Summer is officially here, which means blue skies, warm temperatures, and spending time outside with family and friends. In the mood to try something new this summer? Check out our Guide to Kicking off Your Summer!

While everyone loves some rest and relaxation, summertime outdoor games are what brings out the laughs and even a few friendly competitive streaks. While the usual standbys like cornhole and horseshoes are sure to get everyone playing, this round-up of creative and fun yard games will bring your next party or backyard get-together to the next level of fun.

More Than Classic Cornhole

While cornhole is the standard of outdoor party games, it can still be improved upon. There are a number of options for those that want something different than the tried and true game.

Portable twist on Cornhole

  • A pair gets ready to toss a bean bag to score at TurtleToss
  • Turtletoss portable cornhole set sits on a lawn

All the fun of cornhole minus the hassle of heavy boards. Turtle Toss by SeaTurtle Sports is a portable bean bag toss game is lightweight and foldable, making it easy to transport to a beach or friends backyard. It also has multiple scoring holes with varying degrees of difficulty, upping the strategic element with each throw.

A cornhole tower

A group high fives after scoring at Bean Bag Bucketz

If you’re looking to test your tossing skills, Bean Bag Basket Toss Game by Bean Bag Bucketz will challenge you and your friends. A vertical tower with multiple baskets of varying heights–and point values–lets you choose how much risk to take with each throw.

Cornhole, meet golf

A girl tosses a bean bag, trying to score points in AceHole

The AceHole Golf Cornhole Game by Mozark provides a unique twist on cornhole for golf lovers and cornhole lovers alike. This lawn game features eight different holes you can set up different ways, and players work their way around to score. 

Cornhole, dice, bocce and horseshoes in one?

Orange & Blue Cubockle set sits on a lawn

Cubockle Dice Cornhole Game takes the basis of cornhole and adds elements of other games like bocce and horseshoes. Players can score by tossing bean bags and rolling big bouncy cubes into the plastic rings.

When You Can’t Get a Tee Time

Golf fanatics can’t always spend four hours on the course, but these yard games let golfers have fun with friends right in their own backyard.

Practice your short game

A group plays Chippo Golf in a driveway

The Outdoor Golf Game by Chippo lets every golfer work on their short game while competing with their friends. Using their own clubs, players try to chip the high-density foam balls into the netted holes, scoring points along the way.

Turn a pool day into a fun practice session

A floating golf turf from Floating Golf Greens can be seen in a pool, with golf balls on the patio.

Want to work on your golf game with an even stiffer challenge? Try the Floating Golf Turf Game from Floating Golf Greens, which instantly turns any pool into an island green. It comes with floating golf balls, and is the perfect game for golfers who love a challenge.

Turn golf into a team sport

A family has fun playing Soccergolf in a field

Not everyone can golf, but the spirit of the game is still fun play. The Indoor/Outdoor Footgolf Set by SoccerGolf combines, you guessed it, soccer and golf. Players take turns kicking super-squishy balls up to 60-80 feet towards the hole-meets-bucket. Just like with traditional golf, the lowest score wins.

Customize your fun

  • Four people playing Tumbling Timbers on top of a table
  • Two people playing 4 Connect on a lawn
  • Hand holding a lawn dice above five lawn dice
  • Kubb game on top of grass

Maker Kevin Muellerleile loves creating wooden twists on classic games. With four different yard games to choose from, and the ability to have them personalized, these fun lawn additions are perfect for summer parties, events, or as a gift. While Kubb is a standard-sized set, Tumbling Timbers, 4 Connect, and Yard Dice are all jumbo for even bigger laughs and more fun.

Rolling Thunder

Why toss or throw when you can roll? Bowling on turf has been around for centuries, and these outdoor play options take that concept to the next level.

A fun twist on Bocce

Red & blue Murbles outdoor bocce game sit on a deck

Murbles is a variation of bocce that can be played on any outdoor surface. In fact, the tougher the surface, the more fun this game becomes. Tree roots, sand dunes, and rocks make this roll-to-score game more exciting (and challenging).

Any of these yard games will boost your summer fun potential with family and friends, and will also make your place the must-visit spot for outdoor game nights.

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