Anybody who owns a dog considers their furry friend part of the family. That often means they get Fido presents for big holidays and birthdays. But it also means they cherish unique gifts for dog lovers that are a little out of the box. If you’ve got a dog lover in your life, we’ve tracked down dog gifts that’ll make a difference for them.

A yellow lab is seen getting toweled off using Soggy Doggy's super shammy

Quick-Drying Super Shammy

When Fido gets wet, nobody wants to be around his shake-shake-shake actions because they’ll end up soaked. Fortunately, the folks at Soggy Doggy have come up with a great solution. This microfiber chenille dog-drying towel is quick-drying and odor-free. As an added bonus, it comes with hand pockets so your friend can give good belly rubs while drying off their doggo.

A mint colored double non-slip pet bowl and mat set from Ono is seen with food & water in it

No-Mess Meals

Put the feeding frenzy to rest with a double non-slip pet bowl mat and set. This water-and-food-bowl combo is a great way to teach pup mealtime manners. It won’t slide around the floor, thus keeping things right where they’re supposed to be—in the bowl or their pooch’s belly. The entire set can easily be cleaned with soapy water or a quick trip in the dishwasher.

A woman is seen hanging a custom digital pet portrait of her Golden Retriever on the wall

Wall-Mounted Mutt

No collage of family photos is complete without a smiling pup staring back at the family who grace the space. With a digital custom pet portrait, your lucky gift recipient can bring out the best of their bone-loving family member.

The impression of a dog's nose is captured in a gold pendant necklace from Precious Metal Prints

Jewelry to Keep Fido Close to the Heart

Maybe your friend’s pup can’t go everywhere with them. But that doesn’t mean they can’t keep a piece of their pup close to their heart. With a pet nose pendant necklace, that cute little snout becomes a stunning piece of jewelry. It easily adorns any outfit, whether they’re enduring a day at the office or enjoying a weekend getaway.

A brindle dog is seen looking at a chair covered with fur being cleaned using CarPET's pet hair remover tool

Cleaner Carpet, Happier House

If pet fur gets your friend down, this pet hair remover from CarPET will boost their spirits. It’s a simple tool that gently lifts and gathers pet hair from fabrics without leaving a sticky residue behind. It doesn’t require a vacuum cleaner so it’s great for people who are always on the go, too.

A dog love pewter sculpture from Tamara Hensick Designs sits on a desk

A Decorative Dog

Made of pewter in Los Angeles, CA, this dog “love” sculpture serves as a reminder of the unconditional love pets give us each day. Coming in at just about two inches tall, it can easily hang out on a desk or counter without impeding on your loved one’s personal space.

A person is seen wearing a silver dog silhouette pendant necklace from Close 2 UR Heart

A Necklace Inspired by a Dog’s Natural Love

There’s something simple—yet so sophisticated—about Close 2 UR Heart’s nature-inspired silhouette necklace. When home is where the heart is, that’s where you’ll find the dog in this artful piece that’s handcrafted in Glen Falls, NY.

A pack of dogs playing cards from Artiphany are seen on a table

Pack of Dog Playing Cards

Dogs are pack animals just like people can be when they have friends over for a fun evening of food and games. This pack of dog playing cards from Artiphany is a great way to get the games going with witty and humorous illustrations of man’s best friend.

A recycled metal nightlight of a dog from Whimsies is seen plugged into a wall

Night Light with Dog’s Love

Reclaimed and salvaged metal never looked as good as it does when Whimsies’ animal night lights illuminate a room or hallway. Keep the monsters out of the closet of a little kid’s room, or simply give the gift of light to someone who might need to see where they’re stepping when the rest of the world is sleeping.

A Chihuahua is seen sniffing an iFetch automatic ball launcher

Ready, Set, Run

Some dogs are tireless and have all the energy we wish we could have in our own human bodies. If you know someone whose pup could run circles around the world and still keep going, this automatic ball launcher might be just what they need. It has launch settings of 10, 20, or 30 feet, making it great for small backyards or wide-open dog parks.

A dog is seen eagerly awaiting a bacon brew biscuit dog treat from Portland Pet Food Company

Great Treats for a Great Dog

The Portland Pet Food Company has set out to give great dogs great treats with their homestyle human-grade dog biscuits. They’re twice-baked for a light, crunchy texture. And the ingredients include zero animal by-products, preservatives, artificial colorings, flavors, or supplements.

A border collie is seen laying on a big purple printed dog bed duvet stuff sack from Molly Mutt

Recycling for the Ruff Ruff in Your Life

Great dog beds are harder to come by than you might realize. After all, dogs not only want to be comfortable, they want to be close to their owners every chance they get. That’s why Molly Mutt’s dog bed duvet and stuff sack is the perfect solution. Each dog bed is stuffed with no-longer-needed things from dogs’ humans, like clothes, pillows, sheets, and other fabrics that smell like the people they want to be closest to. Each duvet is machine-washable and tumble-dryable.

A person is seen walking their dog wearing a red Stunt Puppy runner's leash

Hands-Free Running Leash

When it comes to the best gifts for dog owners, anyone who loves to run will love the hands-free running leash from Stunt Puppy. This leash easily attaches around your gift recipient’s waist, so they have their hands free to adjust their music, wave to cars, and give treats when needed.

A woman is seen taking a selfie with her french bulldog using Pooch Selfie

Prop for Dog Selfies

Does your friend struggle to get Fido to look at the camera? Pooch Selfie’s prop for dog photos and selfies will fix the lookie-loo manner by focusing his attention right where it needs to be—at the camera.

A woman is seen hiking in the woods with two dogs, one of which is strapped to her back in a K9 Sport Sack trainer carrier

A Go-Anywhere Dog Carrier

Little pups and dogs who aren’t physically fit can’t climb mountains or hike on hills by themselves, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t go with your friends when they’re out and about. The trainer dog backpack carrier from K9 Sport Sack® ensures pooches are kept comfortably on the back of their humans while they enjoy the great outdoors.

A fawn colored dog sits in a gray dog bed next to an EyeVac touchless vacuum for pets

Fur-Away Dog-Hair Vacuum

When it comes to the best gifts for dog lovers, anyone would be grateful to have the excess hair swept up off the floor without any effort. That’s what EyeVac’s pet touchless vacuum was designed for. It swiftly sweeps up hair and debris without necessitating any extra effort.

A golden whimsical dog doorstop from dora Designs is seen propping open a door as a dog walks by

Doggie Doorstop

Sometimes, heavy doors find a way to slam themselves shut. But when you empower your home with Dora Designs’ doorstops, you’ll have a cleverly outfitted doorframe that’s free and clear of unwarranted shuts and slams. The company offers an assortment of doggie designs, including Labradors, pugs, and Boston terriers.

If you’re shopping for unique gifts for dog lovers, look no further than The Grommet. Our extensive menu of interesting items is sure to please everyone on your gift list. Don’t forget to get a little something for yourself.

Now that you’ve got unique gifts for dog lovers in your life covered, how about something for your furry best friend? Here are 13 pet stocking stuffers: toys, treats & more for your furry friend!

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