Maker Impact Stories: Butterie™ Flip-Top Butter Dish

For the last 11 years we have been driven every day by our purpose: helping independent Makers and small businesses find their people and grow their business. The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting these businesses in an unprecedented way across the US and around the world. We’re connecting with a few of our Makers to elevate their stories and share the challenges they face. With these stories, we hope our community can see the impact of their support and how these businesses are foundational to our society. 

Joelle Mertzel of Butterie™ created her own take on a countertop butter dish when she learned that butter doesn’t have to go in the fridge, and that storing it at room temperature can even enhance the flavor. She’s been on a mission since 2016 to spread the word about spreadable, room-temp butter. From learning about her children’s book to countertop life of butter, I learned so much from our chat together. Joelle is infectious with optimism and entrepreneurial spirit, and a shining example of a Maker finding a path during this time.

She told us that, because of COVID-19, “I feel like my entire brick and mortar business shuttered overnight.” Joelle had to quickly pivot from being a primarily wholesale business to one that sells directly to consumers.

The team at Butterie is a small one. Joelle and two employees now work on a rotating schedule to maintain social distancing protocols.

Joelle Mertzel found and owner of Butterie™ Flip-Top Butter Dish

“We’re all in the same boat, whether you’re a big company or a small company. We’re all just trying to figure out how to get through it.”

Joelle Mertzel
Butterie™ Flip-Top Butter Dish

Despite the challenges and uncertainties her small business is facing, Joelle left us with a handy tip: As many folks are stocking up on groceries these days, free up some fridge space by keeping the butter out on the counter.

To learn more about Butterie watch our video here, and read about The Grommet’s support of small businesses during COVID-19 here.


  1. Nicolette Smith

    I was about to purchase towels from you, but in looking at the information, saw that they were made in China. Whoa! They have all our pharm business, clothing, and most other things you can think of. Can we please shop American? Must all of our dollars go to a foreign country?

    1. Mike Puglielli

      Hi Nicolette,

      Thanks for your feedback. We believe that you should get a choice in where your products come from and that is why we highlight Makers who make their products in the USA. You can see those products here However, many of our amazing products come from our Makers who also happen to produce outside of the US and we stand by their decision to produce quality products at the best possible price.

    2. Dawn

      Thank you Nicolette. My feelings exactly.

  2. Karen M Ratz

    great product; wish I had known about 15% discount, thats ok

  3. Patrice Paradela

    I love my butter dish, however, I still have not received my extra knife which I ordered online. Could you please check this for me, as I did order an additional item at that time,

    1. Rene Keith-Judge

      Hi Patrice, a member of our Customer Experience Team will be in touch with you shortly regarding your order. Thank you!

  4. Dorothy Brock

    I wish the design had the knife in a slot in the front that the blade would fit in as the current place where it lays isn’t functional. The rest of the product is great and well designed.

  5. Christine Willmann

    Ordered the yellow one on Amazon

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