Grommet + GiddyUp: A Huge Win For Makers and Shoppers Across The Globe.

Together, Grommet and GiddyUp are paving the way for makers to connect with the millions of people who want and need their innovative products most. 

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that we need makers and entrepreneurs now more than ever.  

They continue to lead the way in helping us all live a little better. Their products improve our health, the way we work, the technology we use, the way we eat, drink and celebrate the good times and the bad. 

In short, they give us choices — choices we wouldn’t have if we left everything to the “big guys”. 

Makers and entrepreneurs don’t accept good enough

Instead, they ask: “How could this be better?

But these businesses face an uphill battle. The most unique and innovative products aren’t getting the visibility or distribution they deserve. Big retailers and national chains are still reluctant to take a chance on new products and businesses, so people have no opportunity to discover them and they wither on the vine. 

Additionally, marketplaces like Amazon and others continue to be places where makers get knocked off, undercut, and prevented from building direct relationships with their customers — which they need to get feedback and ensure they are exceeding their customers’ expectations. 

Since 2008, Grommet has been focused on helping the best products win.

Our mission is to be the place where you find wonderful things that make you wonder how you ever got by without them. 

Sure, ultimately what we discover and share with you are products. But what we bring you is much bigger. It’s a better choice. A better future. A world where better ideas win.

As it turns out, we’re not alone in this mission — because when our friends at GiddyUp heard we were going out of business, they decided to step up and do something about it. 

“We’ve been huge fans of Grommet since they opened in 2008. Their passion and expertise for discovering and championing innovative products from small businesses  is unmatched. They’ve helped millions of shoppers who don’t want to settle for inferior products. When we learned that Grommet was at risk of going away forever, we knew we couldn’t let that happen. We worked with Ace Hardware to acquire the brand to ensure they can live on for decades to come.” – Topher Grant, GiddyUp CEO

So who is GiddyUp?

Since 2013, GiddyUp has also been a major player in helping small businesses with innovative products get in front of shoppers across the globe. 

However, unlike Grommet, GiddyUp has never been an online store or shopper-facing website. Instead, they’re a secret weapon for small businesses. GiddyUp provides them with powerful tools and partnerships that help them sell their products directly to millions of shoppers across the world.

Over the last decade,  GiddyUp has helped shoppers discover incredible products like LifeVac, iMemories and more – to date, they’ve helped more than 100 small businesses drive over $1 billion in online sales from millions of people in 100+ countries. 

In fact, Grommet and GiddyUp have even helped some of the same small businesses succeed, like CarbonKlean, Bondic, KeySmart and more!

So now that you know more about the company who saved Grommet…

Here are 4 Reasons why Grommet and GiddyUp are a huge win for makers and shoppers:

1. We’ve both made it our mission to help makers, entrepreneurs and small businesses compete against the “big guys.” We love nothing more than getting great products directly into the hands of the people who want and need them most. For you, that means an even bigger selection of innovative products you never knew were out there!

2. Our visions are 100% aligned. We both exist to inspire and empower people to live a little better AND create a better future where the best ideas and solutions win! 

3. We’re both extremely selective of the products and businesses we share with our shoppers. Grommet and GiddyUp consider thousands of products every year, and after fully vetting them, less than 3% of everything we look at makes the cut. This ensures you can always trust the products we curate. 

4. Worldwide exposure for small businesses with great products. While Grommet has primarily focused on showcasing innovative products to millions of shoppers in the USA, GiddyUp helps bring even more exposure to these small businesses – promoting their products to hundreds of millions of people in over 50 countries!

So what’s next for Grommet?

All of us at Grommet are extremely excited about this next phase in our history! Everything you’ve come to know and love about Grommet is staying the same, and we’re adding two exciting new twists that you can read more about here.

Together with GiddyUp, we look forward to sharing thousands of innovative products with you for years to come.

Happy discovering!

– Team Grommet


  1. Tuanie

    That’s is exciting new! Are you able to ship to New Zealand now? Previously you were not able to, appreciate your advise please? Thank you!

    1. Greg Rollett

      Thanks for the message Tuanie – this is a big part of our plans and mission at Grommet moving forward. We want to serve more international customers and shoppers, as well as makers from all over the world. Can’t wait to share these new products with you that can be shipped over to New Zeland!

  2. larry mcgonigal

    i am ecstatic with this news!!!…i’ve relied on grommet for those special things for me…and others…over the years…and i was definitely disappointed when it had its close-out sale…now i look forward to this new stage in its life…

    1. Judy Shute

      Can’t wait to see what you have to offer. I bought several things from Grommet.

    2. Stacie

      I am thrilled that Grommet is coming back! You are my go to for the best gifts out there. Supporting innovators and creators is even better! Thank you for all you both do.

  3. Lindsay

    Wonderful wonderful news!!!!
    Please bring back those cute animal planters from Likha – I have them in my Christmas shopping list!

  4. Lisa

    Great news….and in time for Christmas. Loved shopping at Grommet.

  5. Mary Pfeil

    Great news the Grommet lives! Going out of business definitely sadden me. The Grommet always had very unique gifts and practical, clever items. Hugs for The Grommet making a quick comeback. I will be looking forward to the upcoming email and shopping with the clever businesses that make these great products!

  6. AMK

    This is great news and right before the holidays!!

    Congratulations, everyone.

  7. Virginia

    I have missed looking forward to see what great and innovative deals The Grommet always has. So glad you are back!!

  8. Sarah

    I am thrilled you are back!

  9. Pat Ryan

    Absolutely fantastic!

  10. Christine

    Wow! This is great news! I love buying from small businesses and The Grommet always opened doors to unique and fun items that I enjoyed giving as gifts. I’m so happy to know I can shop for cool things again (without running to the BIG guys 😉).

  11. Marie

    Was a sad day to see “going out of business”!! Yay!! So happy to hear the grommet is back. Yay! So many unique items to choose from. Congratulations and welcome back!!

  12. Pat Wood

    I have bought many surprising, useful things from Grommet and now learn that 50 other countries have entrepreneurs we can buy from. Great union of good companies, in my opinion. I shall continue to tell others about this. Good luck from the State of Texas. Pat Wood

  13. Tamara

    So glad you’re back, can’t wait to see what’s coming!🥰

  14. Ron Cummings

    Thank you Grommet for continuing to be a “go to” place for unique gifts.

  15. Rosemarie DGinto

    The Grommet was always my initial go to place to look at unique things usually for special gifts. I was bummed go learn you were going out of business and heard rumors of Ace but didn’t know any details. This is awesome news.

  16. Phyllis

    So happy The Grommet will resume business. Always love the unique selections and in time for the holidays.

  17. Desmonde Agness Hoppie

    Wonderful ! Innovation , Ingenuity , Integrity and the Inventive Spirit are once again at the forefront. Thank You for stepping up to save The Grommet GiddyUp ! I look forward to the future where the creative process is not stifled, but is allowed to grow and flourish. Welcome Back ” The Grommet “. Good Thoughts for the well-being of all in future endeavors. Desmonde Agness Hoppie, 09-11-2022

  18. Phyllis

    This is very welcome news! I was sad to learn that Grommet was going out of business, as my friends know me as the “Gadget Queen, ” and so many of the unique items I bought for gifts came from Grommet.. I hope this new venture will keep in mind that shipping costs need to be low enough to compete with the “big guys,” which often do not share our values. Hooray for GiddyUp riding to the rescue!

  19. Susan B.

    Great news. I love your products and get great comments whenever I give them as gifts. Also like the new system. It makes a lot of sense to help build up the small, innovative businesses that can’t afford to get the info on their products to the prospective buyers. Once you direct the consumer to the business with your recommendations, both the consumer and seller benefit. Good luck with new system and please let me know where I can get the original Furzappers. I can’t livecc CC without them.

  20. I am so happy to hear this. I have purchased from Grommet for years and always look forward to new and innovative products. I’m also a small business manufacturer and am always considering having something to offer. It’s nice to know there is an outlet.

  21. Rindy

    Best place to get those unique gifts! So glad! Can’t wait!

  22. Patsy Schutte

    This is great news!! For many years I’ve relied on Grommet for those innovative products that you can’t find anywhere else. I was sad when I learned that Grommet was going out of business. Now your back!! And I can’t wait to dive into the newsletter.

  23. Donna

    I have been a Grommet customer for many, many years. My grandson told me I am the “bomb” when it comes to giving him birthday/Christmas presents. I have told numerous people about the website and everything that was there. I was so sad when I saw you were going out of business!!! I am SO HAPPY that you are continuing on in an even better way! I am looking forward to getting your newsletters and will continue to do my shopping through you!

  24. Anne Fletcher-Jones

    I was so sad when Grommet was going out of business, but it happened to coincide with my move from the USA back to the UK a couple of months ago. I had a lot of things I got from Grommet and may have lost some of them in the chaos of my move. I truly hope I will be able to replace them—and find more items useful to me in my old age. Maybe I can be glad again now!

  25. Pat Maguire

    So glad to hear this wonderful business has been revived…I always enjoy the selection of intriguing and innovative products for myself and gifts for family/friends. Carry on, and keep the fun coming!

  26. Ashley

    Yea! So glad you’re back! You’re my go to for unique Christmas gifts!

  27. Marcia

    Fantastic news..WelcomeBack! I am looking forward to shopping at the new Grommet.

  28. Vicki Higuera

    A win-win for all! Thanks to all the folks involved in making the grommet a “thing” again and making it easy to support makers and easy for customers to find unique items “you can’t live without”!

  29. Theresa Dolaway

    So glad you’re back! This has been a part of my holiday shopping ever since I found out about you guys!!!!

  30. Bailey

    Kudos to an excellent business mission for both Giddy up & Grommet. I hope that now I can purchase and receive it in Singapore. My shipping fees via a third party to Singapore was exorbitant . Hopefully, Grommet would be assessable to shipping to Singapore direct from manufacturer. Thank you Giddy Up for saving Grommet!

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