12 College Care Package Ideas They’ll Love To Dig Into

College can be a time of excitement, but students also regularly feel stressed, anxious, and homesick. Gifts from loved ones ease such emotions while also helping students feel more connected. Get a head start with these college care package ideas:

Lavender shower bombs from Level Naturals sit alongside a tub shower

Provide a Soothing Shower

Your college student probably doesn’t enjoy access to a bathtub, but he or she will definitely make use of these shower bombs from Level Naturals. These bathroom essentials turn the simple act of taking a shower into a luxurious, spa-like tradition. Eco-friendly students will appreciate that these vegan products are delivered in boxes constructed from 100 percent post-consumer waste.

A person is seen scooping whipped Vanilla soap out of a jar from Taylor Street Soap Co.

Whip Your Showers Into Shape

College students may be forced to share bathroom facilities with dozens of other people, but showers shouldn’t be miserable. Taylor Street Soap Co. brings a bit of luxury to the experience, complete with beautiful whipped soaps that look good enough to eat. Resembling frosting, these dessert-inspired soaps are available in flavors such as vanilla and birthday cake. An additional set is available with fresh scents like lemon mint and lavender. Your favorite college student will appreciate either option.

A woman is seen using Expain's heated neck & shoulder massager while sitting on her couch

Ease the Stress of Aches and Pains

Aches and pains are to be expected after weeks of hunching over textbooks, laptops, and, of course, phones. The ideal college care package will address this persistent discomfort with a tool designed to provide both relief and relaxation. This heated neck and shoulder massager from ExPain is an ideal solution, capable of providing the exact level of intensity stressed college students desire. Its cordless design makes it easy to use in dorms or apartments.

Several jars of pinch me therapy dough sit next to a stress relief book

A Playful Solution to College Stress

A million thoughts race through the average college student’s head on a daily basis. Sometimes, all coeds want is the momentary bliss of a blank brain. This therapy dough from Pinch Me helps busy students let go of persistent mental chatter and instead focus on the surprisingly enjoyable act of shaping dough. A variety of scents are available to amp up students’ relaxation. They will quickly turn to the dough for a calming ritual when stressed.

The Hate Stains Co's emergency stain rescue is used to remove a mustard stain from a t-shirt

Ditch Stains For Good

A stain remover is a surprisingly useful tool for college students, many of whom have limited wardrobe space and cannot afford to let their favorite articles of clothing suffer stains. This emergency stain remover from Hate Stains Co. works like magic to break down a variety of pigments. Whether the college student in your life suffers from exposure to makeup, food, or grass, those stains will quickly disappear once this amazing substance is applied.

Giant chocolate covered fortune cookies from Fantastic Fortune Cookies sit on a table

The Ultimate Sweet Treat

Fortune cookies are a beloved aspect of the Chinese restaurant experience, but not everybody loves how they taste. Fantastic Fortune Cookies are available to amp up both size and flavor with giant treats dipped in chocolate and adorned with toffee or sprinkles. Each cookie contains a fortune, which will have stressed students feeling positive in an instant. Personalized fortunes are also available to show how much you care.

Freshly popped popcorn sits in a bowl next to unpopped Farmer's popcorn cobs from Sunflower Food Co

Elevate Dorm Room Popcorn

Food is always a winning gift for college students, who enjoy having snacks on hand in their dorms or apartments. With this care package essential, they can go beyond the stereotypical ramen and smelly microwave popcorn. Instead, the popcorn on the cob from Sunflower Food Co. brings a fun twist to the college popcorn experience, complete with unique popcorn cobs free from overwhelming scents. While most kernels will pop off the cobs while in the microwave, a few will remain, adding a little whimsy to your favorite students’ popcorn eating endeavors. 

Four pressed Tea Drops sit on a counter next to a steaming cup of tea

Remove the Hassle of Loose Leaf Preparation

Nothing calms a stressed college student quite like a hot cup of tea. Loose leaf tea is especially flavorful but can be difficult to prepare in a dorm environment. Tea Drops solves this problem with compressed tea leaves, which form adorable shapes such as hearts or flowers. Once dropped into a boiling cup of water, these genius Tea Drops transform into a delicious tea. Each box comes with an assortment of flavors, including citrus ginger, sweet peppermint and more.

A trio of face masks lay on a counter from Timeless Beauty Bar

A Dorm-Based Spa Day

Bring the luxury and serenity of the spa environment to college dorms with a set of face masks packed with quality ingredients such as licorice, cucumber, and hibiscus extracts. College students who want to look their best will adore these beauty masks from Timeless Beauty Bar, which can provide a fresh look even after difficult all-nighters. There’s no need to visit the crowded college bathroom to apply these masks; constructed from cotton sheets, they are uniquely easy to use.

A woman is seen eyes closed breathing deeply from a Clear My Head herbal inhalation jar

Ease Annoying Cold Symptoms With a Deep Breath

College students typically boast strong immune systems. Still, constant exposure in classrooms and dorms may leave them vulnerable to illness. When crunched for time, however, few can afford to spend multiple days out sick. This Clear My Head herbal inhalation jar may help by offering relief for students with mild but distracting symptoms. Featuring an enticing blend of rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and tea tree oils, the jar can be used to address everything from congestion to mental fatigue.

An odor-neutralizing diffuser from Alo sits on a bathroom counter next to soap and towels

Deliver Calming Scents

Deserved or not, dorms have earned a reputation over the years for being less than pleasant smelling. All that can change with help from an odor neutralizer diffuser from Alio, which replaces the less desirable scents of the dorm setting with subtle, yet calming fragrances. Each set comes with over a dozen scent-infused reeds, which will have even the stinkiest dorm smelling lovely in no time. The reeds can also be used in other problematic spaces, such as drawers, closets, or even gym bags. 

A plate of freshly cooked pasta sits next to Lékué's microwavable pasta cooker

Upgrade College Pasta from a Dorm

Pasta has long been a college staple, and for good reason — it’s affordable, filling, and delicious. Gone are the days of ramen and boxed mac and cheese. With this handy pasta cooker from Lékué, it’s possible to make noodles typically reserved for the stovetop in a microwave. Rather than boil water, students can add it to the container alongside their favorite type of pasta. Once it’s been cooked in the microwave, the pasta can be drained through the lid, which serves as a colander. 

These college care package ideas can make a huge difference in the everyday life of your college student. Don’t hesitate to show much you care with a package that includes thoughtful and unique gifts.

Does your college student have a birthday coming up? Expand beyond these college care package ideas for unique student gifts.

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