6 Tools to Make You a Better Gardener

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the biting cold is warming into a temperate bliss. Spring is here. If you’re a green thumb, you’ve probably thought ahead about your garden game plan and now that the ground is thawing, you can put that plan into action with the help of these Grommets.

MaxBit – Garden Hole Digging Drill Bit

Digging a hole can be tedious, but MaxBit makes it simple and satisfying. The drill bit is perfectly sized for planting seedlings and bulbs. You can’t help but feel a little cool as you easily prep your garden for plants in a matter of minutes.

Little Burros – Wheelbarrow Organization Shelf

Gardening often requires more tools than you can carry. But with Little Burros, you have a place for everything, and everything has a place—on your wheelbarrow. From handles for shovels and rakes to an indent for a five-gallon bucket, a cup holder, and a place to stow your phone. One trip carries everything you need.

Kwik Edge – Garden Edger

If you have a bountiful garden, you can go one step further and give it a professional, manicured look. Kwik Edge helps you easily achieve a clean edge on your garden beds. It’s like having an entire landscaping crew in just one tool.

Ironwood Tools – Ratchet Pruner

This pruner reduces the oomph needed to cut branches by magnifying hand strength by up to seven times. An ergonomic handle tamps fatigue and the curved blade works on all kinds of wood, making it easy to get shrub-, tree-, and bush-trimming jobs done.

Radius Garden – Root Slayer Carbon Steel Shovel

Just as you’re making progress on your garden you hit…a root. That’s where the aptly named Root Slayer can help. It’s got an inverted-V blade lined with rip-saw teeth to cut through tough roots and gives you the leverage and access you need to dig them out.

Wildlife World – Nesting Habitats

Everyone has a birdhouse, but you want something different. How about a hotel for ladybugs? A bungalow for butterflies or perhaps a three-story colonial for bees? The beautifully-designed habitat houses from Wildlife World attract beneficial insects and animals into your local ecology. If only you could charge rent…

Your yard is looking great. You’re feeling great. Go celebrate and enjoy the beautiful spring season…all two weeks of it!

For even more ways to spruce up your yard, check out our entire gardening collection.

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