6 Products to Help You Train for Your Marathon

If you’re planning to run a marathon this spring, it’s just about time to start training. Whether you’re dealing with cold temperatures or early sunsets, we’ve got products to keep you safe, warm, and hydrated at every step.

MagnataLites – Rechargeable Lighted Gloves

Boost visibility and safety in low light with night running lights from MagnataLites. Inside each glove, a rechargeable LED shines a 135-degree radial arc of light up to about 30 feet ahead of you.

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Acoustic Sheep – Wireless Headphones Headband

These headphones from AcousticSheep can’t fall out of your ears or irritate them while you’re exercising. That’s because the two speakers are tucked inside a stretchy, moisture-wicking headband. Place over your ears, and you’re ready to listen as you run while streaming music via Bluetooth. A small control panel is built in as well, letting you turn your headphones on, adjust the volume, and more—without taking them off.

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Orange Mud – HydraQuiver + Double Barrel

When it comes to marathon training, there’s nothing more important than hydration. Orange Mud lets you hydrate without breaking stride. The vest pack is designed with a back-mounted water pouch that tucks snugly between the shoulder blades so the bottle won’t jostle. And it leaves your arms completely free for that extra push when running

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4id – Light Up Armband & Heel Spur

It’s important to see when running at night or early in the morning, but it is just as important for others to see you.  Wherever you need visibility to be a priority, take these cleverly designed safety lights from 4id. They’re lightweight and weatherproof, they are designed to easily strap on you and stay out of the way.

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ArroWhere – Reflective Safety Vest

The bright, reflective safety vest from ArroWhere makes you more visible to drivers when you’re running. Arrows on the front and back can be seen up to ¼ mile away, and give a visual cue they recognize and can react to, faster.

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Sprigs – Wristband Phone Holder

The form-fitting from Sprigs is designed to hold the necessities while you’re on the run. The pocket secures your phone, cards, cash, and a key or two. It’s perfect for keeping your phone handy for streaming music without actually using your hands.

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Looking for more helpful products to get your training started? Check out our entire fitness collection.

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