What’s the Difference? Reusable Water Bottles

People seem to be drinking more water than ever. It’s not a question of if you have reusable water bottle handy, but which one is your favorite. With so many to pick from, you might wonder which one best fits the bill for you. Here are a few options we like that deliver water along with some other handy benefits. 

The organizer’s water bottle 

A man is seen opening a pill container on Asobu's pill organizer water bottle

The Pill Organizer Water Bottle By Asobu solves two problems at once, especially if you’re on the go. This water bottle doubles as a pill holder with a seven-compartment organizer built in, so you’ll never forget to take your pills (and you will always have water handy to swallow them down).

The beach bum’s water bottle

A child is seen squirting water from  a blue Aquabot sprayer bottle

Getting caught at the beach without water to wash off the sand leaves you with two choices: use the drinking water you brought and go thirsty, or track sand into the car. The Aquabot Sprayer and Bottle doubles as a portable shower and mister. With a spray of up to 25 feet, Aquabot is like having portable, running water in your pocket. Use it for drinking and cooling down or cleaning up. 

The space saver’s water bottles

If you’re looking to save on space and hate having to carry a full-sized water bottle, the Collapsible Water Bottle By Hydaway is the perfect choice. It holds 18 fluid ounces when expanded and collapses down to fit into your back pocket when it’s empty.

  • A woman squeezes a yellow bubi water bottle
  • A woman is seen rolling a green bubi water bottle

Another collapsing option that can hang from a backpack or bag is the Scrunchable Water Bottle By Bubi Bottle. It’s foldable and durable, and it can hold up to 22 ounces of water. A carabiner clips it right where you want it. 

The handbag holder’s water bottle

A woman is seen placing a teal HIP flask water bottle in her purse

Backpacks and purses aren’t the friendliest places for circular bottles. The Flask Water Bottle by Hip is a cute and colorful take that fits into any bag or backpack, thanks to its classic flask-shaped design. It also has a charitable purpose; for every bottle sold, safe drinking water is provided to those in need through a partnership with Water For People. 

The environmentalist’s water bottles

While plastic water bottles have dominated the field, some folks are often loath to make choices that aren’t as eco-friendly as they would like. Here are a number of earth-friendlier options. 

A orange glass water bottle is seen perched on rocks in water

The 16-ounce Glass Water Bottle by BottlesUp is made from 75% post-consumer recycled glass and is naturally BPA-free and PVC-free. It is also dishwasher safe, something that plastic reusable bottles can’t always boast. 

A white ceramic Revolve Canteen sits on a rocky background

The Revolve Canteen By Earth-In Canteen is made with clay and is free from metals, lead, and toxic materials. It has the added benefit of being non-reactive so it can hold other things besides water, like olive oil, a vinaigrette, and even wine. 

The workout warrior’s water bottle

  • Keys and debit cards can be seen stored in a gray Bindle bottle
  • A woman can be seen drinking from a gray Bindle Bottle

Bringing your essentials to the gym means having to keep them with you or stashing them in a locker (what’s the combination, again?). The Bindle Bottle Storage Water Bottle solves the problem of staying hydrated while keeping your keys, cards, cash and wallet with you at the gym. A secret twist-open compartment at the bottom of the bottle stores your stuff and keeps it close. 

These reusable water bottle options are all great ways to stay on top of your daily water consumption. And with the clever and convenient added features, you’ll look forward to reaching for one of these stand-outs.

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