6 Products to Get Your Pup Through the Dog Days of Summer

It is the dog days of summer so there is no better time to feature some of our favorite dog products. Keep them comfortable, hydrated, and looking their best for the inevitable National Dog Day 2019 Instagram photoshoot.

A golden retriever is seen lying on the grass as their owner grooms them with HandsOn Gloves grooved pet grooming gloves

Getting in the Groove

Dogs shed like crazy in the summer. But HandsOn Gloves Grooved Pet Grooming Gloves can’t help you get a grip on it. It de-furs and massages your dog at the same time. They’re left with a shiny coat and you get a fur-free living room. That’s a win for both of you.

A yellow lab is seen getting toweled off using Soggy Doggy's super shammy

Sham(my) Wow

When your dog gets out of the water get to them before they shake themselves dry with the Soggy Dog Super Shammy. It absorbs seven times its weight in water and can be tossed in the washing machine when it needs a clean. Dogs get a nice little massage, too. One note of warning: Soggy Doggy cannot prevent your dog from going right back in the water as soon as you dry them off.

A man is seen trimming his dog's nails with Zen Clipper's safety pet nail clippers

Safety Shearing

Trimming your dog’s nails used to be a process both of you dreaded. It just became a lot more tolerable thanks to the Zen Clipper Safety Pet Nail Clippers. The secret is it avoids the quick — the sensitive part in their nail. Each pair is designed for your size dog to prevent over-cutting, too.

A woman is seen giving her dog water in the woods with a blue Highwave  AutoDogMug dog bowl water bottle

A Portable Water Bowl

Carrying your dog’s water bowl everywhere you go is not practical. But you want to make sure they stay well-hydrated, especially on summer days. The Highwave Dog Bowl Water Bottle steps in with a portable hydration solution. Squeeze the bottle to fill the bowl on top and release whatever is left back into the bottle so don’t even waste a drop.

A woman is seen taking a selfie with her dog using Pooch Selfie's camera prop

A Picture Perfect Pup

Your dog may not have any idea what is happening, but you know that you are getting a dynamite dog selfie for their Instagram. The Pooch Selfie Camera Prop keeps your pup’s eyes on the prize — your camera lens. It even squeaks for extra attention. The ball detaches so you can reward their patience with a quick game of fetch as the likes roll in on National Dog Day.

A labrador puppy is seen knocking the food out of a PAW5 Rock N Bowl dog feeder

A More Mindful Mealtime

Dogs can sometimes eat a little too fast for their own good. The PAW5 Rock ‘N Bowl Dog Feeder helps them slow down. You fill the bowl up and they knock it around to get just a few bites at a time. Mealtime turns into an engaging, puzzle-like experience for your dog that sloooooows them down.

From the adventurous excursions to the everyday routine, these dog products will make your life easier and your doggo’s life that much better on National Dog Day 2019 and beyond.

Looking for more pet products to celebrate National Dog Day? Shop our entire pet collection or browse more Grommet-approved pet supplies.

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  1. The Pooch Selfie Camera Prop has got to be one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen for keeping your best friend in the camera. Dogs also have the tendency to smell after playing out in the sun all day. I always make these for my pooch every summer to keep him smelling clean inside of the house.

    1. We agree, Chris! Just gotta make sure to end their torture by playing fetch at the end. 😉

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