swallow laundry tip of all: Don’t let it pile up. Stay on top of dirty loads so you won’t find yourself out of clean clothes—and staring down an entire day of fluffing and folding. Use these tricks and tools to set up an on-point laundry routine you and your wardrobe will both benefit from.

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