17 Unique Wedding Gifts They Can’t Wait to Say “I Do” To

It’s wedding season, time that calls for dapper attire, a floor-cutting dance moves, and a meaningful gift. In that department, you’re in luck! We specialize in one-of-a-kind, unique wedding gifts that say “thank you for having me,” “I’m so happy for you two,” and “sorry for my questionable dance moves!”

The Callahan's slice bread on a personalized cutting board from Words With Boards

Words With Boards – Personalized Cutting Boards

The cutting and serving boards from Words With Boards come with a customized twist. They’re handmade in Maryland and you can customize a board with your own words or a date, name, or location for a truly custom piece. All pieces are hand-cut, hand-sanded, then hand-sealed with food-grade mineral oil. That hard work pays off with a beautifully finished piece that showcases the natural maple wood and crisp, precision-cut lettering. What a great way to showcase their new family name on a useful piece they will love.

A 3D lake art map of Buzzard's Bay hangs on a wall of a home

Lake Art – Customized Lake Maps

The perfect keepsake for decorating a home, cabin, or cottage, Lake Art wooden wall maps feature intricate details of more than 4,000 lakes including shorelines, two colors, and up to eight depth dimensions. If your happy couple has a favorite getaway, give them a custom gift that they are sure to treasure for years to come.

  • Nathan & Emily's personalized love map story art
  • Nathan & Emily's Paper'd Moments love map story art sits on a shelf with their wedding photos

Paper’d Moments – Personalized Map Love Story Art

A lot of people underestimate the value of a cute card. With Paper’d Moments, the card can double as the present as you tell their love story with custom-made picture art. It’s carefully handmade with cut and layered paper that artfully incorporates maps to trace along the journey of your love story. The finished result is an eye-catching and sentimental ready-to-display personalized memento that they will cherish.

A photo of a couple posing in front of the Colosseum in Rome displays on a smart connected picture frame from Aura

Aura – Smart Connected Picture Frame

This smart photo frame from Aura displays beautiful, high-resolution photos directly from devices in your entire family. You can pick photos manually or use the Smart Select feature to import only the highest quality images. It sifts for the best pics and weeds out anything blurry, low quality, or duplicate and will also cue up a slideshow if someone is near, making it the perfect gift for your newlywed friends to display their wedding day memories.

A retro-looking smart connected hi-fi speaker system from Como Audio sits on the counter in a bathroom

Como Audio – Smart Connected Hi-Fi Speakers

Housed inside each of these classic compact wooden designs is a customizable, hi-fidelity digital music player build to last. With high-quality elements and exceptional sound, this speaker is a great gift that the happy couple will use for years to come, and will remind them of you, and their special day.

A roaring fire bellows from this wall-mounted ventless fireplace by Anywhere Fireplace

Anywhere Fireplace – Ventless Fireplaces

You never hear about folks curling up beside the radiator or gathering ‘round the space heater. It takes firelight to create an ambiance like that. But obviously, not every home has a fireplace. That’s where Anywhere Fireplace comes in. With this self-contained unit, you don’t need a chimney or vent to enjoy a warm fire, and there’s no gas or electric hookup required either. Give your friends a gift they will use all winter long to snuggle up and enjoy married life with their new spouse.

A black & white abstract passion painting from LOVE IS ART hangs in a dining room

LOVE IS ART – Intimate Art Kit

If you’re looking for a gift that will make them laugh, Love is Art is always a great option. Doubling as a housewarming gift and a creative way to spice up date night. The movement of intertwined bodies distributes the paint across the canvas, creating a one-of-a-kind frame-able abstract image that will always remind the couple of their romantic night together.

A charcuterie spread is beautifully laid out on a handcrafted butcher block cutting board from Brooklyn Butcher

Brooklyn Butcher – Handcrafted Cutting Boards

Housewarming gifts are always an appreciated addition to any new couple, and these beautifully handcrafted butcher blocks and knife blocks by Brooklyn Butcher are made to last a lifetime. They’re perfect for date nights in and hosting parties.

A cozy bedroom shows white and mint colored bamboo fiber bedding from Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth – Bamboo Fiber Bedding

All-natural and sustainable, too, this bamboo fiber bedding from Cozy Earth feels like silky, matte satin. They’re amazingly soft and smooth, and when we learned about the wonderful benefits of bamboo-like it’s temperature regulating, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-mold features, we knew it was a find we had to include so your friends can enjoy – in our opinion – the world’s comfiest sheets!

Red wine decants in stemless no-spill aerating wine glasses from Aura Glass

Aura Glass – No-Spill Aerating Wine Glass

Aura Glass’s spill-proof wine glass is truly a labor of love. Its Makers had witnessed too many painful spills when their friends would knock over wine glasses. So they applied their engineering degrees and creative minds to designing a solution. Each glass spins all the way around with the touch of a finger, creating an aerating experience that’s as satisfying to view as it is to smell and taste, making it a must-have for entertaining.

professional-grade amorphous kitchen knives from LiquidDiamond Knives sit on a cutting board with cantaloupe & kiwi

LiquidDiamond Knives – Amorphous Metal Knives

Nothing says “happy wedding!” like a durable and innovative kitchen appliance. The amorphous metal alloy is an extremely durable material that can handle high temperatures—which is why NASA uses it on its space crafts. Besides handling the perils of outer space, this material makes a knife edge that is tougher and less likely to chip than the typical ones. And if your blade does get dull with use over time, Liquidiamond happily provides on-the-house sharpening at any time.

A map of Portland can be seen on a customized bottle opener from CHART MetalWorks

CHART Metalworks – Customized Map Accessories

With handcrafted, nautical map jewelry and accessories, chart not just the depths of water, and the heights of land, but special places and times in your life. Such a special way to keep memories of their special day close to their heart, whether in the form of jewelry, coasters, bottle openers, or a variety of other forms. These customizable pieces are set in pewter and covered in clear, durable resin designed to last.

A wedding cake quilled card from Quilling Cards sits on a table amongst gold confetti

Quilling Card – Handcrafted Quilled Cards & Quilling Kits

A handcrafted quilling greeting card is an artful and unique way to say congratulations. Each charming scene is created with carefully rolled and shaped strips of paper. This intricate work results in an extra-special card that doubles as a mini piece of art that they will fall in love with.

A sleek, stainless steel water carbonator from Aarke sits on a counter alongside other kitchen items

Aarke – Stainless Steel Water Carbonator

Make their water—and their counter—sparkle. This sparkling water maker carbonates effectively, but also beautifully. Just pull the level down until you hear a buzz, then release it slowly. If you like your water extra fizzy, repeat. And if you like your water flavored, you can add natural flavors afterward. Not only is this appliance eco-friendly and useful, but it’s minimalist and artful design is something they will be proud to display.

A person pours a mixed cocktail into a martini glass using hammered copper barware from Sertodo Copper

Sertodo Copper – Hammered Copper Barware

Mix up a batch of cocktails in an eye-catching copper barware. Ancient methods are used to handcraft each one in Mexico, where the tradition began over 1,000 years ago. The result is a highly textured surface that shines with rich history, and is sure to be a beautiful addition to your best friends’ new home.

Why get your friends or family something ordinary when they deserve something extraordinary? Let us help you take the stress out of wedding gift shopping, and give you a little extra time to pick out your outfit, find a great date, and practice your dance moves.

Looking for something a little different? Shop over 300 products from our unique wedding gift collection.

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    Although the Anywhere Fireplace was launched in 2010 you give NO Customer Reviews. Why not… unless there have been some major problems with this product?

    1. Hi Gabriella, we don’t provide any reviews on any products here, just brief descriptions. However, you can find full reviews on the page of the product itself. Anywhere Fireplace has a perfect 5/5 on 26 reviews: https://www.thegrommet.com/anywhere-fireplace-lexington-indoor-outdoor-fireplace.

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