Congratulations to this week’s Product of the Week winner, Anything Speaker! 🎉🏆

The Maker:

Jacob Feldman, founder of Anything Speaker, couldn’t be happier! He’s thrilled that Grommet Shoppers helped his small business earn Product of the Week honors. He credits the support of his family with helping Anything Speaker get to where it is today, and can’t wait to ride this wave of support from the Grommet community to new and exciting heights in the future!

What it does:

Anything Speaker is a revolutionary mini Bluetooth speaker that utilizes bone conduction technology to turn nearly any object into a crisp, powerful speaker. Despite its tiny size – just about the diameter of a golf ball – the Anything Speaker produces 360° omnidirectional sound up to 3x louder than most smartphones.

What you said:

“I work in tech, and the bone conduction technology in Anything Speaker looks awesome. Can’t wait to give it a try!” -Brittney

“I saw this at the top of Trending and had to get one. It will be nice to not have to play music straight from my phone.” -Hailey

“Incredible that something so small can produce sound 3x louder than a phone. Love that it looks so compact and portable, too.” -Whitney 

Why it won:

Grommet Shoppers sent this clever gadget to the top of the Trending feed with a seemingly endless flow of clicks, views, votes, and purchases. Want to try this Product of the Week yourself? Join in on the fun and cast your vote! You’ll unlock a 20% off coupon code!

Check out Anything Speaker on the new Grommet!

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