How to Survive a Snow Day with Kids

It’s 6 a.m. You just found out school is canceled. There’s no time to get a babysitter so you have to work from home while making sure the kids are entertained while keeping warm because the heat has to be reprogrammed because no one is usually home at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday. And, oh yeah, you have to deal with what put you in this situation: the snow.

Take a deep breath. You’ve got this. And we’ve got a complete toolkit for helping you survive an unplanned snow day.

Entertain the Kids


Makeblock – Airblock Modular Programmable Drone

If the kids are going to interact with tech, why not have them learn something, too? Makeblock is a programmable drone that entertains while providing a simplified introduction to coding. Kids build the drone and make it move however they want using a phone or tablet as the remote control. And don’t worry, Makeblock thought ahead of the “what happens if it crashes?” question. It’s covered in foam to minimize any largescale damage.

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Pirasta – Really Big Coloring Poster

In a perfect world, the kids will be entertained AND away from screens for hours at a time. That’s a tall order. But Pirasta might just be tall enough for it. Over five feet long, this giant coloring poster filled with detailed drawings that will immerse kids in a fantastical world and work out their energy. That’s a snow day win-win.

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Cozy Up

subu red indoor outdoor slippers

SUBU – Indoor Outdoor Slippers

If you live in a cold climate, you probably have a down jacket. Well don’t leave your feet out in the cold, these can get a puffy down jacket of their own. SUBU slippers will keep your feet bundled up with a Teflon™-coated shell and padded, cushiony insoles. The non-slip rubber soles make the transition from indoors to outdoors a breeze.

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Shupaca – Brushed Alpaca Throw

Complete the get-toasty trifecta with the Shupaca throw. There were a handful of Grommet employees jockeying to test this blanket in our office so believe us when we say, throwing this on your shoulders is a great way to stay warm as you get some work done.

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Work from Home


GeekHeat – Personal Ceramic Heater

If cozy slippers aren’t enough, ward off the snow day chills with a mini space heater just for you. The GeekHeat ceramic heater is perfect for your desk, bedside, or anywhere else you get cold. It even automatically shuts off when the heater gets to hot or tips over.

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P&T – Personal Teapot & Cup Set

Maybe you start the day with a cup of tea. In that case, adhere to your daily ritual with P & T. The modern teapot and brew sets encourage taking a pause and a breath in the day. In this case, it will let you take a beat before your unorthodox day begins.

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Palmpress single-serve coffee press, make coffee for one

Palmpress – Single-Serve Coffee Press 

First things first, coffee. Palmpress is a personal coffee maker that will give you a hand-poured brew in just three minutes. Flip it over, press down, and that’s it. You’ve got your energy to get this day started.

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Levit8 – Foldable Laptop Stand

Whether it’s your home desk or your kitchen table, you can turn anything into a standing desk with Levit8. The foldable stands rests flat and with a few twists, transforms into a work station.

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Conquer the Snow


Spare Me – 5-in-1 Rescue Tool

Now for what actually put you into this position: the snow. Snow blowers and shovels will do most of the heavy lifting, but a tricky part of any snow accumulation is digging your car out. You have to clear the windshield, dig out the tires, and maybe even get your car unstuck from an ice or snow patch. Such a process used to require a suite of tools, but with Spare Me, you have all of those tools in one handheld package. And it’s one you’ll want to keep in your car all year round.

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Whether it’s keeping the kids entertained, getting some work done, or staying warm, when an unforeseen snow day strikes, you can rest easy. You’re ready for it.

For more winter preparedness products, check our Winter Ready & Stay Toasty collections.

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