Kwanzaa Gift Ideas that Encourage Time Together

Kwanzaa is the creation of Dr. Maulana Karenga, a professor of Africana Studies and the Chairman of that department at California State University in Long Beach. He created it in 1966 as an African and Pan-African holiday that unites millions of people throughout the African community. Kwanzaa celebrates the harvest and seeks to bring people together. The best Kwanzaa gift ideas are those that encourage families to enjoy activities together. 

A floral arrangement-making kit from The Floral Society is seen on a wooden table

Flower Arranging & Wreath Making Kit

This flower arranging and wreathing making kit comes with all of the supplies you’ll need to make an elegant flower arrangement or a floral wreath. The supplies include: 

  • Floral netting 
  • Flower Food
  • One Copper Wreath Frame 
  • Copper Floral Wire (to use with the wreath) 
  • Floral Tape 
  • Floral Clippers 
  • A Flower Arranging Guide

***You need to supply the fresh flowers for this project.***

A person quills paper with Quilling cards' quilling kit

A Kit to Learn the Art of Paper Quilling

Quilling is a centuries-old paper art whose exact origin isn’t known. It was a popular activity among aristocratic European women in the 18th century. It involves taking thin-cut long strips of paper then rolling, coiling, and pinching them into the desired shape before gluing pieces together. This quilling card kit gives you everything you need to get started.

Kit Contents:

  • This kit comes with eight templates that create four designs. Each design has two templates. 
  • Access to an Instructional Video Online
  • Cards
  • Envelopes 
  • Paper Strips
  • A Paper Cutter
  • Tweezers
  • A Quilling Pen

***The kit does not come with glue.***

A person is seen building a wooden car model from a kit by UGEARS

Miniature Wooden Vehicle Model Building Kit

Each wooden model building kit comes with flat, unfinished miniature laser-cut plywood pieces. Choose between one of three vehicle kits. Each vehicle relies on a rubber band and gear to power the motor. 

Motorcycle Kit comes with 189 parts. 

The Grand Prix Car Kit comes with 358 parts. 

The Locomotive Kit comes with 443 parts. It uses a rubber band and gear system to show the mechanical process valves and pistons used to power locomotive steam engines. 

This kit is for kids over age 14 and adults. 

A ravioli making kit from Repast Supply Company is seen with a handcrafted ravioli pin and the ingredients to make homemade ravioli

Authentic Hand Ravioli Making Kit

This delightful, family-friendly gift from the Repast Supply Company in California comes with a keepsake hardwood box. It’s filled with Bob’s Red Mill Semolina flour, olive oil, a ravioli cutter, and a beautiful handmade ravioli rolling pin. The rolling pin and box are made from sustainable hardwoods. Store the rolling pin in the keepsake box, and wash it by hand after each use. The rolling pin and ravioli cutter will ensure that families can enjoy many more cooking experiences together. 

A woman is seen sitting and knitting using a Darn Good Yarn wooden yarn bowl

Handmade Indian Rosewood Bowl With Banana Fiber Yarn

This lovely rosewood knitting bowl consists of a 100% handmade Sheesham Indian Rosewood. It also includes one skein of multi-color banana fiber yarn. This set was made by women who work in safe conditions and receive fair wages. It comes with one knitting pattern and one crochet pattern.

A woman is seen sitting on a couch knitting a yellow and white garment with straight knitting needles from My Two Ladies

Hand-Saving Knitting Needles

This set of hand-crafted rosewood knitting needles reduces the stress on arms and hands from the weight of yarn and motion of knitting. Each needle is attached to a 20-inch long nylon cord that has a sliding, adjustable, spring-activated stopper. Now knitters can use yarn of any weight. And they’ll be able to have hundreds of stitches on the needles.

They’re more comfortable to use and more practical than circular needles. They’re also ideal for travel because they are so easy to pack. These needles are the perfect companion for the Handmade Indian Rosewood Bowl and Banana Fiber Yarn. 

A navy leather notebook from Chasing Threads is seen stitched with places a person has traveled

Stitch-Your-Travels Keepsake Leather Notebook Kit

This perforated genuine leather-cover notebook is a thoughtful gift that will allow the recipient (and their family) to record travel memories. A header at the top of each page leaves space for the date and location. The perforated cover features the outline of all of the continents. Travelers can mark off places they visit with the cotton and metallic thread and needle that comes with this kit. The notebook has an elastic pen holder and a fun round-the-world button and tie crossing. 

The essence of Kwanzaa is bringing people together. It means thinking about Kwanzaa gift ideas that involve activities that one or more family members can do together. The most significant rewards these gifts are time spent together and the ability to enjoy the fruits of shared labor.

We know gift-giving can be hard, no matter the holiday. If you’re looking for more Kwanzaa gift ideas check out our other gift guides and find something you know they’ll love!

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