This Vase Extends The Life Of Your Fresh Flowers

Amaranth Vase - Extend The Life Of Your Flowers

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? The way they brighten up a room. The fresh smell.

But, who wishes that they would last longer, especially for the price?

That’s what the makers of Amaranth wanted to figure out. How could they extend the life of your fresh cut flowers, while also making it easy to clean, water and trim your flowers so they look incredible for days on end.

Today, we wanted to introduce you to someone in our community who tried out the new Amaranth Vase with some flowers she bought at the store. This way you can see exactly how the vase works and why it will quickly become your new favorite.

Another Amaranth shopper had this to say about her new favorite vase,

“This is perfect for flower lovers who like to clip the ends of their flowers every 3 days and change the water too. So easy with this design. Very clever and useful.”

Linda Sipple

Want to learn more about Amaranth and pick the perfect color for your home?

Click here to buy direct from Amaranth and double the life of your flowers!

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