Minimize Clutter, Maximize Space: A Guide to Organizing Small Spaces

You’d think the smaller the apartment, the easier it would be to keep clean. Unfortunately, that’s never the case. As many new tenants and homeowners can attest, sometimes your cozy home can become one big mess before you know it. Luckily, many of our small businesses specialize in organizing small spaces. Keep mess to a minimum by maximizing your storage areas and investing in these small space solutions.

Compact Products for Compact Solutions

Satto's modular home cleaning kit is seen in a kitchen

Everything You Need for a Little Clean

With Satto’s Minimalist Modular Home Cleaning Kit, you’re already on your way to a cleaner, tidier home. But don’t let its compact design fool you. Packed into this bucket is 10 interchangeable everyday cleaning tools which save you time in finding them and save space too! Store it under your sink, in the back of a closet, or under your bed. Your OCD will be at ease knowing you have a fully stocked cleaning kit on hand that doesn’t take up extra space.

A magnet driver set by Micaton is seen on a table next to an electric screwdriver

Keep Your Repair Kit Organized

When you’re working with a smaller space, every piece of furniture and decór is carefully chosen. This also means that every piece must be kept in tip-top shape. The Magnet Driver™ Set by Micaton is a great way to keep your repair tools on hand while staying out of sight. The compact boxes come with six, ten, or eighteen pieces designed to help you make your space your own and keep your things in great shape.

A telescoping stepstool from Xtend + Climb is seen perched against a wall

Fold and Store to New Heights

The telescoping ladders and stepstools by Xtend + Climb are slimmed-down versions of the classics. They’re light enough to carry with one arm and slight enough to store in a closet or a trunk. Perfect for completing chores and decorating around the house and easy to hide in the back of the closet when you’re done.

A woman uses LOFT's hanging laundry rack to hang wet clothes in her laundry closet

A Suspending Laundry Rack

No more wasting valuable floor space in the middle of the living room on drying laundry. With the LOFTi + Duo Drying Rack by New Clothesline Company, you can hang your clothes up virtually anywhere. LOFTi is a clothes-drying rack that suspends from the ceiling with an easy-to-use pulley system. Now you can inconspicuously dry your laundry with so much more room for activities!

A plant is seen hanging upside-down from a BOSKKE Sky Planter

Bring the Outside In

Here at The Grommet, we are big fans of gardening and home decór. With the BOSKKE Sky Planter, you don’t have to compromise floor or counter space to add a bit of greenery to your home. Simply hang your favorite plants and flowers from the ceiling! The sleek, simplistic design is meant to lock your plant in place. And it’s eco-friendly, too, with its recycled plastic material. It’s the perfect way to start an at-home urban garden. Not keen on the hanging design? This next one is for you.

A little girl is seen admiring basil growing from an Urbz window herb planter

Window Gardens Enhance the View

Urbz Urban Window Herb Planter was actually designed by Maker Andy Bass in his tiny apartment. Frustrated that he couldn’t find a spot for an herb garden, he created a solution. This modern, clear planter adheres to windows, tiles, and mirrors without glue or suction cups, and can easily be repositioned. Integrated drain holes and catch basin create a complete urban gardening system.

  • A woman is seen writing on a dry erase planner by Three By Three
  • Mail, keys and notes are seen organized in Three By Three's Sort It Out Caddy

Plan Anything, Anywhere

Adopting a similar vertical design, the organizational decor by Three by Three is designed for your mental and physical organization. Plan your life out with the dry-erase weekly and monthly planners. Created with stick-it! technology, these planners stick to any smooth surface. And if you’re looking for a time-saver, check out the Sort it Out Caddy. Perfect for sorting mail, storing keys, and jotting down reminders as you head out the door.

Create Your Own Whiteboard

If you are into the minimalist design and don’t want to hang unnecessary decorations, look no further than IdeaPaint. No more whiteboards or planners to hang up. Simply paint an area of your wall with this non-toxic whiteboard paint kit, wait for it to dry, and voíla! Your own personal whiteboard. If you’re ever in a pinch and don’t have a pad and paper nearby…just write on the wall!

  • Toiletries are organized neatly on YouCopia's  Crazy Susan 2-tier turntable
  • Plastic food container lids are organized neatly with YouCopia's Storalid lid organizer
  • Tea bags are nearly organized on a counter with YouCopia's TeaStand tea bag organizer

Faster and Easier Organization

Why waste drawer and cabinet space when you can have an attractive and compact organizer in the corner? The YouCopia organization stations come in a variety of styles and are the best way to organize everything from bakeware to bathroom necessities. Easily storable, they can be attractively displayed on top of countertops or in cabinets for that extra put-together look and feel.

A woman is seen organizing groceries in her trunk with CleverMade's collapsible crates

Collapsible Storage is Smart Storage

Whether you’re grocery shopping, camping, moving, or just need a temporary storage solution, CleverMade’s Collapsible Crates and Baskets will be there to help. The collapsible designs make it so you can easily tuck them away after each use, especially when you need help organizing small spaces. Eco-friendly, small space-friendly, and extremely versatile, these bags and crates are a must-have in any home.

A man unloads boxes from his car using Dozop's collapsible dolly

Build Your Own Dolly

The Dozop Collapsible Dolly makes moves big and small that much easier. Coming in under five pounds, it’s lightweight. And it’s easy, 60-second assembly doesn’t require any tools. It holds up to 250 pounds, and folds up to about the size of a shoebox, making it easy to store.

Extension cords & power strips sit in a bin, their cords wrapped up & organized using Packbands silicone bands

No More Tangled Cords

Packbands Silicone Bands are stretchy and flexible enough to adapt to the task at hand—make that many tasks. Corralling cords, sealing up open chip bags, wrapping up a yoga mat, and organizing clothes are just a few of the ways Packbands can help keep your stuff in check. And when you’re not using them, stick them in a drawer for later.

We know small living situations often mean you can’t have all the decorum and furniture you’ve always wanted. However, we can offer you compact solutions to common household must-haves that will help you in organizing small spaces, and saving room for something you love.

Looking for more tips on organizing small spaces for the kitchen? You’ll love our Kitchen Organization collection!

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