15 Gifts for the Woman Who Has Everything

Finding the perfect gift is never easy, especially if the intended recipient appears to have it all. In such situations, gift-givers have traditionally relied on lotion, chocolate, or gift cards. Amp it up with a personalized present that shows you truly care and check out these gifts for the woman who has everything and wants nothing. 

A woman's feet can be seen lounging by the fire wearing brightly patterned PUDUS slipper socks

Super-Soft Slipper Socks

Few women will turn down a comfy pair of socks — one of the best gifts for the woman who has everything. These are no ordinary socks, however. Equipped with silicone grips, they provide traction so women wearing them can navigate wood and tile flooring without slipping. Inside, plush faux shearling grants women a touch of luxury. Several cheerful designs keep the women who wear these cute PUDUS slipper socks smiling throughout the day.

A woman is seen easily pulling her keys out of her purse with a Finder's Key Purse key hook

Find Your Keys in an Instant

There’s plenty to love about trendy purses, but digging for keys is a definite downside. This relentless search can be brought to a well-deserved end with a monogrammed key purse hanger from Finder’s Key Purse. Designed to keep keys within easy reach at all times, this helpful accessory disguises its functionality with a monogram design. It also instantly elevates the style of otherwise plain purses.

A woman is seen lounging in a red short sleeve bamboo sleep shirt from Goodnite Shirt

Comfy And Versatile Bamboo Sleepwear

Women are sure to sleep soundly in this cute nighttime outfit that quadruples as a bathing suit cover, a casual dress, or a shirt worn over leggings. Its simple, yet stunning short sleeve style is highly versatile. Constructed primarily from bamboo viscose fabric, this short-sleeve bamboo sleepwear from Goodnite Shirt is uniquely soft, and therefore, guaranteed to provide comfort in any setting or situation. 

A woman is seem from the side wearing convertible stainless steel earrings from Days of August

Versatile Earrings for Any Wardrobe

Earrings instantly amp up any look, but vastly growing collections can quickly take up space. This unique set of convertible stainless steel earrings from Days of August allows women to condense their collection while still enjoying access to a wide array of looks. Reclaimed Australian stainless steel gives these earrings a sleek, contemporary look, whether they’re worn as studs or as ear jackets.

Fine jewelry is organized in a tan quilted jewelry case from WOLF 1834

Keep Jewelry Safe Everywhere

The woman in your life who seems to have everything may struggle to keep her vast jewelry collection organized. Many women enjoy access to large jewelry cases but struggle to find a solution on the road. This beautiful WOLF 1834 quilted jewelry case addresses both concerns, providing a stationary solution for long-term protection and an accompanying case that can be used on the go.

A SOI automatic handbag light sits lit in the bottom of a purse surrounded by keys, makeup, glasses & a phone

Streamline Purse Searches

Women invariably struggle to find the objects they need as they rummage through purses full of essentials. This handbag light streamlines such searches by providing much-needed illumination as soon as it senses the purse owner’s hand. The SOI automatic handbag light transfers from one purse to the next with ease to ensure women find their keys, wallets, or sunglasses in any situation.

A woman reads on her couch, covered in a Baloo Living weighted blanket

Ease Stress With a Weighted Blanket

An effective source of solace, weighted blankets from Baloo Living help women ease the stress of the day. These blankets offer gentle pressure in an effort to mimic deep-touch pressure therapy. They’re soft, machine-washable, and eco-friendly. And different sizes and weights are available to fit multiple bed types. The women who receive these blankets will happily say goodbye to sleepless nights.

A silver Thero temperature-controlled travel mug sits on a desk

Keep Drinks Warm On the Go

Many women rely on their morning cup of tea or coffee to get them through the day. During a busy morning, however, delicious beverages can quickly grow cold as women check a myriad of items off their to-do lists. The Thero temperature-controlled travel mug keeps beverages warm for hours. The mug’s lid is spill and leak-proof, so users needn’t worry about beverages escaping.

A woman overlooks her backyard wearing a red ruffled city shawl by April Marin

Stay Warm And Stylish

Style and comfort are guaranteed when wearing this lovely city ruffle shawl from April Marin. Highly versatile, the shawl transforms into a cape, a scarf, or a belted jacket. Its one-size-fits-all design makes it an ideal gift option as you’ll know that it fits the recipient, no matter how it’s worn or styled. Several colors are available so be sure to choose a hue that reflects the personality of the woman who will eventually wear this beautiful shawl.

A woman brushes on makeup in front of of Spotlight HD's bright daylight LED makeup mirror

Touch Up Makeup

Whether commuting to work or traveling across the country, women often find themselves applying or touching up their makeup on the go. Unfortunately, most mirrors don’t provide women the quality lighting needed to perfect their contouring. The Spotlite HD LED makeup mirror provides exceptional lighting and an accurate reflection of how users look in daylight. Magnifying features are also available to help women see every detail.

Two friends take a selfie outside using a Monet 3-in-1 smartphone grip to get the best angle

Increase Smartphone Convenience

Smartphones play an essential role in our daily lives, but they can sometimes be difficult to display or maneuver. The Monet 3-in-1 smartphone grip delivers functionality with a slide-out grip that serves as a handle and a kickstand. This smartphone tool also can serve as a wallet, providing space for up to three cards. Beautiful leather craftwork grants this smartphone accessory a polished and sophisticated look.

A tree of life hand-blown glass ornament from Kitras Art Glass hangs in a window

An Enchantingly Artistic Ornament

These stunning ornament instantly bring an artistic element to any Christmas tree or window in which they are displayed. Each ornament comes accompanied by a story card, featuring a theme or sentiment that is bound to inspire. Simply viewing these glass enhancement ornaments from Kitras Art Glass will also prove inspiring, especially as they glint in the sunlight. Handmade with care, no two ornaments look exactly alike. Each is special — just like the recipient.

A 'B' monogrammed stationary pad from Black Ink with a list of new year's goals sits on a desk

Take Note of this Cute Stationery

The art of handwriting is far from lost, even in this digital age. Women enjoy the increasingly vintage appeal of writing by hand on beautiful stationery. These notepads are ideal for jotting down to-do lists, ideas, quotes, or other sources of inspiration. Many Black Ink specialty notepad stationery designs are available to reflect users’ interests or philosophies. Give the woman in your life one or several to ensure she’s always equipped.

Several pewter good luck bells from Guardian Bells sit on a desk

Pewter Bells for Good Luck

Even a woman who seems to have everything can always use an extra dose of good luck. That’s exactly what these beautiful Good Luck Bells from Guardian Bells deliver. The uniquely designed bells serve as keychains or simply as a token to show that you care. With a variety of intricate designs, you’re sure to find a look that reflects their interests or personality.

A black 5-in-1 pepper spray from Plegium sits next to phone with the Plegium safety app pulled up

Help Her Feel Safe and Secure

Give the gift of protection with this advanced take on pepper spray. Easy to activate, this Bluetooth-enabled device has an LED strobe light and a loud alarm to deter would-be attackers. Compact and sturdy, the Plegium 5-in-1 pepper spray device can be kept in purses or backpacks so users are always prepared. While recipients will hope to never use it, they’ll enjoy valuable peace of mind knowing it’s available.

With a dazzling array of creative gifts, there’s a dazzling array of ways to delight that special woman in your life. Find a gift that delivers a smile and shows the woman who has everything that you care.

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