New Home Gift Ideas for First-Time Homeowners

Choosing a housewarming gift for a friend or family member who’s recently moved? Shopping new home gift ideas for a first-time homebuyer? Either way, you’ll want something that eases the stress of a move while offering a heartfelt gesture. Fortunately, we’ve got just what you’re looking for: Unique housewarming gifts that are both fun and practical.

A gold brass bell from Bevin Bells with a dog silhouette sits mounted to a house

A Unique Brass Bell for Nostalgic Charm

Help your friend or loved one add some personality to their new lakefront home’s front door with the Bevin Bells Brass Wall Bell. A sense of nostalgic charm surrounds this beautiful, shiny bell, which can be used as a doorbell, to call the kids in for dinner, or just as an ornament. Choose from a number of silhouette designs, including a dog, a pine tree, a cardinal, and an anchor. Bevin has been creating signature brass bells in the United States since 1832.

A man changes the position of his Yard-X 5-in-1 garden multi tool

A Garden Tool for Every Occasion

Use the Yard-X 5-In-1 Garden Multi-Tool to carry out any gardening task with ease. New homeowners will love its easy-to-store compactness, plus the fact that it can be used as a fork, scraper, rake, hoe, or hook — all in one. Each job can be performed by easily adjusting the simple hinge mechanism, which rotates 180° for use at any angle. The tool itself is super durable, lightweight, and easy to store.

A person unlocks a metal cabinet with their finger thanks to Benjilock's fingerprint sensor lock

A Biometric Lock Only You Can Open

The Benjilock Fingerprint Sensor Lock keeps your home’s valuables safe and secure. Only the owner has access to whatever they’re storing as this lock works with unique biometric fingerprint technology. The owner can store their own fingerprint (or the fingerprints of up to 10 trusted individuals). Once the fingerprints have been authorized, only these imprints will be able to open the lock. Instructions are simple, the lock is USB rechargeable, and for added security backup, each unit comes with its own set of keys.

A man keeps oven fires at bay with Mini Firefighter's fire extinguishing foam

Safety First With This Super Compact Fire Extinguisher

If you’re looking for new home gift ideas with safety as a main feature, you can’t go wrong with a 2-pack of Mini Firefighter Fire Extinguishing Foam. These cans are about the size of a hairspray can, meaning they’re able to fit easily in the hand and can be used, well, just like hairspray — with the press of a button. This makes them easier to store and extra accessible in case of emergency. The foam can effectively put out fires involving electrical work, gasoline, oil, and wood.

A man locks his house with an IglooHome smart key lock box

Lock and Unlock Your Home From Anywhere in the World

Whether or not you’re home, the IglooHome Smart Key Lock Box allows you to effortlessly control your home’s access. Simply download the companion app on your smart device and manage when and for how long you lock and unlock your doors. Wi-Fi is not needed. Simply create a unique PIN, and give it to friends, neighbors, babysitters, renters, or other trusted individuals so that they can safely access the lock box and retrieve the keys to your home. Deactivate access any time you want.

A red SureCan trigger-release gas can sits on a lawn

A Gas Can With Better Control and Improved Safety

Make filling the mower, trimmer, or leaf blower much safer and simpler with the SureCan Trigger Release Gas Can. This at-home gas can allows you to fill any tank without worrying about spilling dangerous liquids on the lawn or driveway. That’s because it fills tanks from the bottom instead of the top. You’ll also have more control with the trigger-release system and the flexible spout. It’s one of the best gifts for new homeowners who love to work outdoors.

A person washes windows with The Glider magnetic window cleaner

A Tool for Cleaning Windows Inside & Out

New homeowners can get their new pad clean in half the time with The Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner. This simple-to-use tool cleans both the inside and the outside of windows at the same time, using magnets. One squeegee/microfiber cloth cleaner is used to clean the window on the inside while the other (connected by magnetism through the pane glass) cleans the outside. A safety cord attached to the outside cleaner provides added security.

A blue carpet is brushed with a Tyroler rubber brook to lift up pet hair

The Broom That Does It All

Use the Tyroler 2-in-1 Rubber Broom for a multitude of at-home cleaning tasks — squeegeeing dirty windows, cleaning up pet hair, washing shower doors, dusting, and even cleaning every type of floor surface from wood and tile, to linoleum and carpet. Cleaning the broom head itself is as simple as rinsing under the faucet, and the adjustable handle and lightweight design make for easy work.

Hardwood floors near a teal carpet are washed with Nellie's WOW Mop

The Mop That Saves Your Back & Knees

Looking for housewarming gifts that help friends or family members with joint pain? Those with arthritis or injuries, which make even seemingly simple tasks a challenge, will truly appreciate Nellie’s WOW Mop. This mop is electric, so it cleans all floor surfaces better and faster with its high-frequency oscillating motor. At the same time, it’s also conveniently cordless. Use it anywhere with super simply maneuverability. It even features headlights so you can better see what you’re cleaning.

A blue Tubshroom drain-catcher sits in a bathtub drain

Never Have to Snake the Drain Again

Clogged drains got you down? Never let it happen again with the widely-celebrated TubShroom. This popular yet exceedingly simple contraption catches hair before it heads down the drain and pipes and causes problems. What many homeowners particularly like about it, however, is that it hides the ugly mess of caught hair out of sight (beneath the top of the Shroom) and only needs to be cleaned out occasionally. The key to how the TubShroom works lies in its unique spool-like design.

Fresh herbs grow on a kitchen windowsill in Lechuza's self-watering planters

A Planter That Waters Itself

There’s nothing quite like a plant to brighten up a room (even if you’ve still got moving boxes stacked in the background). Give your friend or family member the housewarming gift of a truly easy-to-take-care of plant by gifting them the Lechuza Cube Self-Watering Planter. This planter regularly waters your plants from a reservoir that you only have to fill occasionally (about once every 12 weeks). Then, simply sit back and watch your plant thrive. Each planter fits one store-bought plant in its original plastic pots. 

Clean dishes dry on Ta-Da's dish rack and drying mat set

Make Drying Dishes a Breeze

Finally, say “ta-da” for a dish washing job well-done with the Ta-Da Dish Rack & Silicone Drying Mat Set. This minimalist dish drying set is both useful and stylish on your kitchen counter. The aluminum rack and the silicone mat allow for faster drying time, and the space-saving setup is convenient even in the smallest of spaces. 

The Best New Home Gift Ideas for Anyone on Your List

We’ve all been there. The stress of moving into a new home can be overwhelming — and frustrating. Are the boxes upon boxes never ending? Fortunately, finding new home gift ideas for your recently moved friends or family doesn’t have to be stressful. Use the ideas we’ve listed above and you’ll be sure to find the ideal way to say “Welcome Home.”

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