Congratulations to this week’s Product of the Week winner, The Negg! 🎉🏆

There are some tasty hard boiled eggs in the future of Grommet Shoppers who sent this ingenious device to the top of the Trending Feed this week.

Your votes, clicks, and purchases helped The Negg beat 19 other products and finish on top.

The Maker:
Makers Bonnie Tyler and Sheila Torgan are on Cloud Nine right now because of you! They’re thrilled to take home Product of the Week and feel it’s the cherry on top of 8 long years of hard work building The Negg into what it is today.

What it does:
The Negg makes peeling a hard boiled egg super easy! Simply fill the cylinder with water, add the egg, and shake! After a few seconds, you’ll be able to easily slide the egg out of its shell. Perfect for devilled eggs and egg salad, this tool is THE secret to hassle-free egg peeling.

What you said:
“I can see this taking ALL the negatives out of egg peeling! -Jeanne

“I have a long history of making mincemeat out of hard boiled eggs when trying to peel them. With this, I’m looking forward to the shell just falling off!” -Virginia

“Where has this product been my whole life? As somebody who has problems with their hands, this will make egg peeling a breeze. I see lots of deviled eggs in my future! -Tamara

Why it won:
Grommet Shoppers felt this made-in-the-USA device was worthy of this week’s crown by flooding their listing with clicks, views, votes, and purchases. Feel like you’re missing out? Head over to their Grommet listing to cast your vote and unlock a 20% discount!

Check out The Negg on the new Grommet!

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