7 Party Ideas To Celebrate Derby Day

It’s Derby season, folks! Maybe you’re an invested racing enthusiast. Maybe you’re wondering what fun horse names will make the lineup this year — Long Range Toddy, Master Fencer, and Gray Magician are a few of our favorites. Even if you aren’t a fan, the fastest two minutes in sports has a unique aura that can get anyone in the Derby Spirit. And wouldn’t you know it, we can help enhance your fun at home, at the tracks, or on the go.

Across the Board – Wooden Tabletop Horseracing Game

Have your own mini horse race and try and gallop to a victory. This American-made horseracing board game has you race against other jockeys to reach the finish line first. It combines dice, cards, and little pegged horses that are full of nostalgic charm. It’s a great game for kids and grown-ups. 

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Quench – Bartending Accessories

Fancy a drink? The two friends behind Quench have redesigned bartending tools and now serving up your favorite cocktails at home easier than ever.  Whether you are an experienced bartender or simply prefer a good old fashioned bottle of wine or beer, Quench can help you enjoy your day and make sure you get the most out of the historic race.

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Soxfords – Men’s Accessories

Part of the appeal of Derby season is the fashionable spectators.  While women tend to opt for large luxurious sun hats, men show off their style through their sharp suits, colorful ties, and fun socks. With our Soxfords collection, you can add an element of fun to your outfit while still being fashionable and put together.

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Tie Mags – On Target

What’s a better accessory to complete your outfit than our beautiful, fashionable, American-made Tie Mags? They’re designed to keep your tie in place with industrial-strength magnets and keep it looking pristine afterward. The magnetic force replaces pins that puncture and clips that leave a mark. Even silk is safe!

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Sertodo Copper – Hammered Copper Barware

For centuries, the best drinkers have known that chilled drinks in copper cups offer an extra-cool sensation, due to the metal quickly taking on the icy temperature of the cocktail.  And now you can enjoy that experience with a refreshing Moscow Mule in these high-quality copper mugs. Each mug is handcrafted in Mexico using 1,000-year-old techniques. The result is a hammered, textured finish that shines with rich history.

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Woodies – Wood Frame Sunglasses

The wooden sunglasses from Woodies are based on classic designs, with a cool twist—the arms are made from wood.  With their lightweight and polarized design, these are a necessity whether you are at the tracks or enjoying the spring weather, and race, from home.

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Strawesome – Reusable Glass Straws

Finally, enjoy the race and save the sea turtles. The Strawesome glass straws intend their pun.  They’re a handcrafted and beautifully-made alternative to plastic straws. Each is made in Michigan with super-durable, non-toxic borosilicate glass, a material used in the windows of space shuttles known to handle extreme temperatures. The straw is safe to go through the dishwasher and because you can see through it, you’ll know when it’s clean. Guaranteed to last a lifetime, Strawesome will make your derby party an eco-friendly one. 

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These products bring fun, fashion, and function to your Derby party for a Win Win Win, which coincidentally is also a horse competing in the Derby this year.

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