Spontaneity can be a blast, but some travel elements are better when planned. Stock up on safety, convenience, and style with these 17 travel accessories for women who are really going places.

A red iMaxAlarm LED personal security alarm is seen clipped to an olive backpack

Alarm By Your Arm

Maintain peace of mind on any journey with iMaxAlarm’s Personal Security LED Alarm. Hopefully you’ll never have to use it, but if you do, rest assured that its 130-decibel alert will be heard far and wide. Keep it handy as an LED flashlight keyring for everyday use. It’s TSA-approved and has replaceable batteries, so it’s sure to be a comforting companion for any worldly woman’s wanderings.

A man is seen pulling money out of a brown stick on wallet from Gear Beast

Wallet and Phone In One

Women on the go don’t want to juggle their essentials. Combine two necessities in one with Gear Beast’s Universal Stick-On Cell Phone Wallet. The card case neatly attaches to your phone without blocking the camera, buttons, or ports. Slim, yet substantial, it can tote cards and cash, plus features RFID blocking to keep your personal card data safe. 

A woman brushes on makeup in front of of Spotlight HD's bright daylight LED makeup mirror

Mirror, Mirror, On The Go

When you’re away from home, lighting and mirrors can vary in strength and size. Keep a reliable reflection on tap with Spotlite HD’s Bright Daylight LED Makep Mirror. The rechargeable LED lights perfectly mimic natural illumination, are 10 times brighter than other makeup mirrors, and never need replacing. Two magnetic magnifying mirrors help you see fine details—from brows to lashes—and the compact, folding design means you can tote it on any adventure.

Three women are seen lounging in brightly colored Fitkicks athleisure shoes

Shoes For Any Surface

Go from beach to boardwalk to sidewalk with footwear that’s as versatile as it is comfy. FitKicks’ Women’s Minimalist Athleisure Shoes are form-fitting, breathable, and quick drying. Grab ‘em from your handbag when you need high heel relief or are headed to a gym sesh. Can’t bear to take them off after? They make for cozy slippers around the house, too.

A woman is seen organizing her makeup with a pink The Matte's over-the-sink makeup mat

Instant Beauty Counter

Turn any sink into a salon with The Matte’s Over-The-Sink Makeup Mat. Tablet sized and just a pound in weight, it quickly expands to provide a substantial surface that can hold two pounds of brushes, bottles, and a bevvy of other beauty supplies. Built-in ridges keep pencils and brushes from rolling away.

A gold Lay-N-Go Cosmo bag is seen laid out on a bathroom counter filled with cosmetics

Grab-and-Glow Makeup

Combine a makeup bag and tray in one fell swoop. Lay-n-Go Cosmo’s Drawstring Cosmetic Case collects all of your cosmetics in a padded, water-repellent pouch that goes from cinched to flat in a sec. When laid out, a special lip around the rim keeps items from tumbling off a counter or into a wet sink.

A wireless straightener travel kit from Lunata Beauty sits on a bathroom counter

Smooth Hair, Anywhere

Fight frizz and get gleaming with Lunata Beauty’s Cordless Flat Iron Travel Kit. The rechargeable iron uses negative ions to close hair’s cuticles and optimize shine. With dual voltage and a wireless design, it’s a portable parlor made for touch-ups wherever you globe-trot. A must-have travel accessory for women, for sure.

A woman is seen cozying up with her grey Sleeper Scarf with bulit-in travel pillow

Sleepytime Anytime

Grab some shuteye anywhere you roam. Sleeper Scarf’s 2-in-1 Travel Pillow Infinity Scarf discreetly tucks an inflatable neck pillow into a stylish accessory, so you can pack light and sleep tight on any long plane, car, or train ride. A secret zippered pocket stows cash, cards, and room keys for extra peace of mind.

An aqua 3-in-1 portable razor from Sphynx with replacement cartridges sits on a bathroom counter

All-In-One Travel Razor

Never miss a spot with Sphynx’s 3-in-1 Portable Razor. The colorful compact swivels to reveal a spray bottle, shea butter moisturizing bar, and two razors for timely touch-ups, even if you’re far from a sink or shower. All components are easy to refill, so you can hold onto the tote-able tool for years to come.

Three different colored Travalo travel perfume atomizers sit next to a full bottle of perfume

Flight-Ready Fragrance

For a woman on the go, traveling with perfume can be a risky proposition. Prevent leaks, breaks, and TSA confiscation by transferring just the right amount of your favorite fragrance into Travalo’s Milano Travel Perfume Atomizer. There’s no need to fumble with a finicky funnel or tricky bottle top—the atomizer fills in seconds via pump action, then dispenses a lovely, fine mist.

A woman is seen holding a purple Go Girl portable female urination device

Pocket-Sized Potty

From music festivals to campsites, long car rides to fishing trips, finding a place to go—while on the go—is an eternal challenge for traveling women. Relieve yourself (without exposing yourself) thanks to GoGirl’s Reusable Female Urination Device. It rolls up to tuck into a pocket, so you can easily have it on hand. When you’re done, wash with soap and warm water. Once dry, it’s ready to go again…when you’re ready to go again.

A black & tan tangle-free jewelry box from Boulevard sits next to a tray of jewelry

Tangle-Free Jewelry Box

Take your gems wherever you roam, without worrying about tangling, misplacement, or detachment. Boulevard’s Zoe Mini Jewelry Case has a designated spot for everything, including a mesh pocket for earrings, a ring strap with snap closure, and a velvet pillow for securing bracelets, watches, and necklaces. The zippered closure ensures everything is sealed up tight, wherever you store it.

A pink Lion Latch keychain jewelry holder . is seen clipped to a beige bag

Spill-Proof Ring Holder

Safely tuck rings, pills, hearing aids, and other tiny treasures into the safest of spots: a durable plastic holder that can’t accidentally open. Lion Latch’s Keychain Jewelry Holder is made in Dallas, Texas, expressly for keeping small valuables secure. The carabiner—which needs to be manually and intentionally opened or closed—doubles as a lock and a way to attach the case to your keys, bag, or belt for safekeeping.  

A woman is seen leaving the house carrying a water bottle and wearing a red & blue ColorPak crossbody travel bag

A Slim and Stylish Carry-All

Stow your essentials—keys, wallet, phone, and even a passport—in a colorful pouch made in Los Angeles that’s adjustable for fit and placement. ColorPaks’ Griffey Crossbody Travel Bag is smartly streamlined, so you can comfortably slip it under a jacket. Wear it on your back, across your chest, or around your waist, with the zipper facing in or out. For women on the go, it’s a hands-free way to hold critical components, without bulk or clutter.

A cream colored ZIRUI women's travel toiletry case is seen with cotton balls on a bathroom counter

Leak-Proof Liquids

Bopping around with bottles shouldn’t be a bother. ZIRUI’s Travel Case for Toiletries is an elegant, effective way to pack TSA-approved liquids in leak-proof vials. Their interlocking triangular shapes snap together magnetically, then nestle in a stylish vegan leather case that slips into any carry-on. 

A woman is seen pulling a passport out of her floral patterned Speakeasy Travel Supply infinity scarf pocket

A Scarf With A Secret Compartment

Wrap a flowy scarf around your neck for style and security. Speakeasy Travel Supply’s Infinity Pocket Scarf looks like a lovely scarf, with a handy bonus: a self-locking zippered pouch that keeps everything from passports to boarding passes to medications safely stashed, without a bag weighing you down. A versatile solution for a jaunt around the globe…or just around the block.

A young woman is seen sitting drinking from a Cyan CrazyCap portable sterilizing water bottle

Clean Drink of Water

No matter how easy-going of a traveler you are, safe drinking water is a must. Make sure your H2O is good to go with CrazyCap’s Portable Water Bottle Sterilizing Cap. The rechargeable topper disinfects with the push of a button, protecting you from consuming a wide range of harmful microbes. The simple filterless design fits most bottles, so you can upgrade your routine without ditching your favorite vessel or resorting to wasteful disposables.

With these ingenious (and irresistible) travel accessories for women, gals on the go will look good, feel great, and stay safer, however they hit the road. 

Now, where to put all these gorgeous travel accessories for women? Check out our guide to travel bags and we’ll unpack it for you.

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