Maker Impact Stories: Flatyz Handmade Flat Candles

For the last 11 years we have been driven every day by our purpose: helping independent Makers and small businesses find their people and grow their business. The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting these businesses in an unprecedented way across the US and around the world. We’re connecting with a few of our Makers to elevate their stories and share the challenges they face. With these stories, we hope our community can see the impact of their support and how these businesses are foundational to our society. 

Flatyz launched with The Grommet in 2017. While Maker Linas Klimavicius heads things up in the U.S., the flat candles are hand-poured and painted by a team in Lithuania. Linas shares the potential impact of laying off their talented team, since their product is completely handmade. And he shares some smart ways to stay afloat while planning ahead. Like all of our Makers, Linas shares an optimistic view for the future and passion for grinding through tough times.

The handmade candles stand out for their slim simplicity and minimal, modern feel. Also nice? They burn cleanly, without any dripping wax or smoke, and self-extinguish as they near the steel base.

Now working at a reduced capacity and with some workers at home, Flatyz made the decision to keep paying their employees for as long as possible.

Our employees are our most valuable resource.

Linas Klimavicius

Linas doubles down on entrepreneurship by saying “we are made of resilience”. He had me inspired by the way they were managing their business; Flatyz will definitely weather the storm. They are thinking and planning ahead to be ready for business to come back again. By being strategic and spending their digital money thoughtfully, Flatyz is able to have a future that is bright.

To learn more about Flatyz handmade candleswatch our video here, and read about The Grommet’s support of small businesses during COVID-19 here.

Mike Puglielli

Creative Director at Grommet

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