Get Together Better: Backyard Party Ideas

Once the summer weather hits, backyard party ideas begin to form in the brains of social butterflies and grill masters across the country. Pool parties, game nights, and other get-togethers bring friends and neighbors together to celebrate the great weather and each other’s company. 

No one forgets the basics like plates, napkins, burgers, hot dogs and beers. But hosting a summer party can quickly turn sour with a few small oversights. Avoiding these common party fouls will allow you and your guests to have a great time that will last deep into the night.

Problem: Keeping the Food and Drinks Cold, No Matter How Hot it is

Everyone has arrived at a party after you’ve laid out a spread of food and drinks, which is quickly becoming too warm to enjoy. That fruit, those salads, and the beer tastes best cold, but in the summer heat that’s not always easy. Here are some options for keeping food and beverages at the right temperatures all day long. 

Hot and cold salads stay fresh on a picnic table thanks to Oggi's insulated bowls & lids

Eating dishes like potato and pasta salad when they’re too warm will turn any guest off. The Insulated Bowl By Oggi solves the problem of serving dishes at the right temperature. The stainless steel bowl has double-walled insulation that keeps hot foods warm and cold foods chilled.

A RovR high performance cooler sits stocked with refreshments in the sand

At a backyard summer party the ice always runs out or turns to water more quickly than desired, but with the High Performance Cooler By RovR that’s never an issue. Two-inch-thick foam insulation keeps things cold for up to 10 days, while an interior storage bin keeps food and drinks dry, separated, and organized.

BottleKeeper insulated beer bottle holders sit on a table with snacks

Once those ice-cold drinks, especially bottled beers, are pulled out of the cooler, they of course begin to warm up in the sun and the guests hands. The Insulated Beer Bottle Holder By BottleKeeper is perfect for keeping beer cold until the last sip. The neoprene-lined stainless steel koozie locks coldness in and even has a built-in bottle opener. 

Sea glass colored Vinglace wine chiller on a table with two wine glasses

For the wine drinkers at your party, the Stainless Steel Wine Chiller By Vinglacé holds a chilled bottle—rosé, champagne, or even sparkling water—and keeps it at a perfectly cool temperature for hours. It means no more trips to the cooler for a refill, too.

Problem: This Backyard is Boring

Backyard games really help elevate the fun factor at any summer party, but they have to be easy to play and fun for all ages. Here are two great options that will get guests happily playing.

A group plays Chippo Golf in a driveway

The Chippo Outdoor Golf Game combines cornhole and chip shots to make golf accessible for anyone, even non-golfers. Players use a golf club to hit from turf-covered chipping mats into the netted holes. High-density foam balls have true spin and trajectory so they feel like the real thing, but won’t cause damage on errant shots. 

Three people play Bean Bag Bucketz' bean bag basket game in a yard

The Bean Bag Basket Toss Game by Bean Bag Bucketz features a vertical tower with multiple baskets of varying heights—and scores—that lets players choose how much risk to take with each throw. The choices range from the safer one-point throw down low or the top level four-pointer.

Don’t Forget the Tunes

Two Tiki Tunes LED Speakers sit on a table at sunset

It’s often the most overlooked part of any party, but music brightens everyone’s mood and is almost always a great conversation starter. Don’t kick off your backyard party without them. The Ambient LED Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker By TikiTunes streams a playlist while doubling as a light, with a flame-like effect that amps up ambience. Water-resistant and rechargeable, it’s the perfect way to take your music inside or out, and two can be paired together for stereo sound. 

Keep the Bugs at Bay

Once the sun goes down, the flying pests come out to wreak havoc on anyone still outside. All too often they end up chasing your guests inside or home for good. 

One large mosquito repellant candle and three small mosquito repellant tealights from Murphy's Naturals are lit on top of a table

Before bugs start to swarm, light a Mosquito Repellent Candle By Murphy’s Naturals. It can help ward off pests with high concentrations of citronella, cedarwood, rosemary, and other oils that naturally combat mosquitoes. This formula doesn’t contain any DEET or petroleum, and it is clean-burning, so you can feel good about using it. Putting a few of these out in strategic locations will ensure the pests stay away and guests can party outside all night long. 

The best thing about these backyard party ideas is that they don’t mean more work for you, but the opposite. They can all help you enjoy hosting duties and time spent outdoors more. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Need more backyard party ideas? Check out these fun yard games.

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