8 Ways to Elevate Your Next Game Night

The next time you host a game night or even get invited to one, surprise your friends and family with a game they’ve never seen. From fast-paced, family-friendly games to takes on old classics to rip-roaring drinking games for the 21 and older crowd. No matter what kind of game you’re looking for, we’ve got something that is going to rule game night.

Fun for the Whole Family

BLLÖX – Block Stacking Game

BLLÖX block puzzle game amps up the competition—and creativity—at your next family game night. Flip a card and race to build what you see before your opponents can. Want to get silly? A separate deck of cards packed with wacky challenges makes playing this fast-paced game more difficult and more fun.

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Happy Salmon – Interactive Card Game

High five, fist bump, and do the Happy Salmon handshake on your way to victory. This high energy, fast-paced game is easy to play, loud, and a little bit goofy—so really, everything you could want from a family game night. But you can also try playing silently to amp up the hand-flapping, rambunctious antics. We dare you not to have fun with this game.

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Battle Games – Ping Pong Ball Strategy Game

Bounce Battle Game is a family party game that gets the fun off to a bouncing start. Take your shot with ping pong balls: the object is to bounce the balls into the wooden game cube. There are lots of fast-paced ways to play, like Tic-Tac-Toe and H-O-R-S-E, or you can take shots against an opponent or work on solo bounces.

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Watch Ya Mouth – Mouth Guard Party Game

Who doesn’t like a game that makes you laugh? This card-based, mouth guard game encourages you to read and interpret phrases all while wearing a mouth-stretching, teeth-baring device. It’s no easy task. Silliness escalates as the phrases get harder to comprehend. Whether you’re involved in the game or cheering from the sidelines, it’s utterly absurd and extremely entertaining.

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Updates to the Classics

Across the Board – Handcrafted Wooden Games

Across the Board games are handcrafted wooden tributes to classic games that are designed to get families together. And they are made to last for many years of game night fun. All the games—from penny hockeypenny soccerand tabletop baseball to horse racing to a king-of-the-hill strategy game—are straightforward and easy to play. This is deliberate because it’s all about gathering family and friends for screen-free time together.

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Artiphany – Illustrated Dog & Cat Playing Cards

Artiphany playing cards are infused with charm and humor courtesy of original illustrations depicting adorable dogs and cats. The deck captures their playful, coy, and mischievous nature. Each ace through ten suit of cards tells a story that is so fun to see unfold, you might forget about the hand you’re playing.  While you certainly don’t have to be a pet lover to appreciate these playing cards, a deck elevates any classic card game into a completely original experience.

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For the 21+ Crowd

One Funny Mother – Chardonnay Go Adult Board Game

Ready, set, Chardonnay Go! This wine-fueled and themed board game is packed with hilarious questions and make-you-blush dares. Travel through the vineyard-inspired game board with the goal of reaching the tasting room. If you can make it without falling over with laughter (or spilling your wine), we salute you.

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Mini Beer Pong – Mini Drinking Games

Mini Beer Pong takes the beloved drinking game and shrinks it down for anywhere-sized fun. This scaled-down version features a tabletop (or countertop) sized board made from locally sourced wood, as well as catapults and tethered balls to help keep the game somewhat contained. But it’s just as much fun to play.

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Looking for more games to add to your family festivities? Shop our entire collection of games.

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