If you’re like us —  swaddled in a blanket and sipping tea after another day of waking at 6:30 to salt the driveway and scrape fresh ice off your car— you’re dreaming of an escape from your frozen abode.  You want to bask in the warmth of a tropical vacation and we want to help. So we’ve put together a handy list of vacation must-haves to take with you.

You can thank us by taking us with you! Just kidding. Unless you have the room. You’ll barely notice us. 🙂

Dock & Bay – Quick-Drying Microfiber Beach Towel  

Space is sacred when packing for a trip so bringing multiple towels for beach trips is all but out of the question. You need a towel with versatility. One that’s absorbent, fast-drying, and, ideally, isn’t just a sand trap.  The Quick-Drying Microfiber Beach Towel from Dock & Bay is not only sand-resistant but can absorb more than its weight in water then dry three times faster than a traditional cotton towel. With a tightly woven microfiber design, this towel is a quick and easy (not to mention generously-sized) solution to combat the intrusive sand grains, while providing a comfortable, suede-like accessory to bring on vacation.

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SunLily – Roll-n-Go Sun Hat

Ladies (and the bold gentlemen!), don’t let anyone stop you from wearing your beautiful sun hats to and through the airport. You do you. However, if you’re only wearing it because you’re afraid of crushing them in your suitcase, fear no more. The Roll-n-Go Sun Hat by SunLily is comprised of flexible fibers that protect the shape of the hat even after it’s folded. The fashionable braided leatherette with a snap fastens to keep it compact.  Roll it, pack it, and enjoy the jealous looks from everyone else at the gate as they maneuver their own awkward headpieces through the crowd.

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Solar Buddies – Roll-On Sunscreen Applicator Set

Beach days are fun. Chasing kids with sunblock is not. The Roll-On Sunscreen Applicator by mom-founded company Solar Buddies makes sure you can finally be sure your kids are covered, literally. This roll-on, reusable and refillable applicator puts kids in charge of the task (with a little supervision), while the sponge and rollerball application combo provide even coverage and less mess. The ergonomic grip is designed for little hands, so they can do a quick, easy application and get back to having fun!

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Matador – Pocket Blanket

Are you an adventurous vacationer? The kind who likes to hike to secluded lagoons or hidden waterfalls? Then on your next adventure, you might want to bring along the Pocket Blanket from Matador, a lightweight, durable, waterproof blanket that folds neatly into a palm-sized pocket pouch. Enjoy your hidden paradise without having to sit on the wet or sandy ground. It’s roomy enough for up to four people sitting or two lying down, and it’s puncture proof, so no sand or critters are getting through. You never know when you’ll need a dry place to sit, and with this Matador, you’ll never need to.

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Packbands – Silicone Organization Bands

These packing bands will soothe even the most obsessive packer’s nerves. With its multitude of uses, you can organize, wrap, and corral all your essentials thanks to their durable and stretchy silicone material. There are even indicators for clean and dirty laundry. Pack organized, pack light, Packbands.

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Woodies – Wooden Style Sunglasses

Woodies adds a classic twist to sunglasses. By using walnut, zebrawood, and rosewood on the arms, the natural grain and markings shine through. The lightweight, durable frame has polarized lenses for extra protection, while the woods’ natural grain adds character to the beach-going vibe.

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American Bench Craft – Travel Journal Wallet

This sleek American-made travel wallet is handcrafted from premium vegetable-tanned leather and secured with metal fasteners for a beautiful way to carry your travel essentials. It includes two card pockets that hold 3-4 cards each and three full-length pockets for holding cash, maps, boarding passes, passports, notebooks and more. Now you can have everything in one place and save time and space during the pesky TSA and boarding processes.

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So whether you’re planning a cruise, tropical adventure, or just looking forward to taking a long nap in the hot sun, we’re here to make sure you get the most out of your vacation and enjoy every second of it.

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