Grommet + GiddyUp: A Huge Win For Makers and Shoppers Across The Globe.

Together, Grommet and GiddyUp are paving the way for makers to connect with the millions of people who want and need their innovative products most. 

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that we need makers and entrepreneurs now more than ever.  

They continue to lead the way in helping us all live a little better. Their products improve our health, the way we work, the technology we use, the way we eat, drink and celebrate the good times and the bad. 

In short, they give us choices — choices we wouldn’t have if we left everything to the “big guys”. 

Makers and entrepreneurs don’t accept good enough

Instead, they ask: “How could this be better?

But these businesses face an uphill battle. The most unique and innovative products aren’t getting the visibility or distribution they deserve. Big retailers and national chains are still reluctant to take a chance on new products and businesses, so people have no opportunity to discover them and they wither on the vine. 

Additionally, marketplaces like Amazon and others continue to be places where makers get knocked off, undercut, and prevented from building direct relationships with their customers — which they need to get feedback and ensure they are exceeding their customers’ expectations. 

Since 2008, Grommet has been focused on helping the best products win.

Our mission is to be the place where you find wonderful things that make you wonder how you ever got by without them. 

Sure, ultimately what we discover and share with you are products. But what we bring you is much bigger. It’s a better choice. A better future. A world where better ideas win.

As it turns out, we’re not alone in this mission — because when our friends at GiddyUp heard we were going out of business, they decided to step up and do something about it. 

“We’ve been huge fans of Grommet since they opened in 2008. Their passion and expertise for discovering and championing innovative products from small businesses  is unmatched. They’ve helped millions of shoppers who don’t want to settle for inferior products. When we learned that Grommet was at risk of going away forever, we knew we couldn’t let that happen. We worked with Ace Hardware to acquire the brand to ensure they can live on for decades to come.” – Topher Grant, GiddyUp CEO

So who is GiddyUp?

Since 2013, GiddyUp has also been a major player in helping small businesses with innovative products get in front of shoppers across the globe. 

However, unlike Grommet, GiddyUp has never been an online store or shopper-facing website. Instead, they’re a secret weapon for small businesses. GiddyUp provides them with powerful tools and partnerships that help them sell their products directly to millions of shoppers across the world.

Over the last decade,  GiddyUp has helped shoppers discover incredible products like LifeVac, iMemories and more – to date, they’ve helped more than 100 small businesses drive over $1 billion in online sales from millions of people in 100+ countries. 

In fact, Grommet and GiddyUp have even helped some of the same small businesses succeed, like CarbonKlean, Bondic, KeySmart and more!

So now that you know more about the company who saved Grommet…

Here are 4 Reasons why Grommet and GiddyUp are a huge win for makers and shoppers:

1. We’ve both made it our mission to help makers, entrepreneurs and small businesses compete against the “big guys.” We love nothing more than getting great products directly into the hands of the people who want and need them most. For you, that means an even bigger selection of innovative products you never knew were out there!

2. Our visions are 100% aligned. We both exist to inspire and empower people to live a little better AND create a better future where the best ideas and solutions win! 

3. We’re both extremely selective of the products and businesses we share with our shoppers. Grommet and GiddyUp consider thousands of products every year, and after fully vetting them, less than 3% of everything we look at makes the cut. This ensures you can always trust the products we curate. 

4. Worldwide exposure for small businesses with great products. While Grommet has primarily focused on showcasing innovative products to millions of shoppers in the USA, GiddyUp helps bring even more exposure to these small businesses – promoting their products to hundreds of millions of people in over 50 countries!

So what’s next for Grommet?

All of us at Grommet are extremely excited about this next phase in our history! Everything you’ve come to know and love about Grommet is staying the same, and we’re adding two exciting new twists that you can read more about here.

Together with GiddyUp, we look forward to sharing thousands of innovative products with you for years to come.

Happy discovering!

– Team Grommet


  1. Illis

    So glad you were able to revive Grommet. I’ve gotten some very unique items from you and was really bummed that you were going out of business. Welcome to a new Adventure!

    1. sCOTT gRAHAM


      1. Greg Rollett

        Comments like this help us to reach out to makers like The Bouy Bells to try and make it happen. No promises, but we will do our best to bring back some of the top makers from Grommet. Thanks for your comment and question.

    2. Fran Deen

      I agree!!! Christmas is coming and I need you!!!

  2. Missy

    So glad that you made it back!

  3. Eileen S.

    That is wonderful news! I have always enjoyed my purchases from Grommet. I would rather spend my money supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs than big box stores. Thank you, GiddyUp, for saving Grommet! I am looking forward to finding more amazing products.

  4. Anne Bookout

    Best news all day! I was so saddened by Grommet’s going away, and daunted by the idea of having to shop around (ugh!) for cool things. WELCOME BACK!

  5. Su

    Glad you’re not dead. A great place to shop for hard to buy for people.

  6. Kitty

    Delighted that you are back and in this new partnership!!!

  7. Cindy

    Yippee! Grommet is back! So glad to be able to
    shop for unique and wonderful gifts in the future!
    Best of luck in your new adventure with Giddyup!

  8. Cara Albright

    Love supporting small businesses! Thank you.

  9. Sandee Krough

    Sandee: Prayers are answered. Have missed the unique possibilities that Grommet gave me.
    Welcome Back.


    Very glad Grommet is still going to be showcasing unique quality items. Thanks GiddyUp for making this decision.

  11. Nancy Longueil

    Glad it’s back!

  12. Sue Bechamp

    Welcome back ! We’ve had enough of shuttered businesses these past few years. Kudos to you and your new partners for finding a new way to stay afloat and in business. I’m looking forward to each new business you introduce and what they do that others don’t. It’s amazing how much creativity is out there, and the people with ideas more folks need to know about.

  13. Robin

    Welcome back, Grommet! So glad to hear this [frankly] unexpected and delightful news. Will look forward to what your new products will be.

  14. Mary

    I’m so glad. You were always go to.

  15. Lucia Dunn

    Whew – I was afraid we were to hear no more from you! I have incorporated so many of your selections into my life and I love being the first of my friends about the new things.

  16. Lori

    Woohoo! Happy girl dance right here!!

  17. Cindy L.

    Great news! So glad to hear that I will still be able to learn about unique items from small companies again!

  18. Alva Goodall

    Wonderful news. Great mission and a super partner in Giddy Up. So glad you are back.

  19. Ellen

    Good for you! and Great for us!

  20. Suzanne Serafini

    Thank goodness ! I love your unique products and own several and have gifted even more !

  21. Kelly M

    I was so bummed when you closed. I have purchased some really wonderful items and I am thrilled about the new way! Thank you and Good Luck going forward!!

  22. Katherine Morse

    Yay! Good news for my internet shopping!

  23. Jane

    I was sad when you were going to close and now happy to read you are back! I intend to support small businesses and hopefully fair trade products will also be part of your new line.

  24. Jean Ash

    Wishing you success in this new model. Love your finds and hope this way more money will go into the sellers and less to marketing/ middleman.

  25. Jean S

    I can face my Christmas list now that you’re back!

  26. Kiem Thio

    It would be great if you woud also ship to Canada.

    1. Greg Rollett

      Hi Kiem! That is a big part of our focus moving forward. Being able to ship more products to more places all over the world (including Canada!)

  27. Maria Ferrari

    Grommet was my go-to place for unusual gifts. I was actually sad when I read you were closing down. Thanks to GiddyUp for your return.

  28. Janis

    I was so sad, couldn’t quite believe it, when I received the “closing” emails. I look forward to Grommet’s new format. And I wish you well in your new partnership with GiddyUp!

  29. JoAnne Bell


  30. Rudy

    I KNEW it! I KNEW someone would pick up the Grommet brand and quality! Thank you! Thank you! Yay for Giddy-up!

  31. Libby

    So happy to hear! I’ve enjoyed Grommet products for many years now — always good quality, awesome products, and things ‘I wish I’d thought of’. Best of luck!

  32. Judy

    Hallelujah, I always get the most wonderful thank yous from people to whom I give your products as gifts. And even bigger thank yous when I keep them for myself. Win, win all around😍

  33. Carolyn

    Finally, , , some good news on my computer, Yay Grommet/Giddy-up

  34. Ronda

    Great news. I love Grommet. Welcome back.

  35. Joan

    Looking forward to the new Grommet format. I enjoy the small business items that are presented. They make great gifts!

  36. Marie

    Thank god!!!

  37. Sheila

    So glad you are back! Love new inventions and you have found some of the best new products that come out. So important to support small business and protect a bit from knock offs on the A store.

  38. Diane

    Yay! So glad to hear this and I’ll look forward to supporting those makers!

  39. Just more of the same…happy congratulations from all the folks who LOVE THE GROMMET! That’s me and the several friends I’ve turned on to you over the years. I was crushed when you said it was over…and am thrilled you’re back! Keep the same broad thinking about how to improve the world…it’s an important part of your business and clients like me! Nancy

  40. Diane

    I was incredibly sad when you closed
    Bless you Giddy up
    Dian M

  41. Great news! I bought a number of products from you and look forward to doing so again.

  42. Loreen Costa

    All support for innovative, small companies is good support. Bravo. But as a small, family business retailer, I miss the wholesale side of Grommet. Working with professional retailers in the brick and mortar space can reach the touch it-feel it customers without the stress and cost of free ship and product returns. We have over 30 years of relating to hands on consumers and can offer perspective on the physical experience that cannot be created digitally. Witnessing the renewed visceral need of many customers to BE somewhere physically while shopping makes me say this: please keep an open mind about building relationships with small, specialized retailers! We are the efficient aggregators of the knowledge which comes from working through a of a cross-section of customer experience.

  43. Betty

    I was truly sad when I heard Grommet was going out of business. I purchased as many sale items as I needed. So I’m thrilled your back and in a new way. Can’t wait for Monday email.

  44. Debbie Ohlsson

    Great news. You just made my day!! Love all your exciting products to choose from and looking forward to new ones too.

  45. Deborah

    Wonderful!!!! Welcome back!!

  46. Terri

    So happy Grommet is back!

  47. Laura M Clark

    Great news!

  48. Gwen Henricksen

    Great news and very happy to hear it. Looking forward to your messages and the great opportunities they will review. Also happy to learn more about Giddy Up!

  49. Michele

    I was so thrilled to see that you were in my inbox today!!!!! I had thought you had been yet another company that went under during the pandemic. Thank goodness that you had GiddyUp there to partnership with you. I am so looking forward to this next step in your new future. Welcome Back

  50. Sylvia Harp

    I just KNEW you would figure it out!!! I didn’t remove you from my contacts and decided to simply wait. And here you are! Thanks and I’ll be waiting for that news letter.

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