Since relaunching, we’ve seen tens of thousands of you upvote your favorite products.

But there are many more of you who are still sitting on the sidelines!

Remember, at Grommet, your voice truly matters and makes a huge difference to Makers. That’s why we encourage everyone to be an active member of the Grommet Community.

Here’s why voting on the new Grommet is a true win-win.

1. You’re Empowering Innovators & Influencing the Market

By upvoting, you’re breathing life into new ideas, fueling entrepreneurship, and helping small businesses flourish.

Your support shines a spotlight on deserving products, ensuring that true innovation and quality rise above brands that are only successful due to their financial resources and connections.

All that good from one simple click! Voting really is that easy.

2. You’re Building a Movement While Earning A Special Reward For Yourself

Alongside millions of engaged Shoppers like you, we’re building a new ecosystem that’s changing the marketplace to reflect what real people truly want.

Every upvote earns you a unique discount from the brand – a sincere thank-you for supporting their product and being part of this mutually beneficial ecosystem.

Imagine getting 20% off brand-new products instantly with one click? At the new Grommet, these sweet savings are a reality when you vote for your favorite products.

3. Honestly, Voting on the New Grommet is Just Plain Fun!

We’re not ashamed to admit that our new platform is a little addicting. Watching the products you’ve voted for rise to the top of our Trending feed is almost as entertaining as your favorite TV show.

Every week, we crown Grommet’s Product of the Week winner based on YOUR engagement. You have the power to make such a difference in the lives of the hard-working Makers we feature. At Grommet, the power to take a product from unknown to unstoppable is just one vote away!

Click here to visit The Grommet Discovery Platform and vote for your favorite products

We can’t wait to see which products you help rise to the top!

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