Guide To The Best Teacher Gifts For Your Favorite Teachers

It takes a special kind of person to be a teacher. They do so much for our kids and we want to give them a big thanks. Whether you want to get your friend who’s a teacher a gift or want to surprise your child’s favorite teacher with something special, we have some amazing teacher gifts here at The Grommet to show how much you appreciate all of their hard work. 

Calendars with a luxury twist

Notes are seen written on a calendar notepad stationary pad by Black Ink

Spoil your teacher with Calendar Notepad Stationery by Black Ink. This beautifully made, open-format calendar layout could help a teacher plan for their class, keep track of dates, or even just take notes and jot down lists. It can also double as stationery, just fold it and it can fit into standard business envelopes. Functional and lovely, this makes an elegant gift for your favorite teacher. 

Carry their favorite book around their neck

A woman carries a Alice In Wonderland book while wearing a book-themed infinity scarf from STORIARTS

With Book-Themed Infinity Scarves by STORIARTS, you can wrap your favorite teacher in Romeo & Juliet, make them feel cozy circled in The Wizard of Oz, or keep their neck warm with Les Misérables. Both stylish and functional, this unique scarf is imprinted with excerpts of their favorite book or poem. It’s a great way to give that special teacher in your life a heartfelt gift and a distinctive look. 

A reinvented notebook

A person is seen drawing & erasing on Wiprebook Pro's whiteboard notebook

Perfect for teachers, Wipebook Pro is a vegan leather, reusable dry-erase notebook with limitless space to write. From jotting down lesson plans and making to-do lists, to simply writing down ideas, this notebook makes it easy to freely create and re-create. Wipebook Pro is an environmentally-friendly way to replace large notebooks, and saves space in your teacher’s bag, too. 

Now they can DRINK their favorite dessert

A box of Tea Drops pressed dessert tea is seen on a butcher block counter

After a long day of educating their students, teachers deserve to relax and enjoy a nice cup of tea or their favorite dessert—or both. These Tea Drops Pressed Dessert Tea Leaves are flavored like some beloved desserts and they’re also caffeine-free. These loose-leaf organic tea leaves, spices, and sugar are shaped in beautiful designs like flowers and hearts. No need for a strainer, they simply drop the morsel into hot water and have a fast and easy cup of calming dessert tea.

Upgrade their lunchtime essentials

3 Porter ceramic lunch bowls are seen on a kitchen counter next to a lunch box

Ditch school cafeteria lunch food—these beautifully crafted Glazed Ceramic Bowls by W&P Design encourage healthy homemade food. These portable bowls help reduce single-waste containers. Perfect for the teacher on-the-go, these dishes are protected by a removable silicone sleeve and strap to make transporting them easier. They’re also microwavable and dishwasher-safe, great for reheating last night’s leftovers and and clean-up is a snap.

A straw that fits in their to-go cup keeps their smile bright 

A teal KoffieStraw is seen poking out of a takeout hot coffee cup

These Reusable Silicone Straws by KoffieStraw are made to protect their smile and protect the earth. These environmentally-friendly straws have a unique oval shape that fits into most travel mugs and to-go cups and can be used with hot or cold drinks. Many beloved beverages cause teeth to stain, but KoffieStraw’s oval shape allows drinks to bypass their teeth and leave them as white as before they took a sip. Give your teacher a unique straw that’ll help keep their smile looking just as bright as they are. 

A travel mug that keeps their drink at the optimal temperature

A man is seen walking and drinking from his THERO temperature-controlled travel mug

Since teachers have to get to school early before the bell rings, they don’t have much time to sit and wait for their coffee to cool before starting their commute. Early wake-up calls also mean having to bring their coffee on the go. This Temperature-Controlled Travel Mug by Thero is not only a sleek and modern travel mug with a leak-proof lid, but it also rapidly cools down hot coffee or tea to a perfect 140 degrees in about two minutes and keeps it that temperature for up to five hours. This means that your teacher doesn’t have to rush and can enjoy their coffee for the whole morning. 

A personal system to help them stay cozy or cool down

A woman turns on her GeekHeat personal heater while at her desk

Perfect for a drafty classroom, GeekHeat Personal Ceramic Heater fits nicely on a desk and can keep them toasty. This personal heater also doubles as a fan for when they get too hot, making it great for all seasons. GeekHeat comes with built-in safety features that turn off the heater and flashes an LED light when it gets too hot or tips over. Give your teacher their new favorite warm-up sidekick.

A necklace to help them see

A woman in a light blue blouse wears a Moderne Monocle necklace

What teacher has time to whip on and off their reading glasses while looking after their kids, or worse losing their glasses all together? This Harlow Monocle Necklace by Moderne Monocle combines functionality and style in one beautiful accessory. They just hold the crystal-like pendant of the necklace up to their eye and see with clarity. Get your favorite, stylish teacher this stealthy accessory to help them see better.

Scratch off their U.S. travels

A person scratches Virginia off on their USA scratch map by Luckies of London

Does your teacher love to travel? Are they a geography buff? USA Scratch Map by Luckies of London are a beautiful personalized documentation of their travels all across the U.S. All your teacher needs to do is scratch off all of the places they’ve been with a coin and watch as they create their own beautiful piece of artwork with the vibrant colors that appear. The USA scratch maps are a thoughtful gift and a great way for your teacher to decorate their classroom.

To organize their tea packets

Tea is neatly organized in a dual-sided tea bag organizer from YouCopia

Sometimes teachers have to have a little caffeine to keep up with the 20 energized third graders in class. Give them a thoughtful gift to keep their tea bags neat. This Tea Bag Organizer by YouCopia can fit up to 120 tea bag packets in a sleek and modern way. Compact enough to fit and blend in on a desk, this is a perfect and thoughtful gift to give the tea-lover teacher to get enough of their favorite Earl Grey blend every day.

An elegant reminder to relax

Four Thinking eggs from Orijin Design Co sit on a slate counter surrounded by rocks

Sometimes even teachers can be taught a lesson. This Thinking Egg by Orijin Design Company can teach and remind them that mindfulness and relaxation is essential during a hectic and stressful day. By placing an egg in their pocket or on their desk, it makes it easy for them to hold the egg in their palms and breathe. Each egg is made with organic materials, each with  different meanings that can help them with different goals, like howlite for calming or lava stone for strength. Help your teacher relax and refocus with this unique and personal gift. 

Now they can charge all of their devices

A black ChargeHub charging station sits on a desk

Sometimes there are simply not enough outlets in a classroom for the number of devices that a teacher needs to be prepared for class. This Charging Station by ChargeHub has seven USB outlets that generate power by plugging it into one wall socket so they can charge their phone, tablet, games and more without all of the extra cords. Give the teacher in your life an innovative and functional gift. 

Teachers do so much for our kids. Surprise them with a thoughtful practical teacher appreciation gift that shows them how grateful you are for all they do and you’ll most certainly make their day.

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