Congratulations to our Product of the Week winner, Calicle Insulated Bowls! 🎉🏆

The Maker:

Jenn Godkin, founder of Calicle, is thrilled to be Grommet’s newest Product of the Week!

She’s blown away by the support of Grommet Shoppers and is ecstatic that so many new fans are discovering her insulated bowls.

It’s been a long journey for this “accidental entrepreneur”, as she puts it. She remembers years ago sitting in her hot and sticky kitchen on a scorching summer day. Instead of enjoying a frozen treat, she watched in dismay as her dessert began to melt.

Determined to create a solution, she got to work on Calicle’s now well-known insulated bowls. At Calicle, Jenn’s goal is to help shoppers enjoy life’s sweet moments longer. Her products keep your favorite foods at the perfect temperature right to the last bite. She feels blessed to welcome so many Grommet Shoppers to her family!

What it does:

These triple-insulated bowls use their superpowers to keep your frozen treats at the perfect temperature up to 200% longer. Your ice cream will avoid becoming a soupy mess, so you can truly savor your dessert without rushing against the clock.

What you said:

“I like to eat my ice cream slowly so I can really enjoy it, and these bowls look perfect for that! I’m excited they’ll keep it frozen till the last bite.” -Kim

“I bought this for a housewarming gift along with jars of ice cream toppings. They’re going to love it! Looks like the best invention ever!” -Kay

“My boys love to have ice cream but hate when it melts too fast. These bowls will keep it colder longer. The bowls look very sturdy as well. Can’t wait to try them!” -Duffy

Why it won:

Grommet Shoppers clicked, viewed, voted, and purchased these insulated bowls at a mind-blowing pace! As a result, Calicle took the crown at the top of the Trending feed this week. If you haven’t already voted, there’s no time like the present! You’re just a few clicks away from unlocking 20% off!

Check out Calicle Insulated Bowls on the new Grommet!

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