What’s The Difference? Best Earphones 2019

People all over the world spent more than $10 billion buying earphones last year, and with all the possible types to pick from, it can be difficult choosing the just-right pair for you. More often than not, one size does not fit all when considering different types of earphones, but you’re in luck—we have the best earphones 2019 to suit just about any preference.

Get-Moving Earphones

Getting motivated to be active usually means needing something good to listen to. People want to hear music, podcasts, or audiobooks when burning calories. If you’re looking to keep your earphones in place while breaking a sweat, these are the best headphones under $100.

A woman is seen working out wearing AfterShokz Trez Titanium earphones

The Workout Earphones

If you’re a cyclist or runner, AfterShokz uses bone conduction technology that bypasses your ears entirely, allowing you to hear your music and your surroundings at the same time. They are Bluetooth-enabled so there are no wires to tangle with and they have the added benefit of being sweat-resistant.

A man is seen wearing AfterShokz Trekz air headphones as he rides his bike

The Workout Earphones 2.0

If you’re looking for something even lighter, the Trekz Air are AfterShokz’s lighter, titanium version that ensures they not only fit more securely but sound even better.

A woman is seen running and listening to music with her Acoustic Sheep wireless RunPhones

The Cold Weather Fitness Headphones

For the runner who wants tunes with the added benefit of keeping ears warm in cold climates, RunPhones Classic has two speakers built into the stretchy, moisture-wicking headband. Position it over your ears and you’re ready to run. Not only will the headphones not fall out, but your ears will stay toasty.

A man is seen listening to music through his Air Pods with the help of Earhoox's soft ,silicone earbud attachments

For the Ill-Fitting Earphones

If you wear Air Pods you’re probably frustrated with them constantly slipping or falling out when you’re in the middle of a hard workout or run. Earhoox soft silicone earbud attachments fit in the crook of your ear and apply traction to keep the pods secure and comfortable. For just $10 they are an affordable upgrade to your existing Air Pods.

Lounge & Listen

A woman is seen lounging by the pool, enjoying music from her SunTunes near-ear bluetooth speakers

The Sit Back and Relaxer’s Earphones

When lounging around the yard, beach, or at home, SunTunes™ are a water-resistant, heat-proof choice. The speakers create a near-ear, private listening experience, so while you can hear your music, the rest of the world doesn’t have to.

Slumber Sounds

A woman is seen sleeping soundly thanks to SleepPhones wireless headphones

The Sound Sleeper’s Headphones

Falling asleep to music is something many of us (and millions of other people) do, but it can disrupt the sleep of your bed mate. SleepPhones Wireless headphones let you listen in comfort, courtesy of two interior speakers built into a soft headband. Lull yourself to sleep with these headphones that won’t dig into your ears and won’t fall out. 

Hard-To-Lose Earphones

A man is seen reading a book, with a pair of lime green Wraps earphones on his wrist

The Earbuds for the Disorganized

Wraps Wristband Headphones are braided wristband earphones that go from device to decoration in a single motion. When you’re done listening, wrap these wristband earphones around your arm, so you always know where they are. The braided fabric comes in different colors and won’t tangle on you.

A woman is seen talking to someone through her Wraps talk earphones

Earbuds for the Person On-Call

If you’re looking for even more functionality, The Talk Series Wraps are equipped with a button microphone so you can pause, play, and call with a click.

A lime green PodPocket is seen hooked to a purse, keeping AirPods within reach

The AirPod Holster

One of the biggest problems with AirPods is they are small and easy to lose. The flexible silicone PodPocket fits snugly over the AirPods case and can be attached to a belt, bag, or keychain so you always know where it is.

So, what are the best earphones 2019? That depends on you. Hopefully, this sound advice will help steer you towards the perfect pair of earphones.

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