Cheese may have been invented as an accident many lifetimes ago. But through the ages, it’s become one of the most versatile foods humans enjoy. It pairs well with wine when fancy occasions present themselves and it complements kid-friendly palates when apples become involved. It also works well on everything from everyday salads to casual cuisines. In honor of all things cheese, our team brings you delightful gifts for cheese lovers.

7 balls of homemade cheese from Urban Cheesecraft's DIY cheese making kits sit on a table

DIY Cheese-Making Kit

Let’s be honest—people who truly love cheese would love the chance to put their own cheese-making skills to the test. With Urban Cheesecraft’s menu of homemade artisanal options, your favorite person can be making their favorite cheese in no time.

Two blocks of cheese are seen stored in a white Cheese Vault storage container

A Safe Harbor for Artisanal Cheese

Don’t let mold overtake your divine food development. With Cheese Vault’s artisanal cheese storage containers, you can let cheese breathe so it keeps its flavors and textures without being disturbed by outside elements. The silicone lids and bases wick moisture away keeping bacteria at bay. They’re great for hard and soft cheeses alike.

A wedge of cheese is seen wrapped in Formaticum cheese storage papers

Cheese Storage Papers

If you’re looking for cheese lover gifts for people who genuinely enjoy the wonders of cheese, these cheese storage papers from Formaticum will be an appreciated gift. The same professional material as those that fine cheese purveyors use to wrap and store cheese will preserve theirs.

A person is seen using a So Apéro sausage guillotine to slice cured sausage

Handcrafted Sausage and Cheese Slicer

When it comes to the best gift for cheese lovers, we have a feeling a lot of folks like to entertain with their favorite dairy treats. That’s why this handcrafted sausage and cheese slicer made our list. It’s easy to use and simple to clean. But it also serves as an interesting conversation piece between your lucky recipient and their guests.

Charcuterie are sliced on an end grain double cheese board from Larch Wood

Entertaining with Elegance

Speaking of serving cheese, if you’re looking for gifts for wine and cheese lovers, we’ve got just the thing. Larch Wood’s end grain double cheese board was designed to impress guests. Measuring almost a foot-and-a-half in length, each board has plenty of room for cheese, grapes, and a glass of wine or two.

Wedges of cheese are sliced on a David Rasmussen cheese board and knife set

Simplistic Serving

As far as cheese gifts go, this cheese board and knife set takes the cake (or cheese, if you will). Each board is handcrafted in Colorado and boasts of a lifetime warranty for both the wood and the wood finish. The trays are specifically designed for cheese cutting and serving making them a spectacular addition to any cheese-lovers kitchen.

A wedge of blue cheese and grapes sit on an elevated trivet from etuHOME

Cheese Display Royale

People looking for cheese gift ideas will stop in their tracks when they see this white round mod block from etuHOME. Each piece features reclaimed 19th-century European timber that’s placed atop a white block. It’s elegant enough to stand in the center of any tale.

A cheese spread rests on a personalized wooden Lazy Susan from Words with Boards that says 'Chef McDowell'

Personalized Lazy Susan

No list of cheese lover gifts is complete without something that incorporates all the other goodies the cheese comes with. This custom Lazy Susan from Words with Boards is a fun and playful way for food to be displayed. You can choose from forested maple or cherry wood, ensuring your loved one will enjoy the treasure you give them in a wood that matches their personal style and preferences.

A variety of cheese, nuts and crackers sit on a bamboo cheese boards from Bamboozle Home

Bamboo Cheese Board

The name says it all, doesn’t it? In terms of “best gift for cheese lovers,” this bamboo cheese board is on the list because it’s stunning yet simple enough for the most social of occasions. It’s dishwasher-safe so clean up after the party is a breeze. And the snack board makes it easy for an assortment of snacks to be assembled alongside a block or two of great cheese.

three blocks of cheese are seen stored in a cheese humidor from Cheese Grotto

Safe-Keeping Cheese Storage

If you’re shopping for gifts for wine and cheese lovers, consider this wooden cheese humidor from Cheese Grotto. It’s a little fancier than your everyday cheese container and it holds and keeps the best cheese available. The design of this humidor ensures optimal airflow and temperature. It keeps the cheese right where it needs to be until it’s time for you to enjoy it once again.

A wedge of parmesan is seen grated on a blue Grate Plate

Handmade Cheese Grater

Forget the kind of grater that’ll take your skin with it if you let it. The Grate Plate’s handmade grating plate takes the danger out of grating cheese while putting some fun back into the kitchen. From hard parmesan to interesting cheeses you’ve never tried before, this grate plate is a great way to break cheese down into bite-sized and recipe-capable portions that are easy to spread across any meal.

  • Veggies and meat are seen cooking on a grill top while cheese melts in the raclette from Party Grill
  • A person scoops gooey melted cheese out of a tray from their Party Grill

A Cheesy Party

This innovative raclette grill is as cheesy as it gets. With an upper grill for veggies, meats, eggs, and more you’re guaranteed to have amazing sides to go with the main course: cheese. With eight individual raclette trays, this grill is ready to be the main event at your next dinner party. All you guests need to bring is their appetites!

The kitchen is a special place for many people, but when you add cheese to the mix, it’s a room that can’t be messed with. And with these cheese lover gift ideas, we’re sure your friend or loved one will enjoy endless hours of cheesy goodness, thanks to your thoughtfulness.

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