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The idea of developing and, gulp, committing to a fitness routine can be daunting. Where do you start? How do you stick to it? Do you have to get a gym membership? Do you need weights? Don’t stress, these are common questions. And lucky for you, our resident Grommet fitness experts are here to answer them. Then, when you’re ready, find the workout essentials to kickstart your fitness journey.

A man is seen using an orange collapsible foam roller from Brazyn Life

A Fold-Flat Foam Roller

Few pieces of equipment help in muscle recovery as much as a foam roller. They help increase circulation and improve flexibility. But the collapsible foam roller from Brazyn Life also adds portability to the list of benefits. Not to mention, the ridges on the roller allow for even deeper tissue treatment. Developed by former NFL player Nate Lawrie, Brazyn Life comes with professional cred.

A person is seen rolling their toes using blue RAD massage roller balls

Rolling Massager

Once your workout is finished or really anytime you’re feeling tight, there’s RAD’s massage roller. The unique doubled-balled shape contours to your body in order to work out knots all over your body. It also provides great relief for tired feet. By slowly and steadily rolling them, you can help free up movement and clean out toxins.

A man is seen working out in his living room using a BodyBoss portable home gym

A Full-Body Workout at Home

If you want a complete workout but want to steer clear of the gym, there’s BodyBoss. It’s multiple workout essentials and an entire fitness routine in one. This portable home gym allows for 100s of different exercises. Whether you have a dedicated fitness regimen or not, BodyBoss will meet you at your level with adjustable resistance bands. The base withstands up to 500 pounds of force so it is ready to handle whatever you’ve got.

Two runners are seen wearing 4id LED lights on their ankles

Clip-On Safety Light

Whether you’re out for an evening jog, a bike ride, or just walking the dog around the block, 4id LED lights should go with you. They clip to any piece of clothing and stay out of your way while ensuring that you’re seen by passing cars. Weatherproof and capable of providing 100 hours of light, they’re a must-have fitness accessory.

A man is seen planking on a blue Revolution fitness balance board

Finding the Right Balance

If you’re looking to up the difficulty of your home workouts, you could try throwing your body off balance. The 3-in-1 balance board from Revolution Balance Boards helps enhance standard workouts. The rocker, side-to-side roller, and air cushion strengthen core muscles for dozens of workouts. You can get a full-body workout with just your body weight and now you can make it a little more challenging.

A person is seen stretching while using a red hip and core resistance band from Crossover Symmetry

Resistance Training

Here’s a workout tip to remember on leg day: don’t skip it. And while you’re at it, don’t forget Crossover Symmetry. This resistance loop band enhances leg workouts, helps rehab injuries, and overall, gets your body to feel looser. The rubber nylon sleeve keeps it from sliding around and the super-strong elastic won’t lose its shape.

A person is seen stretching their foot using HighHealer's 5-in-1 foot stretcher in their living room

A Personal (Foot) Trainer

We spend all day on our feet so they deserve our attention and care. Enter the 5-in-1 foot stretcher and trainer from HighHealer. Developed by a podiatrist, HighHealer stretches, stabilizes and relieves pain in your feet, ankles, and calves. You can even get some hot or cold therapy with an included soapstone massager. Take care of your feet and they’ll take care of you.

A person is seen unscrewing their CrazyCap portable water bottle sterilizer

A Portable Water Filter

Hydration is vital especially when you’re exercising. So, yes, a water bottle is a workout essential. CrazyCap’s portable water bottle sterilizer provides a hydration vessel and then some. Whether you’re at the gym or the park, CrazyCap’s deep UV sterilization technology eliminates over 99% of germs to provide peace of mind.

A man is seen wearing AfterShokz Trekz air headphones as he rides his bike

Ear-free Listening

Cue up a podcast or your pump-up playlist and don’t worry about a pesky wire. In fact, don’t worry about anything even going in your ears. AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones use bone conduction to bypass them entirely. You listen to what you want while still being able to hear everything you need to. It’s better for your ears and your awareness when out for a run or at the gym.

A woman is seen stretching on a mat wearing burgundy grip socks from Pedestal Footwear

Get Your Feet a Grip

A good pair of shoes is important for developing a fitness routine, but don’t overlook the sock. Pedestal Footwear’s indoor training socks bridge the gap. Working out sans shoes has a lot of benefits from increased stability and flexibility to overall stronger feet and ankles. Pedestal’s socks provide all of the benefits with a little grip so you don’t slide around during barre, weightlifting, or yoga sessions. Their silver threads even minimize bacteria and odor.

A woman is seen watching a tutorial for practicing yoga on her Yoga By Numbers mat

A Complete Yoga System

Whether you’re a newbie yogi or a practiced veteran, the yoga mat from Yoga by Numbers is a Grommet-favorite. Numbered icons serve as a quasi-trainer helping you make sure you’re positioned correctly. You can follow along with a whole suite of classes via their app or YouTube channel, too. Now, a complete yoga class can be had in your living room.

Whether you’re starting a fitness routine for the first time or just looking for a new one to keep yourself fresh, we can help you get started. Enhance exercises, improve your flexibility, and help your body feel better every day with these workout essentials.

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