What’s In Your Water? How To Test Your Tap Water At Home

Ever wonder what exactly is in your water? If you’re wondering whether a water filtration system is right for you, it might make sense to look into a home water test kit. Not sure how to test your tap water? It’s easier than you might think. Home water testing kits allow you to find out exactly what contaminants are in the H2O flowing through your pipes. Then you can use that information to choose the right system to filter the water your family drinks. 

A woman is seen testing her tap water using Safe Home's 20 point water contaminant & lead test kit

How to Test Your Tap Water at Home  

At one time, getting your water tested meant sending a vial off to a lab and waiting weeks for results. Today, at-home water quality testing makes it easy to evaluate your water for a variety of contaminants in your home. Depending on your results, you might still want to send a sample to a lab for more thorough details, but these home test kits offer a great way to get a baseline idea of your water quality and choose a filtration system accordingly. 

A glass of water is being tested for contaminants using Safe Home's 15 point water test kit

15-Point Water Contaminant Test

SafeHome’s 15-point water test kit evaluates your water quickly and easily to identify the presence of 15 different contaminants, including E. coli, copper, chlorine, as well as nitrates and nitrites. This quick and simple test uses color-changing blocks to reveal the presence or absence of various contaminants and bacteria, and it takes just seconds to perform. A bonus: this test also reveals the pH and hardness of your water, which is valuable information if you’re looking for ways to improve your cleaning routine and your drinking water solutions. 

A test tube of water is being tested for coliform & E. Coli using Safe Home's bacteria test kit

Water Bacteria Test Kit 

The Coliform & E. Coli Water Bacteria Test Kit by SafeHome tests for just those two contaminants. It’s a low-cost, remarkably easy-to-use option, and it’s perfect if you have specific concerns about coliform or E. Coli in your water supply, either because of previous contamination or a newly-dug well. Fill the included test tube with water, which changes color to reveal contaminant levels (if any). Use this test on well water, water from your faucet, or even ponds, lakes, and streams. 

A 20-point water contaminant & lead test kit from SafeHome sits on a counter

20-Point Water Contaminant & Lead Test

Want a more thorough test to evaluate your water for lead and a wider variety of potential contaminants? The 20-Point Water Contaminant and Lead Test Kit tests against a broader spectrum of contaminants and bacteria, from heavy metals to chlorine, pesticides, phosphate, and lead. This kit includes a vial and test strips for each contaminant, along with comprehensive color cards to evaluate the levels of each contaminant detected. 

How to Purify Your Water at Home  

Armed with the information you need, you’re left to figure out how to filter water to your preferences. Filtering out contaminants just got easier. Whether you need an on-the-go solution or always-available water that tastes great, these are solid options. 

A woman is seen popping a water purification pod from GoPure into a blue water bottle

A Filter on the Move

The GoPure Water Purification Pod offers a one-of-a-kind solution for drinking water on the go. Crafted from a unique porous ceramic material and a fine-grain rock called diatomite, the GoPure absorbs contaminants like arsenic, lead, and chlorine, and it releases trace minerals to improve the quality and flavor of the water itself. GoPure is perfect for water bottles, canteens, RV reservoirs, pet water supplies, or even water pitchers you keep in the fridge. Use it for up to 6 months or 264 gallons of water, and enjoy better-tasting, purer drinking water even when you’re far from home. The GoPure comes with a plastic carrying case and a carabiner so it’s always at hand when you need it! 

Water sits in a Soma water filtration carafe on a kitchen counter

Water Filtration Carafe by Soma

Soma has created an elegant water filtration system that’s as effective as it is beautiful. The thoughtfully-designed glass carafe is crafted from German-engineered, shatter-resistant glass. The filter itself is created from plant-based materials, like coconut carbon, and BPA-free, ABS plastic. The result? Water that tastes great in a stunning table-ready design that’s a joy to use. It’s never been easier or more attractive to purify your water at home. 

To wrap up: At-home water testing kits are a great place to start if you want to test your water for bacteria and other contaminants. You can choose from different levels of at-home testing, depending on which contaminants you want to test for.

It’s important to carefully read and follow the instructions with any test kit you order. If the results are concerning, you can then opt to send a water sample to a lab for a more detailed analysis. You can also choose from off-the-beaten-path water filtration options for elegant solutions to improve the purity and flavor of your drinking water whether you’re home or off on an adventure. 

Once you’ve tested your tap water and filtered out the contaminants, it’s time to get drinking. Learn how to stay hydrated throughout the day.

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