Fresh Brewed: 11 Unique Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Finding perfect gifts for coffee lovers can be tricky. But whether you need a grinder, a press, or a safe storage solution for your favorite cold-brewed coffee, our catalog has what you need.

Fresh cold brew is seen made in a wide-mouth water bottle with a Rumble Go universal cold brew coffee filter next to it

A Cold-Brew Solution for Busy People

Smooth, sweet coffee on the fly has never been as easy as it is with this innovative cold-brew solution by Rumble Go. With a fully adjustable height to fit water bottles of most sizes, this cold-brew coffee filter allows you to brew and steep while you work, play, or sleep. Simple to use and deceptively easy to clean, this little filter comes constructed of safe, food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free plastic. It’s a necessity for busy people who simply don’t have time to wait for traditionally brewed coffee. 

A person presses fresh coffee with Palmpress on a counter next to their breakfast

A Revolutionary, Single-Serve Coffee Press for One

Connoisseurs of hand-poured coffee rejoice because Palmpress now makes it easy to enjoy craft coffee at home. Simply spoon your favorite coffee blend into the Palmpress cup, add hot water, and, three minutes later, enjoy a cup of joe worthy of your favorite upscale cafe. Constructed of high-quality stainless steel and food-grade silicone, this single-serve coffee press eliminates the need for filters or pods. When your coffee is ready, upend the cylinder over your favorite mug and press. The unique design lets you enjoy just the right amount of fresh, full-bodied coffee in a fraction of the time you’d spend waiting in line. 

Iced coffee is seen in a glass with a blue koffiestraw next to a laptop

Reusable Silicone Straws 

Coffee and tea stain teeth, there’s no doubt about it. But with the reusable silicone straws by KoffieStraw, beverages go just where you want them to go. Direct the flow of hot and cold drinks with these cleverly designed straws. Made with the brightness of your teeth and the planet in mind, they’re fully reusable. KoffieStraw straws feature an innovative oval shape to limit the flow of liquids so they don’t flood your mouth. And because it’s constructed of food-grade silicone, this is one straw you won’t find clogging up the local landfill. There’s even a cleaning brush included.

A person is seen frothing milk with Eparé's handheld milk frother

Frothy Cream From Your Own Kitchen

Do you love making sweet coffee drinks at home, but miss the warm, frothy cream at the top? Worry no more. The handheld milk frother from Eparé is exactly the tool you need to whip up sensational barista-quality coffees in your own kitchen. You’ll love the way a morning java looks and tastes with a little help. It even disassembles for easy dishwasher cleanup.

A Waycup refillable Nespresso capsule resting on a kitchen counter in front of a Nespresso machine.

Eco-Friendly Nespresso without the Paper Waste

A Nespresso machine is great the amount of pods left behind is not. Now you can enjoy Nespresso coffee guilt-free with the refillable Nespresso capsule that’s easy to fill, use, and clean. Designed with limited waste in mind, this durable capsule can be filled and refilled with your favorite grounds. You can then dispense it via one of four interchangeable tops made for different types of grounds. It’s compatible with 12 different models of Nespresso machines.

A man is seen walking and drinking from his THERO temperature-controlled travel mug

Temperature-Controlled Goodness

No more burning your mouth on volcanic coffee or suffering through shockingly cold coffee that’s supposed to be hot. With the new temperature-controlled travel mug from Thero, every sip is perfect. The revolutionary Thero mug cools overly hot coffee in two minutes time. It then keeps the temperature level at a toasty 140 degrees for up to five hours. That’s plenty of time to make that morning commute in comfort. Hand-washable, with a locking lid for easy sipping, the Thero travel mug is the ideal gift for the commuting coffee drinker. 

Fresh cold brew is seen being strained in mason jars thanks to BRUW's cold brew mason jar starter pack

A Mason Jar Hack for Cold-Brewed Convenience

The cold brew mason jar starter pack from BRUW is maybe the easiest method we’ve seen for making deliciously smooth cold brew. And it’s a great coffee gift set for the coffee-lover on your list.  Simply measure your grounds to taste in the first mason jar, add water, and allow the grounds to steep overnight. In the morning, attach the one-of-a-kind filter to the top of the jar, add the second jar on top, and flip the assembly over. Voila! Cold-brewed coffee with no mess. It’s convenience at your fingertips so you might as well get one for the office, too.

A glass jug of cold brew coffee sits on a counter, being pour from Willow & Everett's Cold Brew On Tap 2.0

Cold Brewed Coffee for Thirsty Crowds

Need coffee gift ideas for your favorite family? When a single cup of cold brew simply won’t do, the Cold Brew on Tap 2.0 from Willow and Everett is ready to serve everyone in line. Simply measure the grounds into the 12-cup glass jar, add water, and store in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours. The jar’s convenient tap makes it easy to serve yourself one or multiple cups of delicious, hand-brewed coffee. When stored in the refrigerator, coffee stays fresh for up to two weeks thanks to the glass-and-steel-mesh filter and handled lid that seal flavor.  

Two glasses of iced coffee sit on a counter next to an Asobu portable cold brew coffee maker

Cold-Brewed Coffee Gone Portable

Making your own cold-brewed, hand-poured coffee on the go is super-easy with the Portable Cold Brew Coffeemaker by Asobu. A filtered reservoir holds enough of your favorite coffee grounds and water to make 24 ounces of tasty cold brew. Twelve hours later, open the flow control button and allow the brew to fill the attached, portable carafe. It couldn’t be easier to take your favorite drink on the go. 

A manual coffee grinder from Rok sits on a counter next to a jar of coffee beans

Manual Coffee Grinder 

The sleek and elegant manual coffee grinder by Rok puts you in control of your grounds. Grind beans fine, finer and finest, depending upon your individual taste. An espresso is even an option with this lovely kitchen appliance that requires zero electricity. Wake up to elegance and complete taste control. A lightweight aluminum frame, slip-proof base, and engineering-grade gears make this a product no coffee aficionado can live without. 

Hot coffee is seen being poured from a coffee pot into a black HyperChiller rapid drink chiller to make iced coffee

Chilled Drinks in a Hurry

Lovers of cold-brewed coffee will enjoy the HyperChiller rapid drink chiller that works equally well on any non-carbonated beverage. Chill coffee, tea, wine, water and more simply by pouring it in. HyperChiller drops temperatures as much as 130 degrees in a single minute. Place directly under your coffee maker for instant cold brew without ice cubes that dilute the flavor.

Whether you’re looking for ingenious gifts for coffee lovers or even environmentally-conscious consumers who value self-care, we have you covered.

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