How to Wow the Little Ones: Amazing Gifts for Kids Under 10

Make a splash this holiday season with one of these fun and engaging gifts for kids under 10. From creativity boosters to irresistible puzzles and a flair for fun, each of these gifts makes a unique and memorable offering this Christmas season.

A little girl is seen riding a white unicorn ride-on toy from PonyCycle down the street

Ride-On Unicorn

They’ll love climbing aboard this fully mechanical equine and taking it for a spin. Designed without electronic parts and made to move following a child’s own directions, this appealing riding toy is perfect for building motor skills and balance. And it’s fun to play on, too.

A house built from Light Stax light up building blocks is seen on a town play rug

Light-Up Building Blocks

They love those plastic block sets, but all that plastic gets a little dull over time. Liven up their playtime with a set of interconnecting blocks that actually light up. Perfect for nighttime play, to integrate with other brands and sets, or to add fun to any setup, these delightfully bright blocks are sure to please.

A little boy is seen playing with self-adhering building blocks from Gecko Blocks

Self-Adhering Foam Blocks

Geckos can cling to just about any surface, no matter what direction or gravity is doing. These fun and intuitive blocks borrow more than just a name from the clingy gecko—they stick to one another on contact, making it easy to build complex, gravity-defying shapes. Perfect for young builders that already have blocks made from other materials and that want to explore creative building and play.

A little girls is seen bouncing and riding on a Farm Hopper inflatable ride-on horse inside her room

Kawaii Animal Bouncers

Combine cute with physical fun and you get one of these irresistible bouncers. They’re great for those who want to incorporate more physical play and less screen time. These fun animal bouncers help boost energy and build motor skills, too.

Two women are seen playing with a Storytime Toys storybook house with a young boy

Storytime Playhouse and Book

Pretend play builds imagination, fosters creativity, and creates important critical thinking skills. But sometimes it can be hard to come by. This innovative and charming storybook playhouse set incorporates the best of both worlds—reading and playtime—and lets kids build their own stories and fun.

A little boy is seen playing on a town rug wearing a firefighter roleplaying bib from Mixed Pears

Roleplay Bib

Combine all the fun of pretend play and roleplaying with the easy cleanup of a tough, durable bib, and you get this innovative firefighters set. Don’t worry about putting away the dress-up gear at lunchtime, or about seeing firefighters at the dinner table. This one is easy to care for, easy to clean, and loads of fun.

A little boy is seen playing on the floor, building an upcycled play track from Tobo Toys

Upcycled Play Track

Toys with a conscious are always a hit. And this fun, reconfigurable track set is made from post-consumer materials. Kids will love pulling together a smooth, easy track for toys, while parents will love the green sensibilities of this clever set.

Three ecotruck fire truck toys from Luke's Toy Factory are seen in a playroom

Eco Fire Truck

Slow play toys that last are always welcome. They also make the perfect gift for families with eco-conscious sensibilities. Even better, this piece provides hours of creative pretend play. Kids can develop their own games and scenarios with open-ended toys like these.

A little girl wearing heart sunglasses is seen sitting in a white Baghera classic pedal car

Classic Pedal Car

The long beloved classic you probably remember from your own childhood has a fresh new look, but the same enduring appeal for kids. They’ll love rolling around and playing both indoors and out on this classicly styled pedal car. This piece is totally kid-powered so you’ll love the physical activity and energy burn it creates, too.

Blueberries, beans, veggie couscous and pineapple are seen on an orange Constructive Eating construction plate set

Construction Meal Set

Make food fun again and ensure even the pickiest eater gets their fair mix of veggies and fruits using this cleverly designed construction meal set. Even those young kids who balk at trying something new will be willing to engage with dinner and at least give things a try.

A little girl is seen hugging three kindness dolls from Kind Culture Company

Kindness Dolls

Give a gift, share some good. Not only are these sweet pastel dolls soft and huggable, but they are designed to spread kindness, too. Each doll purchased triggers a doll donation to a child in need. Each kindness doll also arrives with 10 kindness tokens to share with others, spreading the joy to others long past the holiday season.

Two kids are seen running in a field wearing butterfly play wings

Butterfly Play Wings

Combine pretend play with more time running and playing outdoors and you have a clear parental win. Young kids adore these whimsical wings for their play value and flexibly. Parents love the time away from electronics and screens.

A little girl is seen laying in bed under a Ballerina duvet cover from Snurk Living

Bedding with Character

Combine their most important aspirations—to be an astronaut, a firefighter or ballerina—with soft, plush bedding. This character bedding set makes it easy for a child to picture themselves in their preferred roles and to imagine amazing adventures. 

This year, give a gift they’ll truly love and enjoy long past the initial present is unwrapped. Unique and cool gifts for kids under 10 will make a lasting impression and ensure you both have a magical holiday experience you’ll treasure for years to come.

These amazing gifts for kids under 10 are sure to wow them this holiday season. Need stocking stuffers for the kiddos too? We’ve got you covered.

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