Congratulations to our Product of the Week winner, The Original Weighted Pillow! 🎉

The Maker:

Mikey Goldman, creator of The Original Weighted Pillow, is overwhelmed by the support of the Grommet community!

After being diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, Mikey was over-prescribed medications with terrible side effects. Rather than continue popping pills, he set out to find natural solutions that provided true relief rather than an endless string of side effects. The Original Weighted Pillow was born!

What it does:

This comfy pillow offers instant stress relief when hugged. Give it a squeeze whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, and let its soft fabric gently calm you down. Imagine having on-demand stress relief without medication!

What you said:

Such an elegant solution to a not-so-simple problem (anxiety). It will be like hugging a very nice person!” – Raquel

I’ve experienced anxiety for over 20 years. This will be yet another tool in my mental health toolbox to help alleviate stress symptoms. A simple, easy, huggable tool.
– Natasha

Why it won:

Grommet Shoppers couldn’t get enough of this pillow! After receiving a seemingly endless flow of votes, views, clicks, and purchases, The Original Weighted Pillow took the top prize on our Trending feed this week. You’re just a few clicks away from getting one for yourself — click below and cast your vote to reveal a 20% off coupon code!

Check out The Original Weighted Pillow on the new Grommet!

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