10 Unique Gifts for Her She’s Never Seen

You need a gift for her. And not just any gift will do. You need something thoughtful, something useful, something amazing. And we searched our collection to find something she hasn’t seen before.

Avocado Sock -Wool Avocado Ripener

Does she love avocados? Of course, she does. Who doesn’t? The Avocado Sock speeds up the tricky ripening process and… it’s adorable.

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Üllo – Wine Sulfite Purifier & Aerator

Üllo is a red wine aerator and a histamine filter. That means the preservatives that can cause allergic reactions are out and the taste stays in your glass. 

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Not for Navigation – Custom Nautical Pillow

A personalized gift for anyone with a home near the water is Not for Navigation. Each pillow features a detailed, custom map of the place they hold near and dear to her heart. 

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April Soderstrom – Featherweight Earrings

These eye-catching earrings are from April Soderstrom. They thread in, they weigh nothing, and they go with any outfit. 

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Peruvian Trading Co. – Handcrafted Neck Warmer & Hat

It’s cold out. Does she go with a hat? A neck warmer? How about both? The hand crocheted headwear from Peruvian Trading Co. transitions seamlessly from a neck warmer to a hat so she can have both. 

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Kitras Art Glass – Birthstone Ornament

If you’re looking for a sentimental gift, Kitras Art Glass makes beautifully handmade glass ornaments. Get one that celebrates the holidays or one inspired by her birthstone for an even more personal touch.

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Spotlite HD – Bright Daylight LED Makeup Mirror

Applying makeup requires good light and Spotlite HD mimics natural light so no matter where she goes, she is looking her best. 

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LampCharger – USB Light Bulb Charging Adapter

Something thoughtful can help solve an everyday problem. She doesn’t want to do acrobatics over the couch to plug in a phone. With LampCharger,  she always has a charging port within reach.

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Levit8 – Foldable Laptop Stand

Maybe she wants something practical like a standing desk she can fit in her purse. Levit8 folds up like origami so she can set up shop at home, the office, or a cafe.

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ShutterGrip – Bluetooth Remote Shutter

For the aspiring photographer, there’s ShutterGrip. It fits most phones and provides an ergonomic grip so she is always at the ready to capture the moment.

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With any one of these gifts, she’ll know you got a gift with her in mind.

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