10 One-Of-A-Kind Gifts for Dad He’s Never Seen

For the card shark dad, the techie dad, the traveling dad, the DIY dad, the outdoorsy dad, or the dad that just thinks he has everything, we were able to track down 10 one-of-a-kind gifts he’s never seen.

Lake Art – Custom Made Cribbage Board

This heirloom-quality cribbage board from Lake Art features a bathymetric representation of dad’s favorite lake or coastal area, including roads and local details. It’s a gift he can enjoy again and again.

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Tactile Craftworks – Etched Leather Map Journal

This American-made leather notebook from Tactile Craftworks cover showcases dad’s favorite city. The supple leather hides are sourced from a local Milwaukee tannery, then hand cut and laser-engraved with antique, early 20th-century maps of American towns. The included Moleskine notebook is replaceable, so dad can always carry his thoughts in something Made for a Lifetime.

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Time Traveler – iPhone & Apple Watch Battery Bank

Time Traveler is an Apple Watch portable charger that can power up dad’s other favorite devices, too, when he’s away from home. It’s an all-in-one, on-the-go solution that’s perfect for travel. And it’s the only Apple Watch charging solution that supports Nightstand Mode—which is when the watch functions (on your nightstand) as an alarm clock. It’s a perfect gift for the techie dad.

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TripleLite – 180 Degree Flashlight

Whether he is walking the dog at night or heading down to the dark, spooky basement, a handy gift he’ll always reach for is TripleLite. The 180-degree arc matches his field of vision for and provides major visibility thanks to three carefully-arranged, ultra-bright LED bulbs. It’s a really bright gift idea.

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Architec – Concave Cutting Board

If dad is a meat connoisseur, he knows to let that special cut of steak or roast turkey rest before cutting into it so the flavorful juices have a chance to reabsorb back into the meat. And the concave cutting board from Architec is designed to let that process happen in a tidy fashion. It’s a practical and thoughtful gift if dad can always be found in the kitchen.

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Oowee – Handcrafted Leather Drink Accessories

Oowee adds a personal touch to dad’s drink. The custom leather koozies from Oowee are made of recycled leather from boot and lace industries and are hand-sewn and branded with a custom design that will never rub off or fade. Etch on his initials or pick a pre-made design that is just so your dad.

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iFixit – Tech Repair Kits

If your dad considers himself a Mr. Fix It, put his skills to the test with iFixit. Their electronic toolkits have the tools to repair and enhance phones and tablets. Their website is loaded with tutorials and guides so dad can follow along and become a card-carrying member of the Right to Repair Revolution.

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Outdoor Element – Flint Multi-Tool Carabiner

This survival carabiner has a whole lot of functionality packed into a single ounce. Outdoor Element‘s carabiner is equipped with a screwdriver tip, a bottle opener, slots to hang your keys, a blade that cuts through a fishing line or thread, and—our favorite feature—a flint lighter. Dad will never guess that a spark can come out of this slim multi-tool, but he’ll be amazed when he finds out.

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Scottevest – Men’s Tech Vest

If dad loves to travel or just spend some time in the great outdoors, Scottevest has developed functional apparel just for him. Their Q.U.E.S.T. vest features a 42 (yes, 42) pocket system that holds every essential dad could need for a trip abroad or an afternoon hike.

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Flagpole Farm – Titan Telescoping Flagpole

The folks at Flagpole Farm want to make it easier for dad to display a flag in the yard, so their heavy duty flagpoles do the job with a more accessible design. It’s strong enough to withstand winds up to 75 miles per hour, but—this is the best part—he can just take the pole down in bad weather for safety. Flagpole Farm is committed to making it possible for more people to proudly display a flag in a smarter, and easier, way.

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