Strength in Community: Taking Care of Small Businesses

Independent Makers and Small Businesses

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  1. Are you processing returns at all? I returned 2 items and tracking indicates you received them at 10:08 a.m. on Mar. 18. When I checked returns status on my account, on Mar. 21, it shows you are still waiting for the items.

    1. Hi Janet, we will look into your return and get in touch with you. Thanks!

  2. Anita Jane Gaxiola

    I’m having exceptional problems with trying to get my discount. I am purchasing one of your Bells over $50.

    1. Hi Anita, sorry to hear that. I will have our customer experience team reach out to you. Thanks!

  3. Debra Lynn Schnase

    are you still shipping small orders?

    1. Yes we are!

  4. As someone who has used The Grommet for a long time and recommends it to others, I love your message in your COVID-19 as is one that warms my heart. It is a wonderful reason for me to continue using your website. I also wish all the small business owners the best during this time.

    1. Thank so much, Joan, we appreciate your feedback and support.

    2. Thank you Joan! Your support is huge and we sincerely appreciate your kind words. All the best and stay safe!

  5. Debra Lynn Schnase

    are you still shipping items?

  6. Debra Lynn Schnase

    sorry, i just saw the reply above. thank you. ill watch for my ship date.

  7. Where is you Black Out Eye Mask made?

    1. Hi Jon, a customer experience team member will get in touch with you shortly. Thanks!

  8. do you ship to Canada

    1. We do!

  9. I have always enjoyed shopping on this site and appreciate your dedication to your employees, etc.
    This COVID19 virus is a tragic time for America and her countries around the world.
    With more and more disturbing news about China and how they hid this impending pandemic, I have decided to forego all future purchases that are made in China. I live in the old Textile Center of the world and pas by empty Textile Plants. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to revive the Textile industry by making our goods in the USA?
    Thank you.

  10. Jackie Severson

    We are all experiencing lessons in patience. It’s a quality we have been led away from, with Instant Everything expanding in our lives; but as we can see, around us, it is a quality with great value. What is important to us in our lives, is worth the wait.

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