Dads are SUPERHEROES!  🦸 💪

Sure, they may go out and cut the grass whenever you ask them to do something else, but on Father’s Day, they’ve earned it!

Show Dad he’s #1 in your heart with these amazing Father’s Day gifts! ❤️

P.S. This is such a busy time of year that Father’s Day (June 18th) can sneak up on us! Consider ordering his present TODAY so you can relax for the rest of June!

1. History by Mail: Send history-loving dads jaw-dropping replicas of old documents

It seems like EVERY dad loves history. Give them the gift they didn’t know they needed with a monthly subscription to History by Mail!

They curate highly interesting historical documents from the best archives in the world. Each document is accompanied by context pages telling relevant details surrounding the historic event so Dad will feel like he’s in the room with historical legends.

Whether he enjoys World War II history, old-school politics, or a whole host of other topics, this History by Mail subscription is sure to be one of the best Father’s Day gifts EVER!

The deal: Use code “GROMMETDAD” at checkout and get a 10% discount & a FREE letter detailing the fascinating history of Father’s Day!

Buy from History by Mail

2. BISON Airlighter 420: This torch flame & air-blowing lighter perfects Dad’s fires

How do you get a group of dads to ooh and ahh? One word: FIRE! 🔥

The BISON Airlighter 420 makes lighting fires easy, enjoyable, and portable whether Dad was an Eagle Scout or doesn’t know the first thing about fire starting. The Airlighter 420 lights coals or wood in under 60 seconds so Dad will be ready to cook in minutes.

It combines a torch flame and air-blower to both ignite and BOOST his fire and the portable design makes it ideal for grilling, camping, and fire pits. He’ll be able to use this indoor/outdoor lighter for YEARS and will think of you anytime he cooks burgers or roasts marshmallows.

The deal: Grommet shoppers have access to a special discount for Father’s Day of 15% off with code “Grommet-15” at checkout!

Buy from BISON

3. Great Scrape: This grill-cleaning device helps Dad removes stuck-on food easily

Spending 20 minutes sweating over a dirty grill is no Dad’s idea of a great Father’s Day.

Give Dad the tools he needs to better clean his grill with Great Scrape! It’s an ingenious BBQ cleaning tool designed to quickly remove food debris so Dad can get back to what he loves doing best — grilling!

Its wire-free design won’t damage Dad’s grill and the long-lasting premium-grade hardwood is certainly easy on the eyes. With Great Scrape, Dad won’t dread cleaning the grill anymore!

From portable grills to full-scale outdoor kitchens, this truly is a grill master’s SECRET WEAPON!

The deal: Grommet fans get FREE personalization (a $14.99 value) with code “Dads23” at checkout!

Buy from Great Scrape

4. Observer Tools: The feature-rich tactical flashlight dads want by their side

Why should Dad settle for an average flashlight when he could have the BEST?

The Observer Tools Tactical Flashlight blows other flashlights away with its superior build and waterproof design.

Its bright beam floods any area with light whether he’s camping, hunting, or walking the dog after the sun goes down.

He’ll love using powerful zoom to illuminate objects for up to 72 hours and he’ll never worry about running out of juice thanks to backup power with AAA batteries. The built-in rear magnet is great for hands-free work, too.

P.S. It features a backup power supply to charge phones and tablets!

The deal:
Give Dad the gift of the best flashlight EVER! This Father’s Day, get 25% OFF applied automatically with code “FathersDay25” at checkout!

Buy from Observer Tools

5. Rogue Industries: Handcrafted leather gifts including the Front Pocket Wallet

Rogue Industries is the American leather maker behind the ultra-popular curved Front Pocket Wallet, but did you know they have a full line of handcrafted Father’s Day gifts?

Rogue Industries has always made things the old-fashioned way, and they stand firmly behind the quality of their products. Like Dad, Rogue Industries doesn’t cut corners and represents top quality.

From those famous (and comfortable) curved Front Pocket Wallets, to keychains, coasters, credit card holders, duffle bags, and more, their Made in Maine collection offers a variety of leathers for Dad’s style. Be sure to check out their full collection — there’s sure to be something Dad wants!

The deal: Use code “GMF20” this Father’s Day for 20% off their Gift Collection Page!

Buy from Rogue Industries 

6. MagSnap: This magnetic slap wristband keeps Dad organized

Every dad deserves to have their life made a little easier, and MagSnap does just that!

It’s a magnetic slap wristband featuring 15 powerful magnets which easily hold screws, nuts, bolts, washers, drill bits, and more.

With this, there won’t be anymore, “now where did I put that screw?!” It will be in plain sight and EASILY accessible right on their wrist!

Plus, there’s even a pocket for wall anchors and other non-magnetic pieces. Dad will be able to wear this comfortably for HOURS thanks to the mesh inside designed for superior breathability.
 The deal: These Minnesota makers would LOVE to see your order come through for Father’s Day. Save $15 and unlock FREE shipping with their 3-pack!

Buy from Wrap-It Storage

7. Onli Travel: This money-saving bundle is the ideal gift for traveling Dads

Help Dad experience stress-free travel with the Revolution All-In-One Bundle! This popular kit includes an innovative 3-in-1 modular Rolling Pack and 8 perfectly designed packing cubes, providing unrivaled versatility.

It transforms from a 4-wheel spinner to a daypack to a tote almost instantly, helping Dad feel right at home no matter where his travels take him. He’ll say GOODBYE to checked bags and embrace freedom of travel with the Revolution All-In-One Bundle.

P.S. The Revolution Rolling Pack is available on its own, but the All-In-One Bundle is the BEST DEAL!

The deal: Use code “DADSALLINONE” for $75 off the All-In-One-Bundle. Or use code “DADSPACK” for $50 off the Revolution Rolling Pack. These limited-time deals expire on Father’s Day, June 18th!

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8. Proud Grill: This Yellowstone Grill Accessory Collection is a Dad FAVORITE

Does Dad love to grill? Yup! If he’s also a fan of the #1 hit TV show, Yellowstone, he’s in for a treat with this authentic Yellowstone Grill Accessory Collection from Proud Grill!

Choose from 3 officially licensed products including the Yellowstone 2pc BBQ Tool Set; Yellowstone BBQ & Utility Glove, and Yellowstone 4pc BBQ Skewers.

The 2pc BBQ Tool Set includes a high-quality spatula and tongs to help Dad flip burgers like a pro. The BBQ & Utility Glove is built tough with Kevlar® fibers to provide heat and cut protection while manning the grill.

Finally, he will be impressed by how these 4pc flat BBQ Skewers with a steer motif make grilling Kabobs easier and better!

The deal:
Order separately or get all 3 together this Father’s Day for a specially discounted price + FREE shipping! (Save up to 40%!)

Buy from Proud Grill

9. Toolcard Pro: This 40-in-1 multitool is about to become Dad’s favorite thing

“I can fix that” -every dad, EVER!

Whether Dad is an actual whiz with his hands (or just thinks he is 😉) the Toolcard Pro is exactly what he needs to get any job done around the house. It packs 40 tools into a credit card-sized multitool that easily fits in his wallet or pocket.

Help Dad GET MORE DONE thanks to dozens of tools including a box opener, bottle opener, screwdrivers, wrenches, cord cutter, and more.

P.S. Toolcard Pro can even be personalized with his name, initials, or special Father’s Day message!
The deal: Grommet shoppers get 20% off your entire order plus FREE U.S. shipping this Father’s Day with code “GROMMETDAD20” at checkout. All personalized Toolcards get a FREE gift box upgrade through Father’s Day.

Buy from Lever Gear

10. Custom Cuff: This Customizable String Bracelet will melt Dad’s heart

Whether you’re celebrating your granddad, your dad, or an important father figure in your life, it can be hard to find just the right gift.

(And it doesn’t help matters that every time you press for clues, your dad insists he “doesn’t need anything.”)

Luckily for you, Custom Cuff has taken the guesswork out of the gift-giving process. Their Customizable String Bracelet will impress or delight any dad on your list.
Engrave the coordinates of a special location where memories were made, a date that means a lot, his initials, or a meaningful phrase/name. You’ll feel the nostalgia and be reminded of the good memories you’ve shared with Dad.

The deal: This Customizable String Bracelet is 20% off for Father’s Day + FREE shipping on all orders $70+!

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