How to Throw a Party for the Big Game

It’s the big game. Whether you’ve got skin in the game or not, you’re gonna watch it. Maybe you’re going to a party, or maybe you’re hosting one. If that’s the case, before it kicks off, you’ll want a game plan. Here’s your party hosting starting lineup.

Guac-Lock – Guacamole Preservation Container 

Right out of the gate, you want to set the tone for the party. Chips and guac are as classic as play action pass to start. Gets everyone in the rhythm of the party and, thanks to Guac-Lock’s vacuum seal, keeps that guac fresh until halftime.

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Party Grill – Indoor Tabletop Raclette Grill

Time to heat things up. The indoor raclette maker from Party Grill is like a double-reverse. It gets everyone involved. You’re handing off charred veggies, flipping shrimp, reversing grill tops, and watching that melted cheese flow is like hitting the open field.

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Oggi – Insulated Bowl with Lid

You’ve got all this food out, the eating has slowed, and guests have settled in to watch the game. Time to bust out Oggi. It chews up the clock, keeping hot dishes hot and cold dishes cold until you’re ready to dig back in.

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DrinkTanks – Personal Growler

Leave the lite beer to the commercials. For your party, handoff a premium brew with the help of DrinkTanks. The double-walled, vacuum insulated container keeps beer fresh so you could fill it up at the brewery and take it all the way to the house. The accurate football metaphors don’t sound as impressive…

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CouchCoaster – Weighted Drink Holder

Beverage poured, you need a safe place to put it. Keep it within arm’s reach with CouchCoaster. It’s even weighted on both ends to keep it anchored when the crowd gets rowdy after a big play. 

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CB Stuffers – Solid Chocolate Pizza 

There may not be an automatic scoring play in football, but there is in party hosting. CB Stuffers is a chocolate pizza. Yeah, you read that right. Perfect for a party to huddle up and enjoy, it’s a play that can’t be defended.

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From appetizer to dessert, these 6 products might as well be 6 points on the scoreboard. Game on!

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