Go Outside And Play: Fun Yard Games

Four people playing Tumbling Timbers on top of a table

While a little rest and relaxation goes down especially well in the warm weather, summertime outdoor games bring out the laughs and the friendly competition. The usual standbys like cornhole and horseshoes are surefire wins, but check out this round-up of yard games for a fun new way to get folks out of their lawn chairs.

Twist On A Classic

If you remember playing capture the flag as a kid, you probably also remember heading inside when the sun went down. Light-Up Capture The Flag REDUX solves that problem with glowing orbs that stand in for flags as well as light-up bracelets, territory lights, and jail markers.

A group high fives after scoring at Bean Bag Bucketz

If you’re looking to test your tossing skills, Bean Bag Basket Toss Game by Bean Bag Bucketz will challenge you and your friends. A vertical tower with multiple baskets of varying heights–and point values–lets you choose how much risk to take with each throw.

Red & blue Murbles outdoor bocce game sit on a deck

Murbles is a variation of bocce that can be played on any outdoor surface. In fact, the tougher the surface, the more fun this game becomes. Tree roots, sand dunes, and rocks make this roll-to-score game more exciting (and challenging).

A girl tosses a bean bag, trying to score points in AceHole

The AceHole Golf Cornhole Game by Mozark is made to appeal to golf and and cornhole lovers alike. Eight different holes can be set up in different ways, and players work their way around while aiming to score. 

Orange & Blue Cubockle set sits on a lawn

Cubockle Dice Cornhole Game takes elements from bocce, horseshoes, and cornhole and blends it all together in a fun and fast-paced game. Players try to score by tossing bean bags and rolling big bouncy cubes into the plastic rings.

Who Needs a Tee Time?

A group plays Chippo Golf in a driveway

The Outdoor Golf Game by Chippo lets golfers work on their short game while competing with their friends. Using their own clubs, players try to chip the high-density foam balls into the netted holes, scoring points along the way.

A floating golf turf from Floating Golf Greens can be seen in a pool, with golf balls on the patio.

Want to work on your golf game with an even stiffer challenge? The Floating Golf Turf Game from Floating Golf Greens instantly turns any pool into an island green. Don’t want to sacrifice your best golf balls to the bottom of the pool? Fear not, this game comes with floating ones.

Fun With Your Name On It

  • Kubb game on top of grass

Double-down on outdoor fun with oversized yard games and ones that bear your name. With four different wooden games to choose from, these engaging additions to the lawn are perfect for summer parties, events, or as a personalized gift.

When summer officially arrives with its blue skies and warm temperatures, conditions are perfect for spending time outside with family and friends. So go on, head out there and try something new.

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