That Special Sizzle: 10 “Grate” Gifts for BBQ Lovers

Charred, seared, or grilled: the talents of your favorite barbecue enthusiast are the source of the summer’s best treats—and that means they deserve something really special. Gifts for BBQ lovers aren’t just fun to shop for, they also mean tasty dividends on your plate at the next cookout. If you’re pondering what will really light their proverbial charcoal, let these gift ideas marinate.

For the Meat

A rib eye defrosts on THAT! Inventions defrosting tray, sitting countertop with potatoes & brussel sprouts

A fast-acting defrosting tray

Nothing’s worse than getting the grill up to the perfect temperature, or positioning charcoal or smoking chips and suddenly realizing that the meat is still safely tucked in the back of the freezer. While science hasn’t quite gotten time travel nailed down, THAT! Inventions Premium Defrosting Tray is the next best thing. Place frozen meat onto the surface and watch that prime cut thaw out like magic. There’s even a slight tilt and convenient drip tray to catch any juices before they claim your counter. 

BBQ chicken drums & yellow peppers grill on a non-stick cooking sheet

A naturally non-stick cooking sheet

The great conundrum of barbecue is how sensational seafood tastes on the grill, despite the headache-inducing mess it creates. Before the next juicy prawn has a chance to take an unscheduled dive between the grill grates, try a Cookina Barbecue Cooking Sheet: a flexible silicone mat that can withstand temps up to 500 degrees. Problematic yet delicious ingredients that have a tendency towards crumbling won’t darken the burners again, literally or figuratively. And hey—it will only take a moment and a pair of tongs to sizzle on those impressive grill bar marks once the food’s cooked through. 

For the Griller

A man uses silicone grip gloves to safely remove corn cobs from a pot of boiling water

An ingenious way to protect your hands

To prepare an excellent BBQ meal, a home chef has to be ready for anything. Not only do they have to protect their hands against extremely high temperatures, they may also need to do battle with hot water as they fish out lobsters, corn on the cob, and other boiled side dishes. While most gifts for BBQ lovers deals with the “hot and dry” aspect, these unique silicone-finished grip gloves take a more holistic approach with a waterproof exterior, and temperature protection up to 930 degrees Fahrenheit. 

A BBQ Croc 3-in-1 tool rests on a table next to a plate of grilled corn & asparagus

Three functions, one tool

Few things give grill lovers a bigger thrill than the delightful “test clicks” of the tongs, just before perfectly-prepared food comes off the grill. That joyful sound of “delicious, juicy meat is almost done” can be heard in each idle tap, particularly with this 3-in-1 barbecue tool. Part spatula, part tongs, and part grill grate scraper, it isn’t just adept at cleaning the grill, it will help guests clean their plates, too, as well-seasoned and mouthwatering fillets and steaks are easily lifted off piping-hot grates.

A man skewers a sausage off the grill using MyFlipFork's 5-in-1 grill spatula

The only grilling spatula you’ll ever need

With both a serrated and straight edge built in, this 5-in-1 grill spatula can cut into the thickest of chicken breasts to check for doneness, or carve up that last hamburger to share. Its fork prong and spatula suface makes pressing, searing, flipping, and nudging protein easy without reaching for another tool, and the built-in bottle opener? Well, that handy little benefit is self-explanatory. 

For the Heat

A man pulls a steak out of Beefer's infrared grill on his patio

A restaurant-quality meat cooker

With the right tools and a little ingenuity, the right grill pro can accomplish nearly anything—except, of course, for a 1,500 degree restaurant-quality sear. Until now, that is. Beefer’s Infrared Grill with Top-Down Heat puts the power of high end meat prep at your fingertips, complete with a collection tray for juices underneath. While grillers might not abandon their faithful grill once they try the steaks that come out of this surprisingly powerful appliance, we’d be lying if we said they wouldn’t be sorely tempted to. 

A steak rests on a cutting board next to fresh sage with a MEATER smart meat thermometer checking its internal temp

Get the perfect temperature, every time

Seasoned grillers know that poking and puncturing a great cut of meat is the fastest way to make it as dry as the coals underneath it. That’s why this wireless smart meat thermometer by MEATER is such an excellent addition to their gourmet toolkit. Slide the stainless steel probe in once, grab a smartphone, and get real-time temperature updates through the app. More than one steak? The app can handle up to four readings at a time, ensuring that bbq enthusiasts enjoy their desired level of doneness when meat meets plate at last.

A DiamondKingSmoker sits on a table next to smoked meats & veggies

An easy outdoor smoker

Why should wood BBQ enthusiasts have all the fun when it comes to smoking meat? This clever, minimalist metal smoker box evens the playing field with a user-friendly solution to smoking chicken, fish, and more on any type of grill. Simply load it up with the wood chips of choice, add a protein, and prep the rest of the meal: soon, a perfectly-smoked dish is ready to enjoy, right from the grill. 

For the Grill

Q-swiper's grill scrubber gets reloaded with scrubbing wipes

Grit and grime begone

Why are convenient, dirt-busting cleaning solutions available inside the house, while grill users are stuck with elbow grease and hope for their outdoor cook surfaces? These well-designed grill scrubber wipes get to the core of grit and grime on the grill, making them an ideal gift for a grill master. Secure a wipe around the included scrubber tool and swipe away at cooled-down grates. Voila—a clean grilling surface ready to prepare more tasty food. 

A person is seen using BrushTech's double helix grill brush to scrub cooked-on grease off their grill

The best way to scrub your grill

There are a lot of tasty seasonings for burgers, brats, and other grilled foods, but metal bristles definitely don’t make the menu. This easy-to-use double helix grill brush alternative gets cooked-on grease off the grates without the need to scrub and scrape. With no bristles to work loose, the griller will never have to worry about cleaning the grill after cleaning the grill ever again. It’s so simple it can even be used one-handed, leaving the other hand wide open for chowing down on a juicy just-grilled hamburger.

Gifts for BBQ lovers should reflect their natural talents and tastes, and this handful brings the proverbial heat. If you enjoy the charcoal and spatula talents of a loved one, friend, or family member, show your appreciation by making their job easier. After all, you never know when they might need a hungry test subject for that new marinade recipe.

Now that you’ve found the perfect gift for your BBQ lover, see how to cook for a crowd.

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