Whether you’re commuting, visiting family, or just running errands, your car can be your trusty transportation sidekick, day after day. Stay safe, fully charged, and relaxed as can be with these 11 nifty products that you’ll always want to keep on board.

A man is seen breaking a car window using INGEAR's autoXscape car emergency multi-tool

Defend Against Disaster

Being prepared isn’t just for boy scouts. While you’ll hopefully never have to use it, the autoXscape Car Emergency Multi-Tool by INGEAR can provide the ultimate peace of mind for any driver or passenger. With two escape window breakers, a rescue seat belt cutter, and a survival flashlight (with high, low, and SOS modes) you’ll always be ready to evacuate your vehicle in a scary situation. Made of military-grade aluminum, it’s made to last a lifetime—while ensuring yours, too.

An iPhone is seen mounted to a car vent using Square Jellyfish's car vent phone mount

Hands-Free Phone Helper

Whether you’re making calls, listening to podcasts, or following along with GPS, keeping your phone in sight and level can be a driving fundamental. The Car Vent Phone Mount by Square Jellyfish makes it a cinch to hold any phone without blocking vent airflow. A pivot ball adds flexibility, while a patented metal clamp provides extra stability.

A woman is seen clipping a 
SpaRoom essential oil car diffuser to her vent

Natural Car Air Freshener

Even better than that short-lived new car smell? Essential oil aromas that last for months—no scented paper tree required. The Essential Oil Car Diffuser by SpaRoom takes serenity with you on every journey in a compact model that clips right to your dashboard air vent. It comes with three absorbing rods—each lasting three months—and peppermint essential oil that will contribute calm to any commute.

Power for Every Passenger

Five seats. One charger. Somehow that math doesn’t add up. Luckily, the X5 Car Charger with 5 USB Ports by RapidX has cruised to the rescue. With five USB ports—and an extra-long cable to reach folks in the backseat—it charges twice as fast as most chargers to power up any tech caravan on the go. This car essential plugs right into 12v-24v vehicle outlets and cigarette lighters for a power boost you’ll always give the green light.

A blue car has its trunk open to reveal tools sitting on a full coverage cargo liner from CarGo Apron

No Gunk in the Trunk

Keep your trunk clean without spinning your wheels. The Full-Coverage Cargo Liner by CarGo Apron protects your entire cargo area—floor, walls, and seat backs—with a durable, waterproof, and tearproof liner. Different sizes suit cars of all kinds, while a removable suspension system keeps the liner in place without damaging the interior. Simply hose off when it needs cleaning then compactly fold and tuck it under a seat when not in use.

A JunoJumper portable jump starter tool for your car is seen with jumper cables

Jump Start in a Jiffy

You wouldn’t want your phone at 0% and the same goes for your car battery. The Portable Jump Starter by JunoJumper has your back with both. The size of a cell phone, this powerful device fully charges in 5–6 hours. Then it is rarin’ to go, beaming out power to boost up your phone or your car battery whenever it’s needed. The included cables signal if your car is ready to jump and bright LED lights guide your way—or signal for help—if you’re stuck out in the dark.

A 3-in-1 portable jump starter from JumpSmart is seen hooked up to the battery of a car

Roadside Rescuer

Do engines of all kinds get your motor revved? Always have the power to jumpstart your chariot no matter how large and in charge it is. The 3-in-1 Portable Jump Starter by JumpSmart is as powerful as it is portable with enough juice to jumpstart most cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and more. The included smart jumper cables come packed with safety features like audible alarms and safety indicator lights that alert you to improper connections. With the ability to recharge up to 1,000 times, you’ll always have power at your fingertips.

A smart auto diagnostic tool from Autel Automotive is seen next to a phone who has the Autel app pulled up

A Car Doctor in Your Pocket

What’s that dashboard light mean? Wonder no more with the Smart Auto Diagnostic Tool by Autel Automotive. Compatible with most modern vehicles, it provides nineteen areas of comprehensive vehicle maintenance paired to your phone via Bluetooth. And it decodes alerts into understandable info. Keep tabs on everyday running conditions with real-time data so you’re always wiser behind the wheel. 

Neon yellow tire traction straps from TRAC-GRABBER are seen strapped to an icy tire

Un-Stick the Landing

Make any drive smooth sailing with Tire Traction Straps by Trac-Grabber. Secure the durable straps around your tires—whether on an SUV, truck, or any size car—to get unstuck from snow, mud, or sand, all without dreaded pushing, pulling, or digging. Simply rinse after using to stay good as new. Small, reusable, and easy to store, they’re an all-weather essential that will keep you high and dry (in a good way) all year long.

An orange 5-in-1 rescue tool from Spare Me lays on the ground next to a car tire

Five Tools Are Better Than One

Stow a bevy of handy functions in one efficient Made-in-the-USA multi-tool. The 5-in-1 Rescue Tool by Spare Me weighs in at only 13 ounces, but it’s as durable and versatile as can be. It works as a shovel, tire lift, ice scraper, leverage aid, and traction tool that’s effortless to store and essential to use any time, for any car, in any weather.

A person is seen cleaning the screen of their GPS with a TouchKlean touchscreen cleaner kit from CarbonKlean

Clean Screens

Your windshield has wipers—why shouldn’t your dashboard console get the squeaky-clean treatment, too? TouchKlean Touch Screen Cleaner Kit by CarbonKlean packs two cleaners in one. First, a soft brush gently removes dirt and debris. Follow up with the hard bristle brush to erase oil and fingerprints—not just from your dashboard display, but also on laptops, tablets, and phone screens. Each cleaning pad lasts up to 500 cleanings, without the need for sprays or wipes that can splash or spill. 

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