6 Toy Storage Ideas to Save Space & Sanity

Parents know that kids’ stuff finds a way to take over. No matter how intentional they are about toy purchases, every available surface is soon overflowing. It will drive a mom or dad into a stressed-out frenzy. A good way to start corralling it all is to create a “donate” pile and “keep” pile.

Find your Salvation Army for the “donate” pile. As for the keep pile, these space-saving kids toy storage ideas and products will help make sense of the mess. Whether you’ve got a future engineer, an aspiring athlete, or a prolific artist on your hands. 

The Storage Bins that Won’t Get in the Way  

It’s always the same story with plastic storage bins. They get filled to the brim, stuff gets lost at the bottom, and once shoved into the closet, basement, or attic, they’re not coming back out anytime soon. The makers of the CleverCrate Collapsible Crate came up with an ingenious solution. CleverCrates are robust enough to hold 88 pounds of stuff. They’re stackable and fit well in a variety of spaces thanks to their straight sides and square corners. And when not in use, they collapse down to just a few inches.

A Tie-Down Rope to Transform Your Equipment System 

If you have kids who ski, climb, bike, scuba dive, or do pretty much anything else out of the house, this might be the one thing that makes everything easier. The Secure Fastening System by LoopRope eliminates the need to tie elaborate knots and hope for the best. Sturdy loops along the rope’s length allow you to lock anything into place using a carabiner or three. Ideal for camping, garage organization, or transport, you might be surprised at just how versatile and thoughtfully-designed LoopRope is. That is, until you start using it to make sense of your kids’ sporting goods. 

The Play Mat that Cleans Up For You 

The 60″ Diameter Play Mat by Lay-n-Go is a fan favorite for good reason: it saves hours of meticulous clean-up and makes it easy to take loose-parts play just about anywhere. Whether your kids are into Legos, magnetic tiles, wooden blocks, or other loose toys, they’ll love this mat. The ripstop, water-resistant nylon is tough enough to handle repeated play at home, at the park, and practically anywhere else. Release the drawstring to lay the mat out flat for hours of open-ended play, then re-tighten the drawstring when done to contain the mess hassle-free. Kids toy storage just got a lot easier. 

A Sentimental Baby Organizer to Keep All the Memories Together 

Sometimes the traditional baby book just isn’t enough to keep it all together. That’s why Savor created the Baby Keepsake Organizer. It includes plenty of space for things like the first newborn hat, the last pacifier, the best sonogram picture, the tiniest shoes, and the snippet of hair from baby’s first haircut. Ample labels allow parents to customize each spot for their own baby’s memories, and there’s also plenty of space for photographs, notes, and cards. It all fits together in a beautiful cloth-covered organizational system crafted with acid-free slots, drawers, and tiny envelopes. 

The Organizer to Enshrine Kids’ Best Memories from School 

Sometimes it’s harder to stay on top of older kids’ milestones than it is to hold on to babies’. The School Years Keepsake Organizer by Savor is made with the same acid-free, cloth-covered pasteboard as their Baby Organizer. But it’s designed specifically to organize older kids’ stuff: award-winning short stories, prized artwork, penmanship practice, and the ubiquitous certificates, awards, and birthday cards. The system includes two filing boxes with an array of adhesive category labels and acetate lettered sheets, so it’s easy to make it work for any keepsakes you want to tuck away. 

The Foldable Storage Box that Transports Stuff Without Stress 

Meori’s Large Foldable Storage Box is a cloth and metal-framed storage solution. It allows you to easily transport up to 76 pounds of stuff. Whether you need to transport an array of art supplies, sports gear, or something else, this is the slim, attractive way to do it. Comfortable carrying handles make it far easier to transport your stuff than the typical tote bag or plastic tote. Meori’s Storage Box is also durably made to withstand the hard, repetitive use associated with children’s gear. 

Slow down. Get deliberate about the stuff you use regularly. And create your own ways to make sense of it all. That’s where to start when deciding on what type of toy or equipment storage options will work best for your home. Of course, these toy storage ideas only work if you’re not overwhelmed from the start. If an innovative storage solution won’t cut it, it might be time to talk to your kids about making some hard decisions about what items need to be donated in order to free up more space for the things that matter most. 

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