We’ve all experienced skin problems before…

Maybe you skinned your knee playing with your kids in the park. Or got a nasty sunburn on your trip to the Bahamas. Or maybe mosquitos always seem intent on making YOU their next meal.

Whether it’s a cut, scrape, burn, or bite, Active Skin Repair helps put you on the road to recovery. But behind every great product is a passionate entrepreneur.

It’s time to meet Justin Gardner.

As an avid outdoorsman, Justin’s skin took a beating

It seemed like every time Justin went into the woods, he came back with at least one skin issue. From bug bites to sunburn and even the dreaded “mystery rash”, Justin was fed up dealing with these common skin problems.

He didn’t want to use medications with a million ingredients, and as a lover of the planet, he wanted something truly natural to help him heal.

That’s where the idea for Active Skin Repair was born.

What if there was a single product to heal just about everything?

As a regenerative wound care expert, Justin knew the ins and outs of current treatment options. But each product was only designed to treat ONE kind of skin ailment.

While in the lab one day, he began experimenting with Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL). To his amazement, it aided his body’s natural healing process for an incredible variety of issues. He tried it on cuts and scrapes along with rashes and burns — it seemed to work on just about everything.

After extensive testing, Active Skin Repair was perfected and began to hit store shelves. After years of success and over 500,000 bottles sold, it’s clear Justin was onto something.

Where can I buy Active Skin Repair?

Active Skin Repair is proudly made in sunny Califonia! It includes just one simple ingredient that works wonders on all sorts of common skin problems. Justin is a proud Grommet supporter and you can check out Active Skin Repair’s listing on Grommet’s brand new website by clicking here.

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