12 Products for Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief You’ll Feel Right Away

Looking for neck, shoulder, or back pain relief? We get it. Many people carry tension, pain, and stiffness in their neck, back, and shoulders. Sometimes it’s mildly annoying. Sometimes it’s enough to make you hide from the demands of everyday life. Thankfully, we have some brilliant products that offer neck and shoulder pain relief—no prescription necessary.

A woman is seen relaxing with her head suspended in The Neck Hammock

The Tension-Taming Hammock Your Neck Has Always Wanted

This neck pain relief device by The Neck Hammock comes from a physical therapist who wanted patients to have access to cervical traction at home. “Cervical traction” sounds a little intimidating, but if you’ve been wondering how to relieve a stiff neck, it might be the answer. It cradles your head and neck comfortably to relieve tension and pain. You can adjust the hammock as needed to support or stretch.

A woman is seen drinking water with a purple Paincakes adhesive cold pack on her shoulder

The Cold Pack That Stays Where You Want It 

If you’ve put a cold pack on a joint, you know how annoying it is to keep it in place. Paincakes came up with a solution: a reusable adhesive cold pack that sticks right where you want it. Paincakes’ cold pack uses a non-toxic, medical-grade nanogel adhesive to stick to your skin. It pulls off smoothly without pulling hairs and can be reused 100+ times. The 5″ circle is an ideal size for targeting painful spots on your spine and other joints. Freeze it, stick it, and enjoy targeted relief that doesn’t slow you down.

A woman is seen strapping a vibrating ice pack from VibraCool to her knee

Ice Therapy That’s More Than Skin Deep  

Cold therapy works to reduce inflammation by causing blood vessels to constrict. This can help reduce pain and inflammation in overused or strained joints. The innovative Vibrating Ice Pack Pain Reliever by VibraCool adds vibration to the equation. This increases circulation to the skin’s surface while the ice pack soothes and calms deeper hot spots. This device is a great solution for targeting painful spots and increasing circulation at the same time. 

A man is seen massaging his own back with Back Nodger's self-back massager

The Simple Solution to Work Out Kinks Yourself 

Sometimes all you need is a targeted massage to relieve pain, relax tension, and get back in the game. Shiatsu massage is a unique massage style that uses primarily fingertips and knuckles to target areas of tension and strain. The Back Nodger Self-Back Massager mimics that feel, allowing you to reach the hard-to-find kinks in your own back and work them out using deep, precise pressure just where you need it. A wraparound handle makes it easy to use the Nodger over your shoulder or around your torso to reach any spot that’s ailing you. 

A woman is seen giving herself acupressure with Aku's Aku Ball

At-Home Acupressure to Relieve Tension Fast 

More interested in acupressure? Many people use a tennis ball to target back pain, but you can try the Aku Ball Acupressure Ball instead. This robust ball—with real metal spikes attached—provides warm, tingly pressure that’s unexpected and effective at relieving back and shoulder pain.

A woman is seen rubbing knots out of her shoulder with WalBall's multi-surface muscle therapy tool

The Slick Alternative to the Tennis Ball Massage

We’ve all been there trying to target the right spot with the ball. Of course, it results in you running to chase it 10 times when it falls and bounces under the nearest piece of furniture. Walball’s Multi-Surface Muscle Therapy Tool is the smart alternative to rolling a tennis ball between your back and a wall. It offers the same deep pressure and relief, sans the chase. Simply suction it onto a smooth wall near you and enjoy working out those points of tension that you can’t quite reach with your fingertips. 

A woman is seen sitting on a couch with Expain's heated back massager behind her

The Self-Massage that Requires No Effort on Your Part

For a lower-effort self-massage, try the Heated Back Massager by Expain. This modern, chic massage pillow features eight separate rotating heads to knead and soothe stiff, tired muscles. Place it wherever you need a massage the most—behind your lower back, between your shoulders, or even under your legs while lying down. The cushion cover is thoughtfully designed to fit practically with any decor. And the rechargeable batteries will run 2.5 hours on a charge, so you can sit back and relax for as long as you’d like. 

A man is seen giving himself a back massage with PTFit's multi-roller massage tool

The Versatile Self-Massager That Lets You Target All the Tension 

The all-wood Multi-Roller Massage Tool by PTFit targets hard-to-reach spots on your neck and back, rolling over sore muscles and enabling you to target the spots that need the most attention. Perfect for relieving strain from repetitive actions or sore muscles after a great workout, this device makes targeted self-massage easier than you thought possible. 

A woman uses a lumbar support backboard to correct her posture at her home office

The Posture Support That Offers Long-Term Results  

Need lumbar support? If you spend much time at a desk or in your car, your posture could probably use a little work. The lumbar support backboard from Back Pain Help is a sleek, minimal product that adjusts to fit your spine and can be used practically anywhere. This maintains the natural curvature of your spine at a desk, on a sofa, or in the car. In turn, you’ll relieve tension, evade painful flare-ups, and train your body to sit up straight and balanced—an essential act of self-care. 

A woman uses a posture cushion to fix her posture at her desk

The Posture Training Device That Encourages Active Sitting

The Posture Cushion from Back Pain Help helps train your body to sit up straight. Simply place the cushion on your seat and you’ll find yourself engaging your core muscles and sitting up straighter. You’ll strengthen the muscles that hold your spine in a neutral position and improve the ergonomics of your office chair instantly. That’s the type of long-term posture change that can have a huge impact on spine health. 

A man is seen standing on an ErgoDriven anti-fatigue standing desk mat while working

The Mat That Reduces Fatigue While Working at Your Standing Desk

We’re learning that standing desks offer a slew of physical benefits. But one of the most common complaints is foot and back fatigue after a few hours on your feet. The Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat by ErgoDriven boasts a variable, cushioned surface, so you’re not just standing on a hard, flat floor. The mat has a few bumps and ledges to allow you to adjust your position and weight distribution throughout the day. It keeps your legs and feet busy and helps fight fatigue and tension. If you work at a standing desk, it’s the ultimate upgrade. 

A bottle of Mindful Mixtures magnesium sore muscle and cramping relief spray sits next to a pair of sneakers

Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief in a Nutshell

For general neck and shoulder pain relief, the answer is usually pretty simple. Improve your posture. Use a strategic posture-improvement tool or two. Give yourself a massage or go and get one. And don’t forget to get plenty of rest and relaxation, because you know how much tension mental and physical stress can deposit along your spine.

But if you struggle to relax, you might want to try the magnesium sore muscle and cramping relief spray from Mindful Mixtures. It gives your body the crucial magnesium it needs to ease muscle tension, cramps, and even that antsy, can’t-relax feeling. Many people use magnesium right before bed for better, more relaxing sleep and neck and shoulder pain relief that lasts. 

With any one of these products, you’re on your way to improved posture, less stress and tension, and even pain relief.

To help prevent neck and shoulder pain, check out our how-to guide for improving posture.

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  1. Well the anti-fatigue mat sounds good but will not buy because it is made in China

    1. Hi Michael, we appreciate you sticking to your shopping values. Be sure to check out our Made in the USA collection: https://www.thegrommet.com/featured/made-in-the-usa.

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